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17 August 2008

What's your decorating style? Quiz [More:]A little fun time-waster. Unfortunately none of those houses remotely resembled mine. I'm "family modern". Maybe you'll be Duchess of Distinction or World Traveler.

Um, I'm "Classic Country" which could not be farther from the truth. (further?)
posted by Stewriffic 17 August | 13:33
I'm "Bohemian Rhapsody". Which would be awesome. If I could decorate, heh.
posted by sperose 17 August | 13:39
Pot-Luck Pro!

"Rustic accessories, such as patchwork throws, shells or pieces of driftwood, can balance well the eclectic's magpie approach to interior design."

I'm a magpie-like eclectic, so this pretty much fits!

*busily constructs nest out of paper clips, mirrored tile squares, fabric scraps, and rotting orange peel*

Both farther and further are acceptable variants of the comparative form of far, L.
posted by mdonley 17 August | 13:45
"Retro Chic." Very accurate.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 August | 14:13
It didn't work for me, i would get to choose the first two or so, then it would go blank but still ask me to choose one. Looks pretty until it breaks.

It's probably for the best anyway, i don't get to decorate, and all my stuff got relegated to the spare room.
posted by Schyler523 17 August | 14:29
Girl Next Door

Weird...not me at all. In almost every instance I either loved everything or hated everything. I didn't like one bedroom they showed, so picked the one that I felt the least apathetic about.

All of the desks they showed were awesome though. They need more options. Like, in the "what would you do if you had extra space" question, I would have opted for a studio or art space, but that wasn't an option.
posted by iconomy 17 August | 14:32
I wasn't thrilled with the ideal bedrooms either, iconomy.

I was kind of surprised that I got "family modern" when I chose a lot of traditional rooms. I took it again with one change and got "Swiss Family Robinson". I like it. Swiss Family Robinson will be my new style statement. I'll have to find some chickens and cows, and an island.
posted by LoriFLA 17 August | 14:39
Family modern. Huh. Seems to mean "plain". I like plain. Solid, muted colors. My ideal is to live in a minimalist 1940s British drawing room.
posted by gaspode 17 August | 14:43
I picked a lot of plain, too. The closest china to my own was the white plate with the white napkin and fork.

Although, one of my favorite china patterns is busy. I can't be pegged.
posted by LoriFLA 17 August | 14:52
heh, me too Lori. Although mine has a blue stripe around it. Oooh, color!
posted by gaspode 17 August | 14:59
City Sophisticate. That kind of seems about right except for the city and the sophisticate part. I do like clean lines though.

And why were there no books anywhere? None of those rooms had bookcases. Lame.
posted by Fuzzbean 17 August | 15:32
Back to Nature. Which I don't think is quite right, but okay.
posted by rhapsodie 17 August | 17:15
The only two pictures in the whole freakin' thing that were attractive or interesting to me at all were the fish n' chips and the shepherd's pie. And if any of those twits showed up at a get together of mine I would sneak out my back door and go play in the woods until they left.

For the record, "World Traveller", which I suspect means "Not British" here.
posted by Wolfdog 17 August | 17:17
I got Bohemian Rhapsody, too.

I think it's because none of my choices matched each other. :-)

I feel like I don't have a decorating style, per se (other than "OMG please get rid of the clutter"). It changes depending on geography and architecture and such. Which is probably why few of my apartments have ever really been decorated -- every time I move, I feel like I have to start from scratch!

Now that I'm in California, I'm getting into Mission / Arts & Crafts style stuff. I never really liked it before, but now I see how it fits in with a certain style of architecture and a certain lifestyle. And I like how so much of it can go nicely with Asian-inspired pieces, which have always appealed to me.
posted by occhiblu 17 August | 17:47
I got City Sophisticate, too.

Which, really, is pretty damn funny.

As I am neither urban nor urbane.
posted by BitterOldPunk 17 August | 18:02
"Sleek Chic"

posted by ethylene 17 August | 18:03
"Funky Modern"- Your modern and lively sense of style is perfect for today's easy living, and just about suits any budget. Perhaps some of your favorite things were picked up in a car boot sale, in a market while on holiday, or handed down through the family. At the same time, you might have saved, or are saving, for the perfect Eames chair or Mies sofa, a classic that never goes out of style and something you will take with you from one home to the next.

That sounds just about right. Although right now my style is "IKEA". Everything in my house is IKEA, mainly because there's no way to get full sized pre-built furniture into my house (due to an entrance that is down a narrow stairway and around a corner).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 August | 18:30
City Sophisticate.

posted by Lipstick Thespian 17 August | 18:45
What is "Girl Next Door", anyway? How is that a decorating style?

It makes me think of cheap white bedroom furniture in a fake Italianate style, with lots of gold gilt accents. Lots of stuffed animals on the bed, and posters of boy bands all over the walls.

I demand answers.
posted by iconomy 17 August | 18:59
Schyler523 and I have the same taste--it shows me the first set of images, and I pick one of the plants, or maybe the sand, but then the second set never loads. So, plants and deserts, maybe I'm 'Back to Nature.' Maybe--I don't know anything about decorating.
posted by box 17 August | 19:33
Okay, I said 'one of the plants,' but actually I just pick this one over and over. For some reason, I wanted to clarify that.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by box 17 August | 19:48
Classic country, which pretty much fits. I was amused that the kids rooms didn't actually show live kids.
posted by lysdexic 17 August | 20:13
What is "Girl Next Door", anyway? How is that a decorating style?

It makes me think of cheap white bedroom furniture in a fake Italianate style, with lots of gold gilt accents. Lots of stuffed animals on the bed, and posters of boy bands all over the walls.

I think that's only "Girl Next Door" if you live next to New Jersey.
posted by occhiblu 17 August | 20:43
Actually I do live next to New Jersey.
posted by iconomy 17 August | 21:11
"Laid Back Luxury." Que ev.
posted by rainbaby 17 August | 22:42
Actually I do live next to New Jersey.

I win! :-)
posted by occhiblu 17 August | 23:12
posted by trondant 17 August | 23:23
Well, the post ate my link, but minimalist is ok, too.
posted by trondant 17 August | 23:24
"international chic"
In reality, my taste is a lot less modern (my room is sort of a middle ages meets Japan mishmash).
Although my kitchen could only be described as a novelty. (It's still the WWII bomber girl theme)
posted by kellydamnit 18 August | 00:53
The link won't load for me, but my style (if I had any) would be whatever they call minimalist, with everything tucked away neatly.
posted by dg 18 August | 03:27
iconomy: me too! In fact, I was slightly disheartened that none of the rooms were overflowing with books and craft stuff and papers. And things personal to me. They were all waaaaaaaaaaaay too clean.

I am Bohemian Rhapsody, apparently. Which was probably because I took the most "artsy" of the lot. Try "disorganized multitasking artist-wannabe".
posted by divabat 18 August | 05:22
I like it rugged and rustic in the bedroom.
posted by Specklet 18 August | 09:45
I've read Specklet's comment three or four times now, and it just keeps getting dirtier.
posted by box 18 August | 10:17
bullshit. it says i'm country. does my living room look like i'm freaking country?
posted by eatdonuts 18 August | 16:07
Jonmc and his Jug Band. || Okay, so, Condi Rice ...