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09 September 2008

When nickyskye met my dad... [More:]So, I got a call from my mom this morning, asking me if I had a friend named Nicky who lived in New York. "Ummmm....yes," I told her.

"Hold on," she said. "You need to talk to your dad."

My dad has a really bad memory which he combines with a refusal to admit it. Apparently, nickyskye called the funeral home last night and asked for "George", which is my name and his name, and he was embarrassed to say that he didn't know who she was. So, he pretended that he did. The two of them had a lovely, if somewhat confusing, conversation that lasted about half an hour!

Among the things they talked about were the hurricane and the aftermath and my dad's bout with bladder cancer, which nickyskye assumed was MY bladder cancer (which she wondered why I've never mentioned before).

He asked me this morning and said, "Do you know anybody named Nicky in New York?" "Ummm...yes?" "You should call her. She thinks you have cancer." "Ummm...why would she think that?"

I sent an email to nicky to sort it out and it turns out that she never even considered that it was not me. She did think that my voice sounded a bit older than she expected, but otherwise... She and I have had a great laugh about it.
Now all I can think of is that "His name is not Merv Grifin, his real name is George!"
posted by jessamyn 09 September | 12:56
*still wiping tears of laughter from my eyes

Memail to ColdChef

"omg, dear GJ (guess that's your offline nick) still bellylaughing 10 minutes after hanging up the phone with you.

I called because I was worried about you and wanted to offer you my loving thoughts and prayers for your safety and well being.

aww. That is such a cute confusion. We had such a great talk, *still chuckling

So glad you don't have cancer.


aww. ColdChef (who I *thought* was ColdChef) had this strong and likable Louisiana accent and seemed quite old fashioned somehow, more than I imagined MeFite ColdChef to have. But there he was talking about the temporary morgue set up to hold the couple of dozen bodies of dead people since the electricity stopped during the hurricane. And the bodies that had been sent for funerals to nearby cities not so impacted by the storm. So it had to be ColdChef. Who else could talk about such things?

And I googled information about that swollen lymph gland on the back of his neck, suggested he might get a head and neck CT scan, possibly look into thyroid meds if he felt sluggish. Looked up what supplements help with bladder cancer (Vit E and cruciferous veggies, broccoli). There was a lot to talk about.

Anyhoo, anybody else's parents need random, friendly calls from a fellow MeFite?

more love,

posted by nickyskye 09 September | 13:06
This is great. I will smile about this all day, and you guys are so neat.
posted by Sil 09 September | 13:24
Now I want to talk to ColdChef's dad, too!
posted by small_ruminant 09 September | 13:49
I propose that henceforth, ColdChef's dad shall be referred to as OldChef.
posted by middleclasstool 09 September | 13:50
OldChef, LOL, that's funny.
posted by nickyskye 09 September | 13:59
And you know, OldChef said "I love you" to me as we were about to hang up. I told him, "I love you too.". Just thought those Louisiana folk are so friendly. What a sweetiepie he is.

Today, when ColdChef and I spoke on the phone, his dad said in the background, "I still love you." LOL Made my day.
posted by nickyskye 09 September | 14:18
That is so awesome- made my day.
posted by small_ruminant 09 September | 14:19
OldChef said "I love you" to me as we were about to hang up. I told him, "I love you too.".

I think I need to hug him, now.
posted by middleclasstool 09 September | 14:42
All I will say is this: is it any wonder ColdChef turned out to be the man he is, with a dad like that?
posted by essexjan 09 September | 14:55
That is the happiest sweetest story ever and totally put a smile on my face. Thank you. "I still love you." So sweet!
posted by misskaz 09 September | 15:51
That is SO cute!
posted by bunnyfire 09 September | 16:24
Awww, please give your dad a whole bunch of hugs from everybody at MeCha.
posted by theora55 09 September | 16:52
That is a simply adorable story.

Thanks for sharing that
posted by jason's_planet 09 September | 17:31
i have had long conversations with people who assumed i was someone else, until they realized it twenty minutes in--
--i really love that discomboobling moment.
posted by ethylene 09 September | 17:36
This is beautiful. I think I love Cold Chef's dad, too.
posted by goshling 09 September | 17:53
This is so sweet.
posted by LoriFLA 09 September | 18:58
This is such a great story! And the "I still love you" part...awwww.
posted by redvixen 09 September | 20:07
Holy shit. This is a great story. OldChef - LOL.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 September | 20:48
Nicky, my parents are in Louisiana, too - I'll have to hook you up!

Great story. :)
posted by taz 09 September | 21:51
Anytime taz.
posted by nickyskye 09 September | 22:19
posted by gomichild 10 September | 01:00
I love you too, nickyskye, and OldChef, and ColdChef, and everyone else in this goddamn thread!
posted by hadjiboy 11 September | 07:49
How many times || Happy birthday LoriFLA!