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31 August 2008

What's your second favorite food?
Mine is fried oysters. I can't make them myself, and rarely encounter them, but when I do, there is no stopping myself if they are even halfway decently made.
posted by rainbaby 31 August | 11:52
a Henway.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 31 August | 12:20
*resists punchline urge*
posted by essexjan 31 August | 13:01
Lobster, I rarely eat it because I'm broke as a joke. My first is peanut butter, because I'm broke as a joke.
posted by puke & cry 31 August | 14:05
I don't have a second favorite, but my third favorite is pizza.
posted by Daniel Charms 31 August | 14:27
Where does one purchase a henway?
posted by cmonkey 31 August | 14:57
cmonkey: Where does one purchase a henway?

You don't purchase a henway! You lease a henway.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 31 August | 15:22
*high-fives cmonkey*
posted by essexjan 31 August | 15:37
*got TheDonF sooooo bad with a henway*
posted by Specklet 31 August | 15:48
*high-fives cmonkey*

What's a cmonkey?
posted by Slack-a-gogo 31 August | 18:34
$20 same as in town!
posted by Wolfdog 31 August | 18:40
A cmonkey is a small, stapled plastic bag marked "MYSTERY BOX - WHAT WILL YOU WIN?!" that you can purchase at the Dollar Tree for $0.99. Inside is an assortment of three items of cheap plastic jewelry, one stick of stale chewing gum, and one trinket, likely related to a marketing campaign for a movie that came out several years ago, pulled out of a waterlogged box that was recovered from a shipping accident on its way from a Chinese factory to our warehouse in City of Industry, California. Occasionally we may substitute a small lump of charcoal for one or more items to prevent children from making too many assumptions about the content; an important life lesson in our view. The combined value of these items is guaranteed to not exceed $0.39, but the combined fun value is priceless. Please buy as many as you can afford.

Also, my second favourite food is risotto, but it takes forever to make so I don't eat it as often as I would like.
posted by cmonkey 01 September | 05:21
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