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05 September 2008

One thing about a nine-week old baby . . . [More:]my heart melts when she smiles, but I never get to visit with you all anymore! What in blazes has been going on? WUDDUP??

My daughter's "blog."
Well hiya!


Ok, it's out of my system.

She's a beauty!

Also, there's this guy, and this other guy, and they're like, fighting over who gets to be president next.
posted by lysdexic 05 September | 13:46

I'm gonna have one of those sometime in the next few days... hopefully... if she ever decides to come out.

mr. gaspode has taken to calling her like a cat, hoping she'll follow his voice
posted by gaspode 05 September | 13:53
That's two things, I think. Maybe it's three.

But hi lysdexic! Thanks for the update. I was wondering what all the hubub was about.
posted by tr33hggr 05 September | 13:55
Awww gaspode. That's so awesome. It's really amazing. Nothing prepared me for it, and of course I had the "easy" job. But when that baby comes, and you see and hold her/him for the first time - it really is magical. The first few weeks, you know, they sleep and poop and pee and cry. But when they start to wake up and dig the world around them, it's just sooooo cool.
posted by tr33hggr 05 September | 13:57
tr33hggr, she is so precious! Those sunglasses are cracking me up.
posted by LoriFLA 05 September | 13:59

ahem, well, scarabic hid the body like, eight years ago and he was so incredibly good at it that boingboing is only just now getting around to posting about it.

Someone apparently left the site unattended last night therefore this lot got on about some nasty gutbomb cuisine of theirs.

Meatbomb's been rickrolling again, oh that Meatbomb, such a crazy guy but we still love him.

our intertubes at work appear to be wet. or clogged. or something. but that's not MeCha's fault.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 September | 14:03
Cuteness and magic! Sweet. Soon 'pode!
posted by rainbaby 05 September | 14:07
Ohhh, so cute. She's gorgeous, tr33!
posted by goo 05 September | 14:17
mr. gaspode has taken to calling her like a cat, hoping she'll follow his voice

So you're naming her Kitty, then?
posted by essexjan 05 September | 14:46
Oh tr33 ... the dog's face in that picture with you and the baby on the sofa. "Will I ever get any sleep again ..."

posted by essexjan 05 September | 14:49
Hey, you, i made you a shrinky dink.
Send your snail mail.
Did you figure out the child care thing? Because i wanna hear about how everyone is doing this; i don't know how it gets done without a phalanx of relatives and/or friends.
If it is as it seems that someone could make decent money for being a decent, responsible person around children, i may want in on this racket.
posted by ethylene 05 September | 17:07
Hi there Sophie Rayne!
posted by gomichild 05 September | 18:51
Sophie is rockin' those shades! She is SO CUTE!!!
posted by redvixen 05 September | 19:05
eth, you are SO sweet - check your e-mail. You'll always be special to me, and I can't explain why.

And daycare, well, we're going with a local gig here in town. Mrs. tr33 will have one day off every week with FLMA, and I will have one day off every week with flex hours, so she'll only be at daycare three days a week and this place charges an hourly rate. And they're cool, and earthy, and do a lot of education. And she'll exposed to a lot of diverse people. And they're cool with the veggie baby thing.

But hey, if you're offering to babysit . . . :)
posted by tr33hggr 05 September | 20:37
She's freakin' adorable, tr33! But if you think you have no time now, just wait until she starts moving. (The boy can escape from all baby-containment devices. I can't take my eyes off him for a second. I even have to bring him in the bathroom with me. He eats soap while I pee. Good times.)

I can't believe the gaspode baby is imminent. I'm so excited!
posted by jrossi4r 05 September | 21:59
Very cute little girl!
posted by plinth 05 September | 22:28
Very cute! You look a little dazed in the couch picture. Beautiful family, all of you.
posted by Claudia_SF 06 September | 11:17
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