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22 August 2008

Three Point Status Update Brought to You by a Sunny Bunny 1) I wrote a briefing for a big cheese. [More:]It was the first sort of this thing I ever wrote. It had policy recommendations in it to the tune of a gazillion pounds. I felt completely out of line writing it.. the the cheese's office mgr liked it, and the cheese is reading it today.

2) I need to do some website updates
3) and two separate mail merges.
1. We have an agreement to sell our house in the 'burbs after 15 months on the market, yay!

2. I'm horribly, horribly over committed for the Fall. I've managed to volunteer to be the data coordinator for the Obama campaign in my neighborhood, the webmaster for our neighborhood house tour along with the normal working 50 hours a week and keeping a decrepit victorian house from falling apart.

3. New laptop!
posted by octothorpe 22 August | 06:38
1. I woke up today with a stye on my eyelid, in the lower corner. Today of all days because ...

2. ... I had a meeting with a job consultant this morning. It went very well, and my CV is as we speak on its way to a couple of companies.

3. Holiday weekend! Yay! Tomorrow I'm going here, and on Monday, if the weather's good, a friend and I (and her dog) are going to Maldon.
posted by essexjan 22 August | 06:52
Happy doggie!
posted by By the Grace of God 22 August | 06:57
1) I'm going to go birding this morning as soon as I wake up a bit. Migration season has likely begun, so I might see some really good warblers. Rawk.
2) Working four 10-hour days M-Th leaves me pretty damn exhausted, but I like the three-day weekends. Fridays end up being for things like birding and canning.
3) Today is my twin nephews' 10th birthday. They are so so cute. Here's hoping that the cards arrive on time...
posted by Stewriffic 22 August | 07:14
1. Going gangbusters all week at work - I've been really productive and crossed everything off my to do list. EVERYTHING. This has never happened before. So now it's almost 3pm Friday and I'm enjoying a frosty malt-based beverage in the sun.

2. I love the orchid hair ornament from the V and A in essexjan's link, and I want one! So thinking about going antique jewellery hunting this long weekend as I have no other plans. Whatsoever (well, almost - we're going to clean out the office room, but that's it). I have one of these and an orchid hair ornament would be fab to wear with it.

3. I've been thinking about joining a choir, but there's so much I want to do and just not enough time to do it, and get enough quality introvert-alone-time. If I didn't work with people all day and have to talk to them and talk to them on the phone I'd be able to use my spare time more productively, without having to spend it recharging away from people. Sometimes I think I chose the wrong career, as much as I love it. But I wanna sing, dammit! Out loud! With people.
posted by goo 22 August | 09:03
1. You don't really want to know.
2. So I'll spare you.
posted by mygothlaundry 22 August | 09:37
MGL, I am so sorry that things are so damn rough for you right now. I am sure I speak for Stewriffic & Bunnyfire when I say that your NC girls have your back. We are sending good Cackalacky vibes your way.

1. Finishing a boring project
2. Gonna hang out with friends this afternoon
3. Stew, wanna come to Carrboro/CH for a drinky-poo this evening? I think we might have a little hens night and bitch about our lives.
posted by msali 22 August | 09:41
Goo: Sing. You will be SO glad you did.

1. I love the iPod that I won in a company contest.

1a. I have just discovered iTunes. Better late than never. This is going to waste LOTS of my time.

2. I might be outgrowing some of my friends, but don't know how to tell them.

3. I had yet another "elevator" dream last night. I often dream that I'm in an elevator in a very tall building, and then it breaks down and starts to fall. The elevator often does unusual things like move sideways or through a roof la Willy Wonka.
posted by Melismata 22 August | 09:56
*hugs*, MGL. And beer. What you are going through deserves much beer.

1. I have an MRI scheduled on my right knee today. Yesterday both of them hurt absolutely abominably. I'm really, really worried that I'm going to need surgery on one or both, and I'm terrified both of getting it done (I have an absolute screaming phobia of doctors) and of being crippled when I'm thirty if I don't deal with it.

2. And there's a bunch of other really stressful stuff going on but nothing I really want to share right now.

3. But my bookcases are finished.
posted by Fuzzbean 22 August | 10:02
1. 2. 3. This tropical storm will not leave. We're on our fourth day of canceled school. My work was even canceled yesterday. It is very minor here, hardly blowing, but we've been getting steady rain. The majority of our county is fine, but there was a flash flood warning for the western part. This is why school is canceled today. The storm was stationary over the county south of us, Brevard county, forever. They are having bigger problems such as power outages and flooding. The last I checked our county has only one shelter open. They opened two on Tuesday but closed them down after a couple hours because nobody showed up. We still have power. You would think nothing of it if you were here. It's like a light storm that has lasted for days. Though, people have died. Deaths are from tourists going into the ocean. Yesterday in our town a woman my age from NY was in the ocean with her husband, she never came out alive. I feel like an idiot saying it was going to be no big thing, but who knew it was going to move so slowly or not at all.
posted by LoriFLA 22 August | 10:36
1. Work
2. Work
3. Work (sigh)
posted by doctor_negative 22 August | 10:46
goo - go sing! I've asked myself a couple of times in my life whether I should join a choir, and the answer has always been yes, and I've never regretted it. I work alone so need whatever social interaction I can get in the evenings (even introverted me can have too much alone time). Choirs are nice because there's always the option of just singing and not interacting too much.

1. Work today is boring and I'm spending too long on it

2. mr alto just rang and he has big plans regarding this evening and cocktail consumption, so things are looking up

3. it suddenly struck me today that even if I were really good at sport (I'm useless) I'm now too old to even consider training up for the Olympics. This and the time when one of the parliamentary candidates for my constituency was *younger than I was* (meaning I couldn't bring myself to vote for her) are the two biggest reminders I've had of ageing.
posted by altolinguistic 22 August | 11:27
1. I had all sorts of dreams last night about potentially good things that could happen during my epic trip but then I woke up and was very sad because I haven't left yet.

2. I've had some serious rage issues during the week but it seems like my nap yesterday helped out and hopefully, I'll be able to chill out some more before I really do break something.

3. I love online window shopping. What sucks is when I fall in love with some of these things only to realize that I really have no money for them. And that I probably wouldn't end up wearing them anyways because it is just too much goddamn effort to deal with the staring and the snippy comments.
posted by sperose 22 August | 11:44
(First, yes, bunnyfire DOES have your back, MGL!)

1. My son called the other night. This is significant since he's been in a "I'm grown now and I am independent and I hate talking on the phone" etc etc mood for ages...we had a great talk. I think he's finally starting to unclench from the Academy days, altho his opinion of the officer school they all have to do at Maxwell...well, we will let that one rest.

2. My husband was supposed to go to Raleigh to some political meeting regarding preliminary voting sites in which he had to deal with Democrats but apparently the Lord had other plans for him. Our tire was flat this morning so between getting that taken care of and getting the oil changed (which needed doing and he finally got the chance) they weren't done in time for him to go. This is a good thing, in my opinion.

3. I have to clean my house since we are having someone over for dinner on Monday. The reason we are having someone over for dinner on Monday is so I will be motivated to clean the house. Have you noticed I am on the computer instead?
posted by bunnyfire 22 August | 11:53
1. I GOT TICKETS TO DAVID BYRNE!!!! I'm taking my brother and his wife as a birthday present for them. Wish I knew about the show earlier so I could have gotten great up front seats, but I got front row of the mezzanine, and that should give an excellent view of the stage.

2. Found out the democratic convention is during my 4 days of work. I was planning on running down there and taking pictures of all the protesters etc. but I'll have to take time off to do it now.

3. It's a beautiful sunshiny Colorado day, and I'm being lazy. I need to get out in all that sun.
posted by eekacat 22 August | 12:54
1. Big Ass Yard Sale tomorrow. Plan? Get up at like, two ayem and start staging it, rock on through the dawn.

2. So tired.

3. Barak needs to email me already. Enough with the drama. I thought he liked me, but now it's been days and I haven't heard from him.
posted by rainbaby 22 August | 13:40

(and yes, MGL, we've got yer back. Come down durham way, and I'll buy all the drinks)
posted by Stewriffic 22 August | 13:44
1. I have a job interview (for a part-time thing) in 45 minutes, and I'm getting increasingly nervous. But I would be very, very good at this job -- helping people with mental illness do well in transitional housing, so it's kind of a den-mother/counselor gig -- and I'm trying to just keep reminding myself of that.

2. My supervisor for my other job, at the hospice, is making me feel ghoulish. We keep having clients come in dealing with death and terminal illness (it being a hospice and all), and he keeps talking about how "heavy" it is and giving me tons of openings to unload my own stress about the work on him, but... I'm not feeling stressed by it. I'm actually feeling very energized by it, because I can help these people. Working with teens last year who were stuck in nasty family situations was draining, because there were so many limits on how much power the clients really had to change. But now I'm feeling a bit weird that I'm not feeling worse. Or something.

3. My foot hurts. Again. I don't know if it's tendinitis or a stress fracture or what, but I don't like to be able to predict fog by whether the base of my toe is aching. I mean, it's a neat party trick once, but I'm over it now and would like full mobility back, thanks.
posted by occhiblu 22 August | 14:22
1. I went shopping for new clothes today. I bought two pairs of comfy black jeans and ten pairs of undies. I has undies! No luck on tops, though. I may have to hit the catalogues.

2. Can't seem to get the bathroom sink to drain. A whole bottle of Liquid Plumber Gel and it's still slow-go. Perhaps a second bottle.

3. Looking forward to lunch with mom tomorrow. It's a five hour round-trip train ride, but worth it. I have lots of magazines to read.
posted by Pips 22 August | 16:59
1. My calves hurt.
2. I made $20 in tips today.
3. I'm looking forward to Pips bringing me Merritt Canteen from her visit tommorrow.
posted by jonmc 22 August | 18:33
a shot from radiohead || coming out of my summer closet... yeah?