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19 August 2008

Welcome to my evil week. This week is full of terrible anniversaries...[More:]I hate the 3rd week of August! On August 20, my father died of cancer. On August 21, a dear friend died at age 29 of a drug overdose. On August 24, a boyfriend stomped on my heart and broke it quite severely, and I lost his and a few other lifelong friendships in the process. Can I just crawl into a closet for the rest of the week?

Do you have an evil week?
Those things didn't all happen on this week in this year. Today is a new day. Reclaim the week by making some happier memories.
posted by Eideteker 19 August | 10:07
Aw, Melismata. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. My mother, and actually my whole family, makes a point of not noting death anniversaries. I remember that my uncle was buried on April Fool's day, but that's only because we kept expecting him to jump out of the casket and let us know we'd been punk'd.
posted by jrossi4r 19 August | 10:25
Ugh, so sorry, Melismata. That's a lot of bad memories to have to deal with all at once. *hug*

I'm one of those who deliberately does NOT note the date when bad things happen. My mom does, and can lay out a whole calendar year of tragedies from memory. I don't see what purpose that serves except to sharpen the pain.

(That's not a criticism of Melismata or anyone else... I'm sure some folks can't help but notice dates. I'm just glad I'm not one of them.)
posted by BoringPostcards 19 August | 10:54
Melismata, I'm so sorry this is a bad week for you. That is a lot to deal with. Take good care of yourself.

I don't have a bad week or sad anniversaries. I don't make a note of them or remember. I'm blessed to have little tragedy in my life. I remember what month my friend died, but not the day. My dear friend died of breast cancer. Every year on her birthday I join our friends and her family for lunch.
posted by LoriFLA 19 August | 11:07
The first week of December is mine. My father died, my wife's father died, and I was dumped twice, all in different years, of course, but yeah. . .a bad week for me. I don't know why that happens.

I hope that this year passes without any bad stuff happening.

posted by danf 19 August | 11:07
sorry Mel, that's a whole lotta suck.

you're not the only one having an evil week, it seems. This insanity happened 2 blocks from chez lfr and woke us up from a sound sleep.

mind you, I'm thisclose to advocating the firing range for drunk drivers.
posted by lonefrontranger 19 August | 13:29
Ugh. Make sure you take it easy on yourself for the next couple of weeks. You've earned it!

My friend and ex died three years ago this month. I'm still not sure I believe it. I miss him.
posted by loiseau 19 August | 14:00
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