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28 August 2008

Three point status update five bucks says mccain nominates a woman for veep.[More:]
I was in the hospital! Just got out today. It was a surprise to me. I seem to have developed asthma. Don't worry I am fine and on a treatment regimen.
Catching up with work!
Haha, I've had the same thought recently, but I doubt it. It's gotta be a Southern Conservative, and I don't think Kay Bailey Hutchinson is conservative enough for the extreme right.

My parents spent the night last night on the way to Corpus Christi to see my aunt. It was nice to hang out with them for a bit, but just another reminder that we're incredibly different people - my mother made some snide comments about Hillary Clinton that almost made me blow a fuse.

I've got a wedding to attend this weekend. I love weddings!
posted by muddgirl 28 August | 09:50
1. IRS office visit today.
2. Up way too early.
3. T minus zero days until Obama's Denverpalooza!
posted by mdonley 28 August | 09:53
(My parents have been suggesting the same thing, BtGoG. Of course, they LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE McCain and would like to see him do it just to show up Obama.)

1. It is dreary and drizzly here right now. The power seems to be holding steady, but I don't really care because today is my short day and I'll be out of here in 2 hours.

2. I really, REALLY need to clean my room this weekend. It's a fucking disaster area and stressing me out. Also, this will help me figure out more of what I need to sell in order to make some money for my trip.

3. Pops bought me a shiny new lockbox. Fireproof and everything! I'm quite excited although it was super saddening last night when I started going through the old lockbox (not fireproof) and found all these awesome memories and letters and poems and notes to self. :(
posted by sperose 28 August | 09:55
1. Having a slow week at work, which I don't mind AT ALL after the last few months.

2. Still not sure what we're going to be doing over the holiday weekend.

3. The sun is out today! FINALLY!

(There's a lot of buzz today about Lieberman being McCain's VP pick, but I think that's just a feint to make the actual pick look better to the party faithful by comparison)
posted by BoringPostcards 28 August | 09:55
1. Just found out that my friend in New Zealand was left by her partner 3 months ago. When she was 7 months pregnant. With twins. She didn't tell anyone beyond immediate family until now. What a fucking douchebag he is.

2. MUST finish up work today so I can relax until the baby comes. Working from home is kind of distracting at this stage of the game. So much other fun stuff to do! Play with the stroller! Assemble the bassinet!

3. Got new dressers delivered this morning. They are pretty and now we have enough room to put stuff away!
posted by gaspode 28 August | 10:01
1. Last contractor for the new place arriving (supposedly) within the hour!
2. Surprise trip somewhere in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.
3. Slight headache.
posted by crush-onastick 28 August | 10:02
1. I adore my cat but not his new habit of waking me every morning about an hour before my alarm is set to go off by meowing loudly, over and over again, in my ear.

2. I am looking forward to having a cheeseburger for lunch. I am feeling less guilt about the prospect than I had earlier in the day, because a coworker told me I look skinny.

3. I wonder what percentage of Mechazens post to these status update threads without ever reading anyone else's updates in the thread.
posted by amro 28 August | 10:20
1) Denverpalooza! ack!
2) going home v. early today (see above)
3) Denver MeFi meetup tonight, yay!

amro, the Evil Mephistopheles does the single-whisker-to-the-brain (via the nostril). Believe me, you'd prefer meowing.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 August | 10:25
1. The doctor seems to agree that I am allergic to shellfish, so no more lobster or crab or shrimp. Sadness.


3. I love the update threads, specially babby updates!

I had a kitty that would sit on my chest and then step on my neck to wake me up. My sister said "she found your ON button!"
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 10:42
a. preparing my home for an in-law invasion, thanks to this.
b. passively watching/listening to "Moulin Rouge" as I clean (Ewan!)
c. considering cooking a huge pot of duck and sausage gumbo

If McCain picks a woman as veep, Bill Clinton should seduce her. He's the cock-block king.
posted by ColdChef 28 August | 10:46
1. The Gross Old Party's VP pick will be Mitt Romney - he's already out lapdogging about it as we speak.

2. I'm trying hard to enjoy Beach Houses' Devotion album and failing - it's like this band discovered the Cocteau Twins and early Beach Boys music simultaneously, but only one song by each band.

3. Today I go to radio station and be on the air and gets me hands on their awesome library of finer muzeek than Beach House's Devotion album.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 August | 10:51
1. No-alkie August petered out on August 21, but I've still been moderate.

2. Looking forward to Miko-based meet-up tomorrow night.

3. I'm adapting to Biden, sigh.
posted by Claudia_SF 28 August | 10:55
1. Feeling really down today, triggered by guy from upstairs who flirted with me AGAIN, even though he rejected my suggestion that we take it further six months ago.

2. Just finished knitting a pair of leg warmers for a friend, they are so nice I might make a pair for myself.

3. The HMR diet is starting to really wear on me (feeling hungry all the time) but I still have a few pounds to go, so I might look into a diet that emphasizes feeling full, such as the South Beach diet. The trouble is, Googling "south beach diet" is like Googling "sex," simply NOT helpful, so I might post here a question about it.
posted by Melismata 28 August | 10:56
1. Enjoying watching the convention. Will probably stay home tonight so as not to miss anything good, despite really needing to get out to the library
2. I, like lysdexic, had to e-mail co-workers about not copying everyone on everything. Just e-mail me the stuff I have to do, thanks!
3. Going to try to get out to do laundry later today. Running out of clothes from the A list; B list clothes work but I just don't like them as much.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 August | 11:03
1. Just got back from the vet with the-most-expensive-guinea-pig-in-the-world. He is getting used to his chin-headgear which will hopefully help his teeth. He is eating 'stalkier' type things to help with that. But now, he has a little cold, complete with little sneezes! (Yes, I promise to get a pic with the headgear and post it. )

2. Going in for a production meeting that might get hairy. People stopped communicating properly ages ago which has now resulted in budget overruns. But, y'know, not my fault people don't talk to each other.

3. Need to clean the bathroom.

(I read the update threads!)
posted by typewriter 28 August | 11:15
1. Going to NJ for a mini-family reunion this weekend.

2. Still running 4 - 5 days a week, my first 5k is at the end of the next month so I've got four more weeks to train.

3. Downloaded a copy of the old PC game System Shock 2 from The Underdogs and successfully got it to work on Vista. Great game but really really hard. You die after only two hits and there are zombies everywhere.
posted by octothorpe 28 August | 11:20
1. I spent one hour and eight minutes on hold with the IRS. Turns out they screwed up on my payment plan even after I called them about it twice. Thanks, dickwads. Third time's the charm, hopefully.

2. I applied for six more jobs, signed up with three more placement agencies, and sent one guy a digital version of my portfolio at his request. Come on, job fairy, the bills are up to my armpits. (See 1.)

3. I really, really really want to stop having stressmares.

(I read everyone's updates too!)

(Guinea pig headgear?!? This I gotta see.)
posted by Specklet 28 August | 11:21
1. Just got home from work. I 'm getting my hair done today. Woo! I love getting my hair done. I get to sit in a chair and read Vogue and daydream.

2. Eating a Lean Cuisine (Ginger garlic stir-fry with chicken).

3. I think I'm the only person on Metachat that took my husband's name. What does this mean? ;-)
posted by LoriFLA 28 August | 11:25
3. I wonder what percentage of Mechazens post to these status update threads without ever reading anyone else's updates in the thread.

Peronally, I'm kind of compulsive about following the thread all day to see what everyone says. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 28 August | 11:27
1. Joined the Universal Life Church and became ordained as a Minister inorder to perform a wedding for my Best friend and his girlfriend. They'll have the official one after a year or two with Family and Friends.

2. Just cleared my final assessment and am finally on the floor. Feels good; this is the first time that I've stuck it out and actually didn't cave under pressure. (Am a bit proud of myself for that!)

3. Going over to another friend's place to spend the night and party. This might or might not involve... you know what.:)
posted by hadjiboy 28 August | 11:31
1. Signing papers on the new house today, yay! One step closer.

2. Crazy landlady is getting even crazier. I feel sorry for the guy who rented the "lower unit" that wasn't there two months ago. And now I'm worried about going anywhere as she shows up unannounced illegally all the time, and I'm worried she will let my indoor cats out. Which would cause me to get violent. Probably for real.

3. No sleep last night (I have occasional bad insomnia problems) so today is going to be really odd.

(I read all the updates too - I nearly always want to respond to each of them, which would make for a long thread)

(One of our current cats, Moose, figured out that if he jumps with all his weight on your kidney just so, you have to get up to go to the bathroom. A technique he uses to his advantage. O you are up! You might as well feed me! Which we don't. He was also fond of getting up on the window ledge and jumping down on me so that his legs would be on either side of my face, and I'd be woken up by a really fat kitty belly going thwomp in my face, which is really strange. Now that we restrict his diet strictly and he's in shape, that technique no longer works and he's stopped doing it.)
posted by Sil 28 August | 11:33
You, what, hadjiboy?! and you're doing WHAT?
posted by By the Grace of God 28 August | 11:34
1. Jealous of everyone at the Miko meetup.

2. Betting that Gore makes an appearance at Mile High Stadium.

3. F***king Dodgers, got my hopes up.
posted by danf 28 August | 11:37
I read the updates. Even if I don't have any updates to share.
posted by rainbaby 28 August | 11:49
Peronally, I'm kind of compulsive about following the thread all day to see what everyone says.

Me too! I scroll through all such threads, keeping an extra sharp eye out for people I recognize.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 28 August | 11:51
Dude, McCain's going to nominate a robot. I'm not sayin' it won't be a woman robot, but it's totally going to be a robot.
posted by Eideteker 28 August | 11:54
Oh, I read all the updates too. Usually to live vicariously through other people's more fun lives :)
posted by gaspode 28 August | 11:56
These threads are useful to me pretty much exclusively for everybody else's updates. Given that I'm always at work, mine tend to be pretty dull.

1. QA QA QA QA! Who knew that launching a massive overhaul of a top 100 ecommerce site would be such a hassle? (Answer: Everyone.)

2. To maintain my sanity, I'm teaching myself Python during breaks. Not sure why I went after a new language when I half-know a dozen others, but it's super straightforward and seems like a good one to have down.

3. Really looking forward to the long weekend. Already have awesome plans in place for Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday night, and I imagine the rest will fill in shortly.
posted by SpiffyRob 28 August | 12:04
I read 'em all, too. I hope the guinea pig is okay. And I bet it's either Mitt the Mo Mo or Mike Huckabee. THere is no way they'd pick a lady. Although it would be pretty funny if it was Ann Coulter. But not for very long.

1. we're out of clean underwear.
2. I've had a naggy sinus headache for 24 hours.
3. I picked up another hourly fee only client today. good because it's $. bad because it's not as much as a 10% project budget fee I normally charge.

posted by chewatadistance 28 August | 12:05
But now, he has a little cold, complete with little sneezes! (Yes, I promise to get a pic with the headgear and post it. )

You must also get video of little guinea sneezes too!

LoriFLA, I took my husband's name after I married, and kept it after we divorced, because it's so much nicer than my maiden name, and it's also the name I'm known by with my professional body.
posted by essexjan 28 August | 12:16
I rarely post 'em (rarely have interesting stuff going on, at least that I comfortable sharing) but I do read 'em.
posted by danostuporstar 28 August | 12:23
1. I have yet another job interview today, though it's with a different company for a different job. But I'm tired of being all interview-nervous.

2. I bought cheapo bamboo placemats and napkins yesterday because I was tired of the placemats that we use during the week looking all rumpled and stained, because I am not going to wash them or change them out every day, and I figured the bamboo would be easy to clean and the wood would stay neat-looking. I was not expecting them to look so nice, though -- they look great in the dining room! Yay, me!

3. The cat has not been using her cat bed, so I bought her a different, more expensive one that I thought she might use. This purchase has apparently prompted her to start using the old cat bed. Sigh.
posted by occhiblu 28 August | 12:24
I'd be more into these threads if instead of "Three Point Status Update" it was "What's new with mullacc and then let's all discuss mullacc."

1. I'm really gonna make it to the pickup basketball session at the gym on Saturday. It was fun when I went three weeks ago, but I wimped out the last two weekends.

2. I'm still pissed that the overly-hyped street meat cart in NYC was gross.

3. My horrible friend's ex-girlfriend is moving to a town near me. She wants to hang out, which is good because I don't know anyone here but also scary.
posted by mullacc 28 August | 13:01
1. I'm woozy today. I've got to kick this bug, it's had me sleepwalking through my day for a week.

2. I just got spam in Hebrew. I know, I know, but it's one of those things that makes me think the internet is still pretty darn neat. Bringing the world together and all. If I click and buy, though, will I be subject to an Arabic spam boycott?

3. I picked up some fleas from the vacant apartment and didn't realize until Fry was awash in them. Poor guy had forgotten what it was like. It took me a good thre eweeks to get rid of them when I took him as a kitten, but it's going on five now and they keep reappearing. This apartment, with all my parents' stuff in storage and half-assembled cabinets and whatnot, is just impossible to consider fully cleaning up e.g. to vacuum with flea powder, and I've already bombed everything.
posted by stilicho 28 August | 13:09
3. The cat has not been using her cat bed, so I bought her a different, more expensive one that I thought she might use. This purchase has apparently prompted her to start using the old cat bed. Sigh.

In my house, my bed is the cat bed. I'm lucky if they let me sleep on it. If I were to get them their own bed it would probably have to be better than mine.
posted by birdherder 28 August | 13:23
1.What I am hearing is McCain is considering a Jewish representative from Virginia...

2. Someone I don't even know is giving. me. a. car. For. Free. My friends have been praying their guts out for me to get one since they want me to have my own car and apparently God agrees with them! Interestingly enough I will be getting it at the same time our car insurance went way way down. Timing is perfect!

3. Can't remember if I mentioned that the parents of The Grandbun (daughter and son in law) have bought a house and it will close soon!
posted by bunnyfire 28 August | 13:47
1.What I am hearing is McCain is considering a Jewish representative from Virginia...

Eric Cantor?
posted by mullacc 28 August | 14:00
Went to Colby Museum of Art today: folk art, Whistler and Chuck Close.

Want to go to Truro before the 6000+ square foot monstrosity is built, but I need to be in NY all September for the completion of the kitchen.

posted by brujita 28 August | 14:01
Cantor did turn over documents and meet with McC. That'd almost seal VA for him.
posted by rainbaby 28 August | 14:50
1. Crossing fingers and toes for all the job-seeking bunnies. I totally flubbed an interview yesterday for a job I've been doing (and well, I'm told) for nine months, and am absolutely fucking mortified. Interviewing is harrowing - good strength to you all.

2. I love getting my hair done. I get to sit in a chair and read Vogue and daydream.

Me too, LoriFLA, and I'm in dire need of it. I have a haircut-and-personal-shopper voucher, I think I'll make the appointment for very soon.

3. I phoned up about a choir! Mixed, mix of classical and contemporary repertoire, meets at a local church hall - I go Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it.
posted by goo 28 August | 14:51
Yep, I was referring to Cantor.
posted by bunnyfire 28 August | 14:56
1. Last day of my current job is tomorrow.

2. My plan to use "freelancer" as a synonym for "working on the garden" failed and I'm already overbooked.

3. I bought a chipper last weekend and my compost will now be unstoppable.
posted by stet 28 August | 15:30
1. Found out last night that the job I applied for will be interviewed on 11 September, but not whether I got an interview. Frustrating.

2. On the road again (Townsville) because a co-worker (who was supposed to do this trip) has a sick husband and had to stay home. Going home tonight, though!

3. Tired and cranky.

I read these threads to death, too - I'll follow this one for days to see if anyone updates.
posted by dg 28 August | 15:56
update: 2.5 hours, $32 in cab fare, and having to be friendly to tourists on the bus later, Mr. Blandings' Dream House is ready for our mid-September move-in date. Whew. No more contractors until I convince Mr. Blandings to redo the master bath / dressing room. Which is to say never.

(I read em, but this is the first time I've updated one)
posted by crush-onastick 28 August | 16:08
1.) We worked on a game in class called "Space Mail" where you deliver mail to planets floating around in space, the girl next to me forgot a bit of her code and ended up spawning hundreds of moons, it looked really cool. We also jammed to the Midi music that was in the game resource folder.

2.) Our podcasts were due, I forgot mine at home (I need to buy a jumpdrive). We listened to a few of them. A girl in our class is really really into anime, so she did a power point presentation that was narrated by her on some anime that I can't remember. Instead of using a jump drive, she uploaded it into an e-mail attachment (using Yahoo! mail, no less) and we sat there for 5 minutes as it downloaded at 34.5 Kbits a second. One slide had the theme song to this show.....but it didn't play because she forgot to include the sound file (Thank you, Jesus)

3.) A discussion thread on a forum I frequent had a "10 things to do before you die" and I meant to make a list before my 21st birthday, but I got to do it early. The 10 things I want to do before I die include:

1) Drive Germany's Nurburgring
2) Hijack the broadcast signal of a major network
3) Watch the 24 hours of Le
4) Dive a car over 200 mph
5) Write a web app/ program / video game that becomes popular
6) Write a novel
7) Climb a mountain
8) Visit the Penny Arcade Expo
9) Move out of Kansas
10) Travel the world
posted by hellojed 28 August | 16:10
1. First day back at school today. Just staff, no kids. Lots of meetings and paperwork. Yuk. Though they did have breakfast for us. Students start on Tuesday.

2. Went to the U.S. Open yesterday. It was a good way to finish off the summer. With a bonus of some evening porch time with Jon and Hugh Janus.

3. So glad tomorrow's Friday. I'm such a whimp. One day and I'm exhausted. Only slept about four hours last night. Must get used to mornings again. I also has cramps. :(

(I confess I skim the updates sometimes, reading just enough to see that things are okay and moving on. Feel free to skim me. :)
posted by Pips 28 August | 17:39
1) I went and saw my friends band yet again last night. It was good, but the bassist (who I have problems with) got dumped for once, and started bleating on - in a very packed room - about how heart broken he was, and got the entire audience to yell out "Kris loves you M" down the phone to her. It was excruciating.

2) I've been out too many times this week, and have been playing too much of "The Sims" so I'm very very tired.

3) We got a new intern! she's from Texas, and was suprised that the weather is cold here at the moment. We had to remind her that it's winter here in the southern hemisphere. My Boss - who's awesomeness - and I are taking her out tonight.
posted by jonathanstrange 28 August | 18:33
1. I am dedicating the entire weekend to fixing my jacked up back. Putting aside my suspicions that they're all quacks, and seeing a chiropractor on Saturday (you know they're not real doctors because they have Saturday appointments). Then a two hour massage on Sunday.

2. Just canceled cable to start saving up money for plane tickets to Berkeley. Now I have no tv at all, but my first NetFlix delivery should arrive tomorrow.

3. One of the bf's seminars at Berkeley is on the Tale of Genji, so I'm gonna read a translation along with him as he reads in the original Japanese. Maybe it's corny, but this is my way of trying to stay relevant in his life as he gets immersed in grad school.
posted by Twiggy 28 August | 20:51
Had to work late today, so missed the Denver meet-up at a watering hole near the Democrat-palooza. A guy at work today was regaling about all the mistakes Barack Obama made speaking last night. I asked him George bush was his candidate, and he said yes. Then I asked him what the fuck he's been listening to the last 8 years.

Thinking about a kitten. Guy at work's wife used to breed cats, and had a mistake litter from a neighborhood cat so it's a mongrel litter (long story). One sounds very cool and crazy looking. I know the pooches would love it, but Pesto has been king cat here for all his life.

I'm starting my 4 days off tomorrow, and I'm considering taking next week off. I think I'm ready for that.
posted by eekacat 28 August | 20:57
I hardly ever post to the three point status threads, but I do read them. As gaspode mentioned above, it's a vicarious thing, but also nice to see how everyone is doing.

Best wishes on all the babies and new houses and weddings and expensive guinea pigs (MUST see guinea pig head gear and sneezes!).
posted by lilywing13 28 August | 23:39
I hardly ever post to the three point status threads, but I do read them.

Me too. This time, however, I do have three points:

1) I made a delicious batch of ratatouille.

2) The organ-pipe cactus plants in my neighborhood are blooming.

3) I'm planning a camping trip and I'm all excited! I haven't been camping for years.
posted by tangerine 29 August | 00:45
You, what, hadjiboy?! and you're doing WHAT?

No no no no no! It's not what you think--jeez!:)

No liquor or women, if that's what you meant, just enjoying a nice evening with my friends and having some heart-to-heart conversations...

(Yeah, I did join an online church with over... I don't know--ten million members or something, if I'm not mistaken (just to get my friend and his sweetheart married in a Christian like ceremony--it was very sweet!))
posted by hadjiboy 29 August | 08:42
So, where do I send my five bucks?
posted by ColdChef 29 August | 13:02
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