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02 September 2008

What do the following objects have in common? A 3-pak of Titleist golf balls, a pack of 'pine-scented'* stationery, a 3-hole punch, a really small Crown Of Thorns**, a big-ass pencil eraser***, and an unopened Cracker Jack prize****?[More:]

They were all inside different boxes of books that were left at the store for me and my colleagues to sort through. It's a weird world.

*That's what it said. We couldn't smell it through the shrink wrap, but i'll take their word for it. Somebody must've wanted to send some woodsy mail.

**Yeah, like Jesus's. We took turns trying it on. Whoever it was meant for had a really small head. Maybe it was for an all-midget Easter Pageant.

***like this one but it had to be about a foot long and weigh half a pound. This thing could've erased enough lead to fill a machine gun.

****a couple of stickers, one of a flower, the other a rocket ship. Safety regulations have made Cracker Jack a lot lamer.

When I got home, my landlords son was sitting on the stoop smoking a cigar. he last saw me yesterday when I was bringing in laundry. he told me that he had found one of my socks abnd that it wwas on the stairs. I looked. It was a white ankle sock which neither me nor pips wear. I told him to keep it and start a puppet show.

Here's to Found Object Day.
I was going to answer that in some alcohol fuelled rage you'd tried to smoke all of them. But you've only gone and spoiled the question by giving the answer out early.
posted by seanyboy 02 September | 18:42
Haha. Did I mention that the eraser had 'Graham Wuz Here, 1996' written on it's underside?
posted by jonmc 02 September | 18:43
I wantz the rocket sticker. :(
posted by Pips 02 September | 20:43
I want the very large eraser.
posted by LoriFLA 02 September | 20:46
My first thought: someone put golf balls in a book? It's possible I s'pose. My BIL chopped out the middle pages of a book to accommodate an unopened Zero bar that he and a colleague had been exchanging back & forth for years, like a hot potato. Sort of.
posted by chewatadistance 03 September | 07:31
Hey! You found my eraser!
posted by lysdexic 03 September | 08:16
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