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28 August 2008

Photo Friday....any suggestions? [More:]

Every time I visit flickr it's bokeh this and bokeh that. So there's always that. Any other ideas?

How do you pronounce bokeh? Bouquet? Bow-kah?
What in the heck is bokeh? Sounds like something you'd spread on a pita.
posted by Specklet 28 August | 11:25
Birds (has Metachat done this yet?)
posted by LoriFLA 28 August | 11:30
DarkForest suggested on Monday that we use the theme "It's A Sign" (originally suggested by me) this week. And I'd like to, since I've taken a pic for it. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 28 August | 11:31
Wasn't there a suggestion earlier this week? Something about signs?
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 11:31
I thought someone posted a theme for this week (signs) below... has it scrolled off?

aside: never have I wanted an [older posts] function on this site more.

Specklet, bokeh refers to how a lens renders out-of-focus points of light / blur / colour circles.

fast example.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 August | 11:33
I have a bitchen sign photo, so I would prefer to keep with BP's suggestion, or I'll take my picture card and go home.
posted by danf 28 August | 11:33
Hey, three people in three minutes! It's a sign!

posted by lysdexic 28 August | 11:36
Wow. Ok, ok. Geez. So we can still take suggestions for, Friday. Don't kill me.

I love the birds idea, LoriFla. Yeah. Birdies.

Nine-tenths of flickr is totally obsessed with bokeh right now. There's even a Bokeh Wednesday. If you check pop urls every day obsessively (like I do) you'll see tons of bokeh photos featured - they're super popular. It's basically just an out of focus background.
posted by iconomy 28 August | 11:41
Wow, ok. I'm loving that bokeh. Thanks, iconomy!
posted by lysdexic 28 August | 11:48
You're welcome ;) My camera is crappy for bokeh, unfortunately. It has auto focus and no manual focus. Isn't that the stupidest thing ever? But I do love to look at the pretties that other people come up with.....
posted by iconomy 28 August | 11:51
Show us your tits.
posted by Eideteker 28 August | 11:57
I was all "wtf is bokeh". OK, I like bokeh. It helps the subject pop out from the background, and is interesting in itself. I knew what it was, just didn't know the word.

I had a mini-rant about dSLRs and auto/manual focus yesterday. Try setting your camera in aperture prioroty mode with the aperture wide open, if you want to try for this effect. Have some distance between your subject and the background.
posted by DarkForest 28 August | 14:09
Ooo I will try that, DarkForest...thank you! I missed your rant completely ;)
posted by iconomy 28 August | 14:11
Wow. Ok, ok. Geez. So we can still take suggestions for, Friday. Don't kill me.

Contrition is a WIN turn-on for me.

posted by danf 28 August | 15:15
post no. 500 for iconomy
posted by growabrain 23 August | 17:12
Happy Birthday to mudpuppie, and ikkyu2, too! || Most worthless Google searches?