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22 August 2008

I bet it's John McCain.
posted by Hellbient 22 August | 16:18
I bet it's Mitt Romney.
posted by box 22 August | 16:20
Hurry up and announce already. I'm waiting to see if Pips is right about Tim Kaine.

He needs to announce today so he can be on the nightly news tonight before he meets up with his VP in Chicago tomorrow at noon. All the free air time he can get is a plus. He pulled his ads in Florida hoping that he'll enough publicity with the caravan to Denver and the convention.

Petraeus is on McCain's short list.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 16:27
Ha, CNN has cameras stationed at each person's house (Biden, Kaine, Bayh, and the Chicago Midway Airport).
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 16:29
It's Michael Phelps. How's THAT for flash-in-the-pan celebrity, McCain?
posted by kyleg 22 August | 16:32
heh-heh, pups. My brother-in-law is working for the campaign here in Chicago and anytime he's working late again, we say "Well, that's happens when you're working for the messiah." So my guess, Simon-called-Peter will be the rock upon which the presidency is built.
posted by crush-onastick 22 August | 16:33
My hopes are feeling dashed, Lori. Apparently there's a lot of activity around Biden's house, more so than the others, as if he's preparing to go on the road. Maybe Obama feels he needs a grey-hair.

I'm sticking with my long shot, though. I still say Kaine's a better choice. To me, Biden overshadows Obama, and not in a good way. He's such an old war-horse. But I can live it.
posted by Pips 22 August | 16:44
What kind of dumb thing is this, paraphrasing: "I know who I'm going to pick, but I'm not going to tell you for a few days"??? WTF? He's my choice, but this sort of thing just makes me hate politics.
posted by DarkForest 22 August | 16:48
It's Michael Phelps.

Wouldn't Usain Bolt be the more logical choice for running mate?
posted by Atom Eyes 22 August | 16:49
If he doesn't tell us who he picked in the next 5 minutes, I'm going to vote McCain.
posted by mullacc 22 August | 17:00
See, but it's working... lots and lots of suspense. I don't ever remember this kind of suspense for a VP candidate.
posted by Pips 22 August | 17:02
aargh. Every facebook status message that I see is also just do it already.
posted by special-k 22 August | 17:04
He would catch a lot of journalists off guard if he announced it at 6pm EST on a Friday. Even then I'm sure everyone would attribute it to his genius ability to play the media.
posted by Hellbient 22 August | 17:05
I love the idea that "facebook status message = pulse of America". So Onion.
posted by Hellbient 22 August | 17:07
Ha, CNN has cameras stationed at each person's house (Biden, Kaine, Bayh, and the Chicago Midway Airport)

Wire reports earlier this morning said that the VP pick didn't even know he (or, less likely, she) had been picked. And now CNN is staking out all their houses?

I can't help but picture Obama pulling up out front and bounding to the future-Veep's door with a huge cardboard ballot, a la Ed McMahon and Publisher's Clearinghouse.
posted by mudpuppie 22 August | 17:13
Not that Ed McMahon ever did much 'bounding.' But still. Obama seems like the bounding type.
posted by mudpuppie 22 August | 17:13
Shit, dude should just make a reality show centered around it. He can reveal the VP at the end of the convention. If he loses, the proceeds from the show could pay off at least some of his campaign debt.
posted by Hellbient 22 August | 17:29
I'm thinking it's going to be Elvis. That'll lock the election up right there.
posted by eekacat 22 August | 18:38
Elvis Costello? But he's not even a U.S. citizen....
posted by Doohickie 22 August | 18:45
I got two texts announcing the choice. One choice was me, the other was my Dad's boxer, Smike.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 August | 19:05
Doohickie, there is only one true Elvis. You should be ashamed of yourself thinking of such a pretender.
posted by eekacat 22 August | 19:10
You had me there for a second, TPS!
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 19:18
I've sent eight texts. I felt bad when a friend didn't realize it was a joke and called me to say "OH MY GOD, IT'S AL GORE!"
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 19:27
My mom just left me a voicemail, she's in Denver for the week visiting her sister- "I'm just waiting for Obama to ," and here she starts singing to the tune of the Destiny's Child song, "Say my name, say my name!"
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 August | 19:28
I was kinda hoping it would happen while i was at work so I could see how many of my coworkers phones went off at once.
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 19:38
TPS: lol! I love that song.
posted by mdonley 22 August | 20:04
This just in: Text message goes out Saturday morning.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 20:41
they're saying bayh and kaine are out. the newest gossip is about jack reed?!
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 20:53
The text message factor totally heightens the excitement. If Obama was going to announce on TV, I'm certain I wouldn't care half as much. But the idea that the news will come to me wherever I am, right as it's announced!! That's cool.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 August | 20:58
so true. and, the media is just as curious since it could be AT ANY TIME! so he's managed to dominate the news
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 20:59
Yes, kellydamnit, Governor Kaine is out! Confirmed. boo. Will it be Biden?

I'm not signed up for Obama's text alert. I think I'm the only one.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 21:00
I don't know, Kaine's a first-term. I think someone who has been around longer would help balance the ticket. (although the idea of turning VA blue had me salivating).
I guess Biden's whole family has flown out to his house...
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 21:22
He's managed to dominate the news to the exclusion of that McCain-doesn't-know-how-many-houses-he-owns story.

Unless he's going to name Al Gore, I'm not sure it's a good strategic choice.
posted by box 22 August | 21:23
good point. he made a commercial about the house thing, it's on his front page now. I don't know where it's running, but it's pretty good.
Although what was up with that mccain offices sent a white powder thing? I heard a snippit of it when I picked up my laundry yesterday and they had fox news on, and nothing since.
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 21:28
I read earlier that Chet Edwards (Texan) was the new dark horse. I don't know how I feel about that. I'd be pretty happy if we had a Texas-free administration for 4 years. And I say that as a Texan.
posted by mudpuppie 22 August | 21:30
I'm not sure either, box. I'm with DarkForest. I'm an Obama supporter but it seems like a casting call. A big Hollywood performance. My husband reminds me it has always been theater, it's perfectly fine and to get over it, but all of this suspense and text messaging and secrecy still rubs me as a little strange.

I saw Chet being interviewed. I think a person from the South (whether Texans identify as Southern or not) would be a good choice. I just found out that Biden's net worth is under 300,000 dollars. The fact that he isn't a millionaire, and "out of touch", can't hurt.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 21:36
is the edwards guy popular enough to actually turn the state blue?
posted by kellydamnit 22 August | 21:39
I still wish it'd be Bill Richardson, but I am pretty sure it won't be.

And I have to admit, I love the theatricality. Though I want him to pick somebody who will actually be a good VP and not just a good running mate.
posted by BoringPostcards 22 August | 21:40
is the edwards guy popular enough to actually turn the state blue?

I don't know much about Chet Edwards but I'm going to guess no. This is the same reason why McCain would never consider Kay Bailey Hutchinson. He couldn't lose Texas if he tried.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 21:43
Apparently the secret service have been dispatched to Biden's residence. I hope Obama's not substituting someone else's judgment for his own.

Paris Hilton will be disappointed.
posted by Pips 22 August | 22:15
I wish it would be Bill Richardson also, Beeps. I really like him, and he's definitely qualified for 2nd slot, if not the whole show.

Biden I can live with. But who knows with this crew?

Hi, Barry? Yeah, it's posted. I better get to bed because you and I have a big day tomorrow. Tell Michelle thanks for the tie, by the way. It looks nice on camera.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 22 August | 22:23
Obama/Twinkie '08! Change! And a chew toy in every snout!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 August | 22:34
Obama's campaign is learning to manipulate the connected world to its advantage; this messaging stunt is fantastic. If he can convince the US that he can put healthcare access on an iPhone, he could very well win this thing handily.
posted by Ardiril 22 August | 23:00
Shit, if he just promised to get everybody an iPhone, it'd be a landslide the likes of which we haven't seen since Reagan/Mondale.
posted by box 22 August | 23:02



posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 August | 00:20
Biden? Yawn.
posted by Ardiril 23 August | 01:07
So is Biden's book worth reading?
(also, he was my age when he got elected to the senate. now i feel like a total loser for being late to work this week since I was up half the night playing Zelda).
posted by kellydamnit 23 August | 01:29
You guys said it wouldn't be Biden. You promised! :(
posted by Claudia_SF 23 August | 01:30
Well great. I got the text message at 3:12 am, now it's four hours later and everyone knows. I'm cool with it being Biden though, he's a little boring but he's smart and even though he's in his sixties, he projects a lot of energy.
posted by octothorpe 23 August | 06:03
I am so not crazy about Biden. There are 3 or 4 of his stances that really don't sit well. THen, too, there's his penchant for saying dumb-ass things off the cuff. I worry.
posted by Miko 23 August | 10:24
Biden's a saracastic asshole at times, which can work in this case.
I fully suspect him hinting that McCain is going senile by the end of the month, and openly mocking any misstatements as soon as given the chance.
posted by kellydamnit 23 August | 11:11
I think Biden's all right, not exciting but excitement is not what's looked for in a VP. Real strong on Foreign Policy, a genuine "brought self up by bootstraps" type, beloved by unions, working class and so on. Biggest drawback is he suffers from logorrhoa. Interesting that assuming two terms for Obama means he most likely wouldn't run himself afterwards. But perhaps that's going to be more the norm now, with the VP picked much more for specific reasons then as a potential successor (though obviously they have to pass the "being president" test if they have to replace the potus during the term).
posted by kodama 23 August | 11:37
err Logorrhoea I mean

I should clarify that I'm not thrilled about Biden's record w/r/t the Iraq war, being strongly opposed myself. But again, he is the VP nom which (Cheney aside) has limited power. And as the team is inheriting the war perhaps Biden will help reach closure with those who also voted for it.
posted by kodama 23 August | 11:51
I got no text message. I am miffed. If they promised that "we" would hear first, why did they not follow through?

I was on the road and could not get email. What if I'd had a problem with Biden? I thought the whole reason for the texting was to make sure that the choice was OK with us.
posted by danf 23 August | 12:55
At this point, I'm wondering if the whole reason for the texting was to make a little in-joke/subliminal Hillary dis about that 3 a.m. phone call thing.
posted by box 23 August | 13:10
I'm happy with Biden. I think I'm missing the speech right now. I was supposed to tape it. Shit.
posted by LoriFLA 23 August | 14:11
they have the whole thing on archived.
posted by kellydamnit 23 August | 21:56
If I were a little bit better of an artist, I would draw this as a comic strip || On cooking guinea hens...