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05 September 2008

Three point late friday update! i got blog via email working, and facebook update via blog.. now the whole world can know the ass-end minutiae of my life.[More:]

Noisy cute birdies vs. motorola razr.

annoying asperger kid volunteer. Trying to be a good person about it.
1)Aww, there's a lan party in my old home town which I can't go to because it's 3 hours away :(

2)Ahh, I got *this* close to e-mailing someone on CL's strictly platonic section...I have the feeling that everything is a scam, and there are no 25 year old ladies who "just wanna chat."

3)Target has Domo-kun related merchandise, I don't know if I can get over myself and buy something that nerdy, but I want to.
posted by hellojed 05 September | 18:56
The ass-end blog? Maybe not one I ought to be reading.
posted by DarkForest 05 September | 19:20
1) Sore because my excercise buddy and I finally were able to excercise yseterday and today after almost two weeks without

2) Sooo glad it's Friday

3) Had 'the talk' with the hub, and we're going to be filing for divorce in January. I actually feel lighter now.
posted by lysdexic 05 September | 19:29
Yeah, the butts and possible lingue may be nsfw.

i got a domokun book i thought was all about domokun. It turned out to just be a notebook. A notebook nothing is cool enough to deserve, but still. Where's the domokun compendium?

1. Poop. Now i must deal with the mess i have made.
But not, like, right now.

2. i want the Nick & Carmandy treatment, just to see what they do. You don't have to know what that means.
i think i know who i might nominate.

3. i had more than three things in mind, but those birds have flown.
i really have to stop mutilating my thumbs in the name of dry skin.

i think about metachat people more than i think of non metachat people.
So best to you all, because it makes me feel better to know people out there who are dealing with whatever they are dealing with and persevering, often well.

Should i remember my missing points, i'll be back.
posted by ethylene 05 September | 19:49
1. Feeling nautical because I just drew up the awnings and knotted them off pre-Hannah.

2. Planning some other mild preparations.

3. lydexic - wow.
posted by rainbaby 05 September | 20:58
1. My work Friday actually fell on a Friday this week. I'm taking next week off, so I have 12 days free of the chains of work.

2. I am tired, and I get to sleep in tomorrow morning! WOOT! That'll mean something like 7 ish, and I'll get up and go to the Farmer's market to get some veggies for the week.

3. It was somewhat cool out today. Funny how it's suddenly fall weather wise. It was gray all day too which is unusual for Colorado.

4. I suck.

posted by eekacat 05 September | 21:04
Target has Domo-kun related merchandise, I don't know if I can get over myself and buy something that nerdy, but I want to.
How nerdy can it be if it's at Target? Seems like that can't be any more nerdoriffic than Hello Kitty once it's hit their shelves.
posted by kellydamnit 05 September | 21:06
3) Had 'the talk' with the hub, and we're going to be filing for divorce in January. I actually feel lighter now.
hugs and luck to you. When I was in the same boat I felt guilty about how relieved I was after the decision was made. It's a huge load off your shoulders.

If you don't have kids or a ton of mutual assets (home, etc) you can actually DIY without a lot of stress.
posted by kellydamnit 05 September | 21:08
1. Went to a freaking amazing Vienna Teng concert last night at the Triple Door. It's such a cool space for music and I was in the front row, literally about ten feet from the piano. And since I took the bus I could have a drink with dinner. AND I got almost all of it on tape, including some new songs and covers. It was OSSUM.

2. Went to Whole Foods today to buy a bunch of bulk goods and managed to get out for under $50, including this month's Cook's Illustrated and a jar of ground coriander. Now I have a lot of beans and lentils and different kinds of flour. I am sensing Indian food in my future.

3. Tomorrow: farmer's market in the morning and then I'm making lasagna! With my new pasta maker! I have it all planned out - first make a batch of natural play-dough and roll that through to clean the grease out and then make the actual noodles. I need to make enough to freeze so I can eat it during the school year.
posted by Fuzzbean 05 September | 21:13
Thanks guys...

We do have kids, but I owned the home before we got married. We can get the forms generated online. Fortunately there's no contentiousness about it.

And I totally kwym about feeling bad about feeling good. I got over it, though.
posted by lysdexic 05 September | 21:15
1. i want the Nick & Carmandy treatment, just to see what they do. You don't have to know what that means. But I do! I'm watching right now (courtesy of DVR). Yaaaay!
2. Big heaps of pasta alla vodka for dinner. Tummy soooo full.
3. This apartment is TOO DAMN HOT!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 September | 21:33
1. Tonight, I am looking pretty and going out to the bar, even if my friend bails on me.

2. I am practicing scarcity theory and not taking calls from the bf all weekend.

3. I really hope this works.
posted by Twiggy 05 September | 21:46
1. I had pasta alla vodka for dinner too!
2. Fucking Orioles and their losing.
3. Talked to one of my friends in NZ for an hour tonight. yay!
posted by gaspode 05 September | 22:06
i want the Nick & Carmandy treatment, just to see what they do.

I just want to know the "one nice thing" Carmandy would say about me. She always picks one thing to compliment them on (you have such lovely skin...) before dropping the hammer (...but no one can see it because you have the eyebrows of a Yeti). And I'm pretty sure that Nick would accuse me of using my hair as a security blanket before he lopped it all off.

Hugs to you, lysdexic. I hope it all works out for the best.
posted by jrossi4r 05 September | 22:07
1. I had pasta alla vodka for dinner too!

Copycat! Did you make yours? I made mine! Mmmmmmmm.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 05 September | 22:09
I hate to say it since she bugs me, but Rachel Ray's vodka sauce is actually pretty damn good.
posted by kellydamnit 05 September | 22:13
1. drunk, on vacation for the next week

2. catching up on "Daily Show" clips from the last two weeks, laughing myself sick

3. drubk
posted by BoringPostcards 05 September | 23:41
1. Chocolate chip cookies in the oven. My son called a little while ago, he was 90 miles away.

2. Did I mention it's almost 1 am?

3. Waiting for the tropical storm to come through. My son says he's already driving in it.

posted by bunnyfire 05 September | 23:52
1. I've got some freaking out issues going on, that I thought I had already dealt with, but obviously not, and I can't seem to get all my thoughts straightened out in a coherent manner and it's making me sad and tired.

2. I think I'll be able to polish off the last of my lemon pudding from last night tonight while finishing watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on Hulu. (Goddamnit, I shouldn't like this show but I do and find the one dude SUPER FUCKING HOT, which is strange.)

3. I'm feeling tired about working. I find myself wishing for the days when I wasn't working and just laid about all day. But I really, REALLY need the money.
posted by sperose 06 September | 00:50
TPS: whenever i see that "Oh No You Didn't" ad for that mercenary game, i think of you.
posted by ethylene 06 September | 01:17
1) I overslept last night, and so wasn't even close to awake for this thread. 9:30-5:30 and then 8-12. Ouch.
2) My morning dream(s)* involved Amy Winehouse, a flood that stranded and almost killed me, a friend fight, a dollar theater, and a $9 chunk of burned popcorn deposited in my wallet as though that were normal.
3)Looks like Hanna has passed, but for some winds. My bathroom ceiling minorly caved in, which is what woke me so early.

*I gather there was more than one, that is. Otherwise I have no idea how I was able to weave all the bizarre flashes together.
posted by Stewriffic 06 September | 11:06
now the whole world can know the ass-end minutiae of my life.

Does this mean you will posting less of such things here?
posted by terrapin 07 September | 13:54
I love entering contests online || Axl, Slash;