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06 September 2008

Spore. I just got an email saying my copy of the game has shipped.
(Maybe Chinese Democracy will be included as a bonus.)
Heh, BP. Let us know if it ever arrives. Spore that is. If Chinese Democracy arrives, keep it under your hat.
posted by eekacat 07 September | 08:54
Bf started playing it this morning. All plans we had for today are thus shot. He just cheerfully announced he got a brain.
posted by goo 07 September | 09:05
I'm going to upgrade to Leopard just to play this game.

(And I need to get Time Machine to back up my stuff anyway.)

I'm more excited by Fallout 3, but I suspect Spore will be a fun time sink for a few weeks to tide me over.
posted by BitterOldPunk 07 September | 12:18
Holy crap. They want $300 for a 500 Gb Time Capsule. Screw that.
posted by BitterOldPunk 07 September | 12:26
Oh, no. I hope I don't get my hands on this soon, it will destroy my business.
posted by Meatbomb 07 September | 12:28
The bf's dude had a spike for a cock, and now has spiked balls (as in, a mace for a testicle). That he would choose this is somewhat startling.
posted by goo 07 September | 13:13
Holy crap. They want $300 for a 500 Gb Time Capsule. Screw that.

Is it still possible to use a USB drive on an Airport Extreme as a Time Machine device? I remember reading that a recent upgrade allowed it, but Apple said it was "unsupported," which I took to mean that they're going to discontinue it.
posted by middleclasstool 07 September | 14:30
get any kind of external HD, it should work
posted by By the Grace of God 07 September | 17:36
Also, if it doesn't turn out to include Chinese Democracy, but you want to hear an actually pretty good album (with Axl singing on it), go listen to Angel Down.
posted by Wolfdog 07 September | 17:38
What kind of bonus would Chinese Democracy be? Other than a glittery frisbee you can throw around.
posted by King of Prontopia 08 September | 10:49
i started || Last night the bartender took off my jukebox songs. Is this normal?