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19 August 2008

Two Point Tuesday Update That's right, you only get two, so make 'em good.[More:] Me:

1. Con-Edison sent me $100 as an "apology" for the July 2006 blackout where I didn't have power for over a week. All was long forgiven and forgotten, but I appreciate the cash nonetheless.
2. BBQ tonight.
1. Made banana bread. Turned out waaaaaay too rich, but that didn't stop me from eating a bunch of it. Has chocolate. Crunchy chewy crust. Fell apart when I took it out of the pan.

2. I didn't get the job I thought was a shoo-in. They reshuffled things the day after my interview and weren't hiring for the position anymore. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I was their top candidate.
posted by Specklet 19 August | 11:21
ooooh, Two for Tuesday. Hrrrmm.

1. Getting a sonogram today. We will see how much they wrongly estimate the kid's weight.

2. Working from home. Making graphs and figures and playing with data. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it isn't. Today it's not bad.
posted by gaspode 19 August | 11:21
1. I made a shopping list for my husband: peanut butter, granola bars, Popsicles, ice cream, root beer, grapes, bananas, eggs, and half and half. He asked to borrow my pencil and scratched out ice cream. He sure knows how to ruin a hurricane party.

2. I'm cleaning and listening to the Reality Bites soundtrack and wondering if there are any books I can read that are about Gen X romances and turmoil. I'm sure there are many, I can't think of any at the moment.
posted by LoriFLA 19 August | 11:22
But how will you make root-beer floats without ice cream?
posted by box 19 August | 11:27
1. It's my mother's birthday.
2. I'm photographing a Radiohead concert tonight. For dollars. I am somewhere between excited and terrified.
posted by heeeraldo 19 August | 11:28
also, Lori: Doug Coupland's "microserfs" has a lot of gen-x romance and turmoil in it.
posted by heeeraldo 19 August | 11:29
1. Two points is not enough.

2. Insane house HUD/FHA woes, inspectors, changes, appraisals, minutiae, madness, misery AND then Mom's in the hospital but at last out of ICU, hurrah, still there are other scary things going on and at least ten more days in hospital which brings to the forefront the issue of what is to be done with stroke auntie who keeps demanding to return to NYC despite the fact that she cannot use a phone, remember her address or her birthday or what day it is or what month it is or if there are in fact months, count to ten or write her name while brothers and I are going crazy trying to care for her in Mom's absence AND as if this was not all enough Medicaid wants documents to cover son that I don't have right on hand or even understand AND meanwhile son is starting school tomorrow although the laundry is not yet done and the house is trashed but I have to feed my brothers and kid and auntie somehow tonight as well. Oh yeah and there are work deadlines looming while I try to manage all this and multiple daily hospital visits.
posted by mygothlaundry 19 August | 11:33
That's really exciting, heeeraldo! Break a leg!

1. Looking forward to my four-day weekend, which I'm taking to burn off some of the leave time that has built up over my insanely busy summer, and also to decompress from same.

2. Trying to decide whether to go to the Drive Invasion (note: very loud embedded audio!) this year, or just stay home and grill on the deck.
posted by BoringPostcards 19 August | 11:57
1) cnet crashes my browser at work every. damned. time. Grrr, although I know it's not cnet's fault that my luddite IT group insists on using IE6, I'd like to keep up on the current iPhone drama/saga.

2) sucks.
posted by lonefrontranger 19 August | 12:11
1. Got an e-mail from the Yosemite-wed friends on their honeymoon in Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. They are having a fabulous time at Angkor Wat, eating food so spicy it makes them cry, and just enjoying the whole tropical lifestyle. They're on their way to Chiang Mai via Laos over the next few weeks. Lucky sods. :)

2. I've received all the paperwork I need to get to Poland with the exception of a document stating I owe no back taxes (slim chances of that on my income as I don't make enough to have to file!). Any ideas how to procure something like that? I've already ordered a "transcript" of my return with my declaration of last year's income on it, which will hopefully look official enough to obfuscate the fact that I have no idea what the Polish immigration people want, really.

*hugs to MGL!*
posted by mdonley 19 August | 12:15
1. I had my meeting this morning with the head of another department and she was all like 'whoa this shiz is awesome' which was very nice, because I was totes freaking out about this meeting. (This is the end of said project that I kinda sorta stole from a coworker.)

2. I hope I can get my FUCKING DOCTOR ON THE GODDAMN PHONE today so I can get my test results. I don't appreciate getting that ominous "you need to call me back immediately" phone message on Friday afternoon right before you fuckers close for the weekend. I call you assholes back Monday morning when you open, only to hear "oh hai he's not in until tomorrow." Fuckers.
posted by sperose 19 August | 12:20
1. Work is sucking more than ever, the new case (mis)management system is a piece of shit designed by managers without any input from anybody who actually has to use it, and my caseload has again been increased by a further 20%. A year ago I was expected to handle no more than 30 cases at a time. Today I have 55.

2. Where is summer? Last night it was so cold I heated up my microwave grain cushion to warm the bed. Right now the sky is grey, it's raining, cold and windy.
posted by essexjan 19 August | 12:24
1. Executive-level meetings about international expansion make my head hurt so, so badly. "Mostly web work with a little bit of time on the business side." These words, from the phone call I received telling me I had landed the job, continue to echo in my mind.

2. Going away for a wedding this weekend, and getting exponentially more excited with each passing day.
posted by SpiffyRob 19 August | 12:25
1. Just returned from nice Amtrak trip to Washington, D.C. to see some college friends. Hadn't seen one friend in 13 years....I wasn't in the door for 20 seconds when we started arguing about whether the Red Sox should have traded Manny Ramirez. I love friendships that are so deep that they can pick up where they left off like that.

2. This week is full of crappy anniversaries (deaths, etc.), so I'm a bit grumpier than usual.
posted by Melismata 19 August | 12:37
1. I'm having dinner tonight with Jon and his college girlfriend and her husband and baby. I bleached my mustache for the occasion.

2. I don't want to go. I'm feeling hostile, and I have a headache.
posted by Pips 19 August | 12:38
Update to #2: I finally got in touch with the secretary who had a lovely message for me with good news! Yay!
posted by sperose 19 August | 13:51
1. Appointment with sports medicine doctor is on Thursday to talk about my aching knees. On the one hand, I'm very very glad that I have real insurance now and can actually afford to go see a doctor for something as minor as chronic persistent pain when I walk. On the other, I'm 25! My knees are not supposed to be giving out yet!

2. My mom is coming to visit on Saturday and staying for a week, so I need to have the house CLEAN before she gets here. The bookcases are (almost!) done; they pretty much just need to dry after that last coat of sealant. And then I can get the last of the boxes out of my bedroom and stop feeling quite so unsettled. In theory. (HA!)
posted by Fuzzbean 19 August | 14:02
1. I bought a new laptop on Saturday but have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up at BestBuy. The wait is killing me since my current laptop is dying a slow death and only works intermittently.

2. My son had to borrow my car today to go to class since he ran over a dead deer last week and ripped the brake lines out of his car.
posted by octothorpe 19 August | 14:48
Oh and the people at BestBuy are idiots.
posted by octothorpe 19 August | 15:01
1) Mom had major surgery last week.

2) I'm taking the baby to see her tonight.
posted by middleclasstool 19 August | 16:00
1. On the road again (Cairns this week) :-(

2. Going home tonight! :-)
posted by dg 19 August | 17:25
1. Cat vomit hasn't been a problem for a long time, until i found vomit in the middle of my bed on my nearly finished new polyamory and sketchbook besides all the bedding.

2. WTF?! Why has cat vomit only come second to acts of god/crashes in loss?
i mean i really needed to wash the sheets anyway but FUCK. Do you know how cat vomit eats through paper?
posted by ethylene 19 August | 17:33
1. Holding my hands over Older Boy's ears because he doesn't like this particular ep. of Pokemon.I'm all self-conscious now because of the capitaization thread and I'm doing this post one-handed.

2. Soooo looking forward to my mini-staycation starting on Thursday! Enough with the artiste drama!
posted by lysdexic 19 August | 18:17
1) fried zucchini
2) I'm training all of the public school health teachers tomorrow.
posted by Stewriffic 19 August | 18:37
1. Ill
2. Still

(With apologies to SPM)
posted by pompomtom 20 August | 05:38
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