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24 August 2008

Ask MeCha: Why can't I access my dvd drive? [More:]I just burned a dvd with InfraRecorder, but when I click on the drive it says "F:/ is not accessible. Incorrect function."

Any idea what gives?
This any help? I just googled "is not accessible. Incorrect function". Probably a good place to start if you haven't yet.
posted by puke & cry 24 August | 02:15
Will an audio CD play in that drive?
posted by essexjan 24 August | 02:30
Mt guess is your drive is fucked and needs replacin'.
posted by Meatbomb 24 August | 05:35
Can you explain that in less technical terms?
posted by jouke 24 August | 06:20
Does powering down the computer and booting up again help? The DVD burner software may have left the drive in a bad state. I'd check for updates on the DVD burner software and the DVD drive firmware.
posted by DarkForest 24 August | 06:43
Mine did the same thing when it died. Only reads cds now.
posted by kellydamnit 24 August | 09:27
What DarkForest said, with the addition that DVD burners are, like, twenty or thirty bucks nowadays. I'm not a big fan of buying a new thing when it's possible to fix the old one, but, after sinking a few hours into trying to solve the problem, you start asking yourself what your time's worth, y'know?
posted by box 24 August | 10:46
Oh, and not to dis open source software like infrarecorder, but I'd try another dvd burner application, like whatever came with the drive or computer, before tossing the drive.
posted by DarkForest 24 August | 15:46
I'd crack the computer open and make sure it's firmly connected.
posted by loiseau 24 August | 17:03
Mt guess is your drive is fucked and needs replacin'.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is it; it's damn old.

Thanks for your help, guys.
posted by Citizen Premier 24 August | 18:49
piggyback: I feel like I should know this... but, is there a way to tell if my current drive is sata or ide without opening the case and looking at the drive itself?
posted by kellydamnit 24 August | 22:05
Try finding the the specs or the manual for your computer online. They're usually available. It'll probably say, unless someone has done something custom to it.
posted by DarkForest 25 August | 05:45
I was gonna make this my 100th mefi post but I chickened out || sexyATTACK.