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29 August 2008

Oh, so that's where you hid them when I came to visit you. ;)
posted by jason's_planet 29 August | 10:06
That gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I have a deep seated empathy for people who take care of strays. It seems to run in my family, they all have multiple pets. My younger sister can't seem to pass by a stray without bringing it home (she has 4 dogs and 3 cats). I wish I could have a dog, but it just isn't in the cards. I have a 600 sqft apartment with no yard and I'm not home a good bit of the time, plus I'm allergic to them (more so to cats, which I'd also love to have).
posted by doctor_negative 29 August | 12:11
I was thinking about this place today (whilst trying not to think of job interviews ...).

Between 500 and 700 cats. Even with help, there'd be a massive amount of animal husbandry needed to care for that many cats. Even though she said they all live in peace and harmony, that of course is nonsense and there will always be cat fights. Any cat owner knows that even cats who get along famously most of the time will have the odd spat. And cat bites get naaasty very quickly (anyone who's ever had to deal with a cat bite abscess will know what I mean).

So I don't see how every single cat could be checked over even just once a week if they are all roaming free.

Also, I remember years ago reading a book from the library about a similar cat sanctuary, this time on an island in Japan. I've searched and searched online but can't find any information about it. The book I read was probably published in the 1960s. But it was similar, hundreds of cats living wild and free. The part I remember was that there were also some horses, and the cats used to wait in line for horse rides, and the horses would take them, five or six at a time, on a little jaunt round the island. When they got back, those cats would get down and the next half-dozen would jump up for their ride. Even with only black and white photos, it was the cutest thing ever.
posted by essexjan 29 August | 12:20
Tiger Ranch in PA was raided because of all the sick cats. Often they were sick when people sent them there, and in a no-kill shelter the old cats will get sick, and some of the cats caught a bad skin disease, and it had a lot of volunteers and I don't know if anyone did anything wrong, but it was one of this situations where someone said "This looks bad" so it got raided.
posted by serena 31 August | 12:42
Obama speech || I want to have this guy's babies.