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01 September 2008

Are there any other USians at work on this Labor Day holiday? [More:]On Friday, they said that Labor Day would be very busy and that they really needed my help.

So far, they've had no work for me whatsoever. I've spent the day following the Palin and Gustav threads over on our other website.

But it still kinda sucks, anyway.

So . . . anyone else at work today who shouldn't be?
(oops. could someone please put a "More Inside" after that first question mark? kthnxbye!)
posted by jason's_planet 01 September | 14:26
I'm not at work, but I'm stressing about all the work I have to return to tomorrow, and about how I should have worked today or this weekend, and avoiding checking my work email for fear of what new work might be there.
posted by amro 01 September | 14:28
I checked in this morning, and I'll check in tonight, but that's it. I refuse to let work take over my holiday, even though it certainly could.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 September | 14:29
I'm at work by choice. But then I don't really have a schedule. I'm going on a road trip next week so I'm getting some forms ready for my boss to sign, stuff other people need to process etc. Soon I'll leave and go read at a coffee shop. The central valley is super windy today so I'd have to find some place indoors.

posted by special-k 01 September | 14:32
*sends pizza and beer over to j_p*
posted by essexjan 01 September | 14:47
awwwwwww. thank you!
posted by jason's_planet 01 September | 14:50
I work a continuous work schedule which is 4 days on 4 off, and there are no holidays, but I do get overtime for those days as well as the holiday pay. I happened to be scheduled off for Labor Day this year, and I'm off for Thanksgiving, but it looks like I'll be working Christmas and New Years.
posted by eekacat 01 September | 15:01
I'm not at work, but I'M GETTING PAID!!!

I *heart* my union!
posted by jonmc 01 September | 16:42
I'm not at work (but getting paid) and instead have had the lovely task of attempting to deal with my aggravating family because mom is in the hospital and I haven't slept much and everyone keeps bugging me telling me to do things. It's fucking annoying.
posted by sperose 01 September | 17:51
I labored today, but was able to switch my shift to 7am-3pm, which turned out to be a blessedly boring eight hours. I'm not sure I did more than an hour of work that an informative telephone recording couldn't have done, but that doesn't affect my self-esteem too much when I'm making time and a half.

Afterwards, I drove over to my parents' house where we watched the river and ate our respective weights in meltingly ripe strawberries with vanilla ice cream. There may have been some cheese and nuts and sangria involved as well, but mostly strawberries and ice cream.
posted by notquitemaryann 02 September | 00:22
I said Happy Labor Day to my cow-orkers when I clocked in yesterday afternoon. They all groaned.
posted by netbros 02 September | 09:37
What's for dinner? || Who just sang the Star Spangled Banner