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02 September 2008

What did you dream last night? [More:]
Last night I dreamed I was sleeping in a dorm. There was a puppy in the room that was scratching at the carpet and had peed near the bathroom door. I thought the puppy belonged to my roommate, who I hadn't met yet even though he was sleeping nearby.

I woke up after this as I had to use the bathroom myself. I read rhapsodie's shouting post about her dog and thought about commenting, but didn't. I see now from the comments that a few others were up in the middle of the night.

Later on I dreamed about a lady with sharp pointed fingenails who was pinching tiny bits of flesh off me. OW!

What happened to those erotic dreams I was having a few nights ago? I want them back...
posted by Daniel Charms 02 September | 09:58
I try to avoid dreaming (tends to lead to screaming and not sleeping through the night) but when I went to bed without taking my pills at 7am (after being awake for the majority of the previous day) I had dreams about escaping from a mental ward in a hospital and making out with boys.

I fucking hate dreaming.
posted by sperose 02 September | 10:33
I don't mind dreaming. I don't always remember them, but I remember I had them, and so I know I got some good sleep.

I don't quite remember this morning's dream, but it had something to do with whatever was playing on NPR. That happens a lot.
posted by lysdexic 02 September | 10:38
Same thing I've been dreaming for the past four months: I'm packing and can't find a suitcase, or I have to get rid of all my stuff but can't, or I can't catch the plane I'm supposed to. *sigh*
posted by Specklet 02 September | 10:42
I don't remember last night, but the night before I dreamed I had a brand new bunny. It was white and had caramel colored spots and was very cute. Then I missed my real bunny and he appeared in a corner of the cage behind the new one. Maybe I should get another...
posted by rmless2 02 September | 10:47
I dreamed about sex. It's been a couple of days and that always happens after that length of time.
posted by gaspode 02 September | 10:55
I dreamed that I was schlepping this empty 55 gallon polyethylene trash container (the type on wheels) through West Eugene, while looking for a place to have lunch.

The street was rough, at at one point the wheel thingy came loose and was run over, after which I had to carry the trash container. Also, the plastic liner came out and was tangling in my feet.

I finally got somewhere that I could toss this trash container, which was not all ripped up and broken, in a dumpster. But then this little girl told me that the dumpster was for certain recyclables, and this item was not the right kind for this dumpster.

I walked away.

I'll trade with gaspode.
posted by danf 02 September | 11:03
I don't seem to remember my dreams these days, unless they involve cats scratching at the door (he usually is actually scratching at the door, and I wake up shortly after this occurs in my dream).

Then again, it's been a long time since I had an anxiety dream. I used to dream about

a) killer dentists who would leave me to bleed to death in the chair (when I was having orthodontic treatment - strangely though, I've never been scared or apprehensive of dentists)

b) variations on Specklet's dream whereby I'd be due to go on stage to play but was in the wrong building or couldn't find my instrument or had to run down a long, long corridor, etc etc.

I guess that means I'm less worried these days (or that my life is more boring).
posted by altolinguistic 02 September | 11:10
Last night I had a dream about catholic priests doing yoga to Laurie Anderson music while my friend's mom, Kathy, and her clone (also named Kathy but with a different haircut) tried to find a dentist and instead wound up in a orthopedist's office in a novelty Bavarian village in East LA.

I shit you not, my friend.
posted by evilcupcakes 02 September | 11:37
Five dreams last night:

1) I bought a $6000 orange kei car, made in Syria, and showed it to my dad, who said it wasn't very good value.

2) The opening of a Greek creation-of-the-world myth involving some very NSFW god-on-god action.

3) A short vignette in which I was informed that every Olympian, medal or not, receives a nice bottle of wine for their trouble.

4) An old colleague from Indonesia introducing me to a new class.

5) A guy (me?) who works in an amusement park uses trick mirrors - or perhaps he really is like this! - to create the image that his face and body is putty-like and can be changed without pain. Though this frightens guests, it also means he can sell "parts" of his body in the gift shop.

I think there may have been something in what I had for dinner last night.
posted by mdonley 02 September | 11:45
Just another despotic demonic mystery backstage of an operatic performance in a gilded age theater--

--no, wait, that was the night before.

This time it was just another secretly exploring someone's palatial home and finding a whole hidden area while looking for a place to smoke a cigarette.
posted by ethylene 02 September | 18:11
Something about my baby cousin, who moved to Savannah recently with my aunt and uncle, and big buckets of chocolate covered sultanas and almonds etc. One of the buckets had had dog food - the dry kind - mixed in with it, which really upset me, and I was determinedly picking out the dog food, to get to the good stuff.

No idea what it meant. I like food?
posted by jonathanstrange 02 September | 21:46
Been having crazy dreams lately -- last night it was that everyone was committing suicide by taking a pill of some kind and then just going to sleep forever. I was going to, but decided at the last minute not to. But everyone I knew and loved was going to die.

It was bad.
posted by loiseau 02 September | 22:40
Hi, everybody, || Here is a photo of an English Bulldog