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05 September 2008

Search Shuffle! list your last (or 2 or 3) wiki/google/whatever searches - go! [More:]


Stereoisomers [wikipedia]

Analemma [wikipedia]

Elute [Merriam-Webster Online]
Huh, I'm not sure how to list the last few, but the one that's left in the search box now is
"choral evensong", leading here. Good listening, if you're so inclined. A recent re-discovery of mine.

I'll also confess to searching for "cunning stunts" for something clever to go with that other thread from this morning, but didn't find anything good enough.
posted by DarkForest 05 September | 13:28
[name redacted] former coworker (google)
[name redacted] former classmate (google)
311 S. Wacker (
posted by crush-onastick 05 September | 13:30
Yeah, how do you get your last google searches?

My last one was 2008 presidential debates.
posted by gaspode 05 September | 13:32
A minute ago, I looked up the address of the BMX store. Earlier today, I looked for forum postings related to Ubuntu repository issues. Before that, I looked up some reviews of a Sam Rivers album that's scheduled to be reissued. None of that seems very interesting, but, yeah, you know how it is.
posted by box 05 September | 13:36
hm, well I always leave my far-rightmost tab dedicated to searches rather than blow up my current browser window, so it's all cached right there.

I confess to being a bit nerdy and wanting to know things so when I stagger through some sort of documentation like this morning (patent drivel, yawn) I tend to wiki/google the odd-sounding things. Stereoisomers was a snore-fest but I guess it's good to know what Annoying Chemist Guy is talking about.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 September | 13:36
box, I don't find that boring at all. People's net searches (I think) offer cool facets of their personalities, hobbies and careers. Yours hit on all 3.
posted by lonefrontranger 05 September | 13:41
The last two were Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch and doxycycline.
posted by LoriFLA 05 September | 13:51
"Gadhafi Swiss Psychiatric" to look up rumors that he'd been treated in a Swiss psychiatric hospital. I had heard the rumors in the past but his goofy descriptions of Condoleeza Rice reminded me about them.

"shaf's blog" I lurk on a lifting forum run by this guy shaf. The forum hasn't been too compelling lately but his personal blog is pretty interesting.

"Cormac McCarthy interview" to look up this Oprah interview, which was linked to in the blue a few months back. Technical problems kept me from viewing it but it is now on YouTube, I'm happy to say.
posted by jason's_planet 05 September | 14:10
posted by Specklet 05 September | 14:13

w tok pisin (to demonstrate to my partner that it is regarded by linguists as a language proper, not just a pidgin, because it is a first language for some people such as himself)

g let's groove tonight lyrics (for an AskMe - wrong, didn't answer)

w wa wa nee (because I couldn't remember the name of 'Sugar Free', just the sound of the words in the chorus)

The extent of my intellectual curiosity is astounding.
posted by goo 05 September | 14:27
Google image search: Marcelo Arantes (a hottie on the Brazilian version of Big Brother... I'm so embarrassed)

Google: "Sims 2" closets (trying to figure out how to build a closet, using tools in a recent expansion pack)

YouTube: "Laurie Anderson" (I sent a friend some of her music, and wanted to link him to some videos to give him an idea what her performances look like)

(I found this by opening the history window in FF3 and just scrolling down looking for searches. This is my home computer... it'd be much different on the work computer.)
posted by BoringPostcards 05 September | 14:47
Lyons Country Snapjacks
red wine
wine spectator
posted by Stewriffic 05 September | 19:18
"I love lucy" color photo (halloween costume idea)
T5026 replacement fan
Loori photography Buffalo Science (this exhibit I was invited to the opening of, but forgot if it was tomorrow or Sunday
posted by kellydamnit 05 September | 22:45
CONFESS! || One thing about a nine-week old baby . . .