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14 September 2008

Sofia escapes! A smart dog finds a way out.
That was absolutely perfect. The backwards hind-leg climb, the little face peeping out at the top (at which point I went "Hee hee hee hee hee"), the way all the other pups stop what they're doing and wait with bated breath to see if she actually does it (you can almost hear them thinking "What's she doing? Escaping? No!"), and then how they all rush to the door, and the sad little raised paw of the pup left behind ...
posted by essexjan 14 September | 13:56
Oh my god, best youtube video ever. Beagles cannot be contained!
posted by guinness416 14 September | 14:04
I've actually seen this on TV before youtube (for once!)
posted by dabitch 14 September | 14:20
smart dog!
posted by special-k 14 September | 14:43
Hee! Our dog would probably do something like that. We call her the "escape artist" because she's confounded us several times and left us wondering how the hell she has managed to get out, over or through whatever pathetic security we've attempted to put in her way. She's squeezed through a totally impossible hole, jumped from windows that we were sure were much too high... Like Sofia, she can be utterly determined, single-minded, and fearless. But only when we leave the house without her. Presumably, she's trying to come find us.
posted by taz 14 September | 15:01
My previous 2 dogs, both Aussies, were somewhat the opposite. I've let them out in the back yard, unknowingly with the gate open, and they would stay there. Not even running out to greet me if they saw me walking home down the street.

The current 2, I have my doubts about. Silver figured out how to open the gate, and that was a sign to have him fixed. He's never tried to escape again. Saffron could easily jump my fence, but she never does. I think she probably hasn't learned that she can yet.

Interesting how that dog learned to climb the chain-link. Dogs are full of all kinds of surprises.
posted by eekacat 14 September | 15:08
That is so funny. The other puppies were saying, "Now free us. Open the door! Hey, where are you going?"
posted by LoriFLA 14 September | 18:22
That's too cute. Reminds me of my cat. I swear he would open doors if he had thumbs. He paws at the doorknobs, but luckily for me can't use them!
posted by charleena 14 September | 18:28

Though I expect this isn't the first time Sofia has escaped - something had to have prompted her owners to set up the camera.
posted by rhapsodie 14 September | 19:04
I expect this isn't the first time Sofia has escaped
Yeah. You can see the bit of wood stuck to the top of the door. Then the second bit of wood nailed to that (after she got through the smaller gap). Then the brick put on top of the corro roof after she pushed her way through the last time. I'd guess the camera was to find out how she was getting out even after all those measures.
posted by GeckoDundee 15 September | 03:43
So cute! Go, Sofia - be freeeeeee!
posted by goo 15 September | 08:54
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