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10 September 2008

For all the Bunnies whose lives suck right now Here's hoping this video makes you smile as much as it makes me smile.
For a variety of reasons that I am not allowed to discuss on the internet, I am surrounded by death and dying. But I am also surrounded by new lives and celebrations. This song (and the video by extension) really captures the smiling through the tears, and how damn good it feels to smile.
I wish I could hula-hoop.
posted by essexjan 10 September | 12:24
posted by chewatadistance 10 September | 12:49
More Angie Humphries.
posted by netbros 10 September | 12:59
I love Fat Boy Slim's sound so so much, but I love even more his appreciation for movement to music, as evidenced in his vids, which for me, and I recognize not everyone, is the point of music. This is awesome. And I'm sorry msali, to hear about your troubles.
posted by rainbaby 10 September | 13:25
There's a Bay Area hoops group that does hula-hooping in parks on Sunday afternoons. I keep wanting to give it a try (but am scared). I think it will take me weeks just to be able to get the thing to stay up for a minute ...
posted by Claudia_SF 10 September | 14:04
hula hoops!

Fatboy Slim!

everybody wins!

posted by lonefrontranger 10 September | 15:14
It has all the freshness and comfort feminine hygiene product advertisers strive for.

i'm always so averse to yt links because the urls are so unknownable.
posted by ethylene 10 September | 15:36
hee, eth, which disturbs you most, the potential for unsolicited porn, furries or rickrolls?

I do believe firefox has addins that allow you to preview links (greasemonkey? anothermonkey? dunno...). noscript and adblocker have also become my bosom buddies of late.
posted by lonefrontranger 10 September | 16:21
None of the above. It's mostly the possibility of seven minutes of loading or bad video for ten seconds of pay off i'm not up to waiting for.
i get in a mood to just have things play at me, but it's different from the feedback experience i expect from being online. A day's worth of PRAus is OSSEM (said in the wide eyed genuine gravity of a five year old who KNOWS) but four minutes of questionable mystery footage, i have to be in the mood.
posted by ethylene 10 September | 17:27
Hula hoops and bell bottoms were made to go together, I think.

I thought the profile shot as she hooped her boobies even made the cow take a step back.

Only thing was the music wasn't quite such a match, somehow.
posted by dhartung 10 September | 20:09
her movement was, uh, rather hypnotic.
posted by desjardins 10 September | 23:10
Yeah, Younger Boy was entranced. I tell you, I love that song now. It's my theme.
posted by lysdexic 11 September | 15:10
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