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07 September 2008

Crazy! I'm glad your family is alright--better a shed than I house, I suppose!
posted by charleena 07 September | 00:57
Boo Gustav!
posted by rmless2 07 September | 01:01
glad you're ok man. I used to live in NOLA from 99-03 and I remember when Isidore (a pissy little one compared to this) crushed my shed. boo.
posted by special-k 07 September | 01:31
Holy crap!
posted by essexjan 07 September | 02:56
posted by Stewriffic 07 September | 06:20
ColdChef, that is scary.

3 of our trees fell down in the 2004 hurricanes. Charley didn't blow them over, Frances did. The ground was so saturated. Thankfully they did not hit the house. I think we spent two full days with the chain saw and dragging tree to the front curb.

One of the best businesses to be in post hurricane is stump grinding. :-)

Glad you and the family are alright.
posted by LoriFLA 07 September | 09:59
Much much better than "Hurricane Gustav destroyed my house and killed my family" :) I especially liked the "Girls let's go back in the house" bit.
posted by Meatbomb 07 September | 09:59
Ack. Glad you're ok, CC.
posted by chewatadistance 07 September | 10:39
Yeah, I loved the "alright girls, lets go back in the house ... Holy ..crap" - You have nerves of steel! If there's ever a reason to shriek like girls in scary movies and make a panic dash back into the house that was probably it.
posted by dabitch 07 September | 11:01
I was in NOLA in 1965 when Betsy wandered through. Got my hurricane experience. That was enough.

Glad everyone is OK. The other stuff is replaceable.
posted by netbros 07 September | 12:21
sorry bout your shed, but you have a CUTE LOUISIANA ACCENT, ColdChef!
posted by By the Grace of God 07 September | 12:32
This just sounds made to be an expression. "Man, that really crushes my shed ..."
posted by stilicho 07 September | 12:58
Man, ColdChef. I'm glad you and your girls are okay. That's some scary shit.
posted by goo 07 September | 13:10
Oh my. That's close.

Back to battening down the hatches for Ike.
posted by casarkos 07 September | 14:15
Holy moley, I'm so glad it wasn't your roof, and happy you and your family are okay. Does your ability to post this mean that you have power, finally?
posted by theora55 07 September | 14:38
"As you can see... if that tree would have broken a little bit... higher would have fallen right on us and killed us dead..."

It's wrong, but that made me lol.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 September | 14:45
I finally have power and it is a wonderful thing. The first thing I did was to call (literally) everyone in my phonebook without power and invite them over to do their laundry and have a hot shower, because that's what I'd want for someone to do for me.
posted by ColdChef 07 September | 15:23
You should do a local commercial style video for the Shed Ender.
posted by ethylene 07 September | 17:51
So sorry about the loss of your shed, Cold Chef. I am, however, absolutely elated by the survival of your Wii.

I am on this list if you ever fancy swapping Miis.
posted by goshling 07 September | 18:36
posted by plinth 07 September | 20:03
Glad everyone is okay! Scary!
posted by typewriter 08 September | 07:14
I too find your suth'rin accent very charming!
posted by loiseau 08 September | 07:43
Great news that you have power! Boy, the ability to take a good shower and get into clean, dry clothes is THE BEST when you've been sweating amid clean-up in the humid heat that comes after a storm.

Thankfully, we haven't had anything much since Fran and then Floyd.

Strangely enough, it was Diana that had the most personal impact. Although it wasn't the biggest, it did a loop-de-loop off the coast before landfall -and managed to topple two huge oak trees at my Grandmother's. She was never the same after that disruption; she couldn't cope and ended up with dementia.

It makes me really feel for all the folks down there who are still suffering from three years ago - rebuilding your life isn't easy when there's so much upheaval.

I'm glad that you're able to offer a hand to your friends and neighbors - it's always amazing how folks can come together after an event like that.

Best of wishes for good results from here on out!
posted by mightshould 08 September | 13:48
Last night the bartender took off my jukebox songs. Is this normal? || Music for Flute