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16 September 2008

Dadgummit! I can't find my cell phone. It's expensive, so I went to a payphone and called out. I was at my bar yesterday. It opens at 11:30. Hopefully it'll be there. Cross your fingers. Any of you who have my #, dial it, just in case it's somewhere in the apartment I haven't looked. I'll feel like an idiot, but I'll have it back.
I hate that. My cellphone, my iPod, or my reading glasses. I am ALWAYS leaving them somewhere and then forgetting where.

I had to drive across SF a few weeks ago to retrieve my glasses from a Thai restaurant.
posted by danf 16 September | 09:56
Hmm, do you and pips share a cell phone? I have a number in my phone saved as "pips", but I don't want to call it if it's going to bother her at work.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 September | 09:59
No, she has hers and I have mine.
posted by jonmc 16 September | 10:00
Ah ok. Wait, I found your number! Ring ring. Your friend Barbara at Remote Sports Lounge has your phone.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 September | 10:08
Yes!! Barbara and Pinky, you're the greatest! She's at the bar?
posted by jonmc 16 September | 10:11
Just got back, they had it. Thank you, pinky and barbara and thank god I hang out with an honest bunch of drunks. If I had left it at the laundromat, God only knows where it'd be by now.
posted by jonmc 16 September | 10:26
I managed to lose two cell phones within a week a few months ago. I didn't even replace it the second time and am using my wife's old phone until it dies or more likely I lose it too.
posted by octothorpe 16 September | 10:41
You're welcome!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 September | 10:44
This one's a Treo, so I figured it was worth the trouble to retrieve it. Barbara said that the minute she noticed that I had left without it, she put it under the counter for safekeeping. Honest bartender. Of course yesterday at this same establishment, a yound mother came in with her roughly 7-year old kid. The kid bounded up to Julia (one of the other bartenders) and shouted "Julia, we found you a new man! He's got blue eyes and spiky hair! And he's a cop! He showed me his handcuffs!"
posted by jonmc 16 September | 10:45
I love a happy cellphone ending!

I'm pretty careful with mine. But I did have one pick pocketed from me while in Mexico City (where the roaming rate is $1.50 a minute). The good news was the battery was almost dead the last time I used it. And when I got off the plane in Dallas (I noticed it missing when I went to follow the rules and turn off the phone for the flight) and called T-Mobile they deactivated it and said there were no calls on it. It was an unlocked Moto Razr so the thief could easily sell it or use it herself (I'm positive the hawt Mexican chica that bumped into me took it) with another SIM and a charged battery.
posted by birdherder 16 September | 10:45
Yayuh. Happy ending indeedy.
posted by chewatadistance 16 September | 11:17
This is where I left it (if that makes the story more vivid:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by jonmc 16 September | 11:20
Looks remote indeed.
posted by special-k 16 September | 12:11
I don't know the reason for the name either, dude.
posted by jonmc 16 September | 12:16
And it gives you an excuse to go back to the bar! Everybody wins! (Or, well, you win twice, I guess.)
posted by elizard 16 September | 12:36
If you ever write a book, jonmc, I would buy it.
posted by Ardiril 16 September | 13:39
Well, as my critics online are so fond of reminding me, collections of funny anecdotes don't add up to a story, or a point.
posted by jonmc 16 September | 13:54
I left a giant bag of kitty litter on the bus a couple of weeks ago.
posted by loiseau 16 September | 18:13
People who listen to critics don't write books. So, quit listening and start writing.

That bar looks like a set piece for a cop show. Heh.
posted by bunnyfire 16 September | 18:45
That bar looks like a set piece for a cop show.

A couple of Super Bowls ago, I was at that bar. After the game ended, a poker game broke out on the pool table. I went out and had a cigarette and said to the guy next to me 'Big poker game going on. Hope we don't get raided.' 'Don't worry. Most of the players are cops.'
posted by jonmc 16 September | 18:53
pinky rules! This story made my day.
posted by Pips 16 September | 20:26
i could be into remote sports that involve lounging.
posted by ethylene 16 September | 20:58
Well, as my critics online are so fond of reminding me, collections of funny anecdotes don't add up to a story, or a point.

No, but if you're like this guy, you can get a book deal, a movie deal, and become a meme on Gawker.
posted by TrishaLynn 16 September | 23:13
Note: I am in no way saying that TM's stories are funny. I am saying that I did buy his book at the airport once because I got there two hours early for a flight and I was curious, and if he can get a book deal, surely someone else like jonmc or ColdChef or Hugh Janus could and they're way more interesting to read.
posted by TrishaLynn 16 September | 23:15
I once left a phone on a plane. I got off in Chicago, transferred to Indianapolis, and the phone went on to Phoenix. The nice people at Southwest found it, flew it to Indianapolis for me and I got it back the very next day.

Glad yours turned up. Hooray for TPS and your bar.
posted by tangerine 18 September | 18:21
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