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08 September 2008

Good Things: Sing, Sing a Song.... One of the older ladies in Admitting likes to sing when it's slow. I'm not talking about under your breath along with the radio singing, I'm talking full voice singing with feeling. [More:]
She doesn't usually sing words, just a sort of swooping "laaa di da... laaa laa DI da" kind of thing. She isn't a great singer, but it makes me so happy to hear someone sing in a public space without any inhibitions whatsoever.

I think the patients like it too.
It goes around the world, and everybody's singing like this.
posted by Wolfdog 08 September | 19:40
I sing all the time. If someone says a word or phrase from a song, I'll break out into song. I'm not too loud and I'll only sing a line or two. Someone was talking about Chips Ahoy cookies today. So of course I sing, So my sailor boy said ships ahoy! and joined the Navy. Blue, I'm as blue as I can be... I try not to be obnoxious. I only do it when it's appropriate. I work in wellness so most of the time it's okay to be goofy sometimes. A few weeks ago a patient told me I had a nice singing voice. hahaha.
posted by LoriFLA 08 September | 19:46
I sing, but only in the car, by myself. It's a hoot. I like to pretend that I'm a rockstar.

(For the record, I'm an absolutely godawful singer. I mean seriously, poke-out-your-eardrums-with-anything-available terrible.)
posted by sperose 08 September | 20:13
This would drive me batshitinsane. Keep the song stuck in your head in your head. I support muzzles for people who whistle in public, too.
posted by desjardins 08 September | 22:15
This would drive me batshitinsane

When I first started working there is sort of did. Rather, I thought SHE was batshitinsane. But as I got to know her it turns out she is just a really sweet lady who loves to be happy. Since she doesn't do it every day it has sort of become like hearing your grandma sing while puttering around the house.

Which, incidentally, is something my grandmother used to do.
posted by evilcupcakes 08 September | 22:58
I sing in the car, in the shower and i whistle randomly. Mad dad was a singer and a whistler, so I guess it runs in the family.
posted by doctor_negative 08 September | 23:56
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