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13 August 2008

Well my day SUCKS! How about yours?[More:]Yes, I am crabby today.
I've had a good day. I got a lot of work done. I combed Ojon through my hair this morning and washed it out a short while ago, so my hair is now really soft and shiny. I'm on a detox diet this week after eating too much crap for the previous few weeks, so I'm feeling all virtuous at the thought of my veggie stir-fry and fresh mango that awaits me for dinner.
posted by essexjan 13 August | 12:28
I'm sorry it sucks. Mine sucks a little as well. I'm in a complaining mood.

Last night I had Krystals for dinner. Why? I have no idea. They're good but horrible, too. So this morning at the gym I have a feeling like I'm going to puke. I'm sweating, nauseous, and shaking. It was a Krystal hangover.

My kids are very dim because they jump on my blue chairs when I've asked them a hundred times not to. They also pour giant glasses of Mt. Dew and spill it on the porch and walk in it and then walk inside the house. As they are walking in the house one is crying because he has a cut on his finger and, "Will made me fell down." The cut is microscopic and I put a band-aid on it and threaten Will with his life if he torments the other one again one more time today. I just walked in the backyard to fetch my nephew (who I am watching ALL day today because my sister is in Miami) and there are 52 playing cards littering my entire back lawn.

I have two refrigerators in my kitchen. They have been there longer than a normal person would tolerate. TWO in my small kitchen. The old one was broken but now it's not because our friend fixed it. We had it for sale for $150 on CraigsList. We have had some inquiries, but nobody is serious. Maybe I need to lower the price. I'm about to Freecycle it or just kick it to the curb.

I guess this is a whining session. My day isn't that horrible.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 12:39
have eaten too much crappy food and done too little work today. Also, no energy to go shopping for healthy stuff, and mr alto is away. So, also crabby. Mr alto phoned to say his trip is going well, though, and I'm happy for him. He doesn't get to go on many trips.
posted by altolinguistic 13 August | 12:41
And why am I allowing my kids to drink Mt. Dew? Good question.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 12:42
I am crabby too!
I broke my work-glass (ok it was just a Pom glass that came with the drink that I've been reusing, but it made the water cooler a little more special), shot down a coworker's idea in a less than nice way, haven't heard from the guy I am supposed to be going out with tonight, and had to pay a lot more than I expected to make a new set of keys for the new roommate.
posted by rmless2 13 August | 12:48
It's the first sunny day in a long time. It's really nice. I had a decent lunch of real food leftovers. Am getting a lot done. Feel good.
posted by Miko 13 August | 12:49
My day is not bad, remarkably enough.

The last two kind of sucked. But today's been going reasonably well.
posted by jason's_planet 13 August | 12:52
It was set up to suck, but no.
Little sleep and sudden freedom is awesome.
posted by ethylene 13 August | 12:53
Sorry about your sucky day, TPS.

I'm having a meh day. The whole day is free for because one of my reagents hasnt' come in yet so I can't do the experiment I was going to do. So I should work on a paper and write up a protocol for the REI fellow to follow while I am away.

Instead I'm sifting around the department, writing emails and hanging out on MeCha. If I even get 1 hour of work done in the next 3 hours I will be happy. Aaahhh, lowered expectations...
posted by gaspode 13 August | 12:57
Well, I had to wake up earlier than I was used to so I could move my car. Instead I ended up with insomnia, so I went over to starbucks, where the music sucked more than usual. I get back to my place and decide to play with the Team Fortress 2 map editor, but my computer dosen't have enough oomph to edit and play, and the fatigue is zapping my motivation, so I took a 2 hour nap.

Actually, it dosen't suck that much, but we're ignoring the fact that I moved to Johnson County Kansas, an area that consists entirely of subdivisions and strip-malls. I don't know anybody, so my only source of human contact are the cashiers at bookstores and coffee shops.

But really, I think of daily mood is like the Dow Industrial Average. Some days it's up, some days it's down, but all we really care about is the long term outlook.
posted by hellojed 13 August | 13:11
I've got that feeling of relief and satisfaction that comes with releasing something new onto the wilds of the Internet. And my work site redesign is coming along, should go live tomorrow.

What could be better than sitting and interfacing creatively with my beloved computer?

I'll tell you what. Doing that while smoking marijuana. Surely marijuana is produced and consumed in Bulgaria?
posted by Meatbomb 13 August | 13:13
this is a highly accurate representation of my job as of right this moment. eep!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by lonefrontranger 13 August | 13:15
The entire morning has been spent steel-wooling my bookcase uprights out on the balcony. I'm hot and tired and I really want this project to be finished.

However, today sucks less than yesterday, which involved the DMV, two Linens'n'Things, a lost car title, panic, a found car title, the emissions test place, and the OTHER DMV. Washington makes getting your car registered entirely too fucking complicated.
posted by Fuzzbean 13 August | 13:16
It's raining and grey and it's that time of the month and I am going out to dinner tonight for my anniversary, and that is nice but I don't want to do anything right now but curl up in a little ball and read or sleep or something.
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 13:42
Much Suckitude here. So tired and so meh and so so so busy on all fronts. But! PT tonight at the gym, which has become the highlight of my week. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.
posted by rainbaby 13 August | 13:51
I'm not doing so very bad. It's my first day off of work, and I've been puttering around, and started on making my next pinhole camera. It's going to use Polaroid type film, and I'm excited about it. I just need to figure out the shutter for it. Hopefully it will be done tonight so I can play with it this week. What for dinner tonight? Something mushroomish I think...
posted by eekacat 13 August | 14:12
On the plus side, I don't have to work today.

On the minus side, it's because I have the flu.
posted by Brandon Blatcher 13 August | 14:19
Hugs to all the Bad Day Bunnies.

Me? I'm good. One of my oldest and dearest friends is in town and we're going out for dinner tonight. She lives in Toronto and I don't get to see her much. She's one of the finest human beings I have ever met. Chock full of wisdom and goodness.
posted by jrossi4r 13 August | 14:30
I finished all my edits for this big project at work and now it is all nice and shiny for my rescheduled meeting next Tuesday with a department head. *bites nails*
Of course, this led to me looking like I was doing absolutely no work whatsoever because I was sitting at my desk instead of running requests like my co-workers. Argh.
posted by sperose 13 August | 14:31
My day had the potential to suck, but has turned out okay. (Although, long.)
posted by BoringPostcards 13 August | 15:05
My day was grand. I started work at 11:30, got heaps done and rounded the day off with a celebratory dinner/catch up with a group of service users who have moved into more independent accomodation. So, tired from having to make small talk for two hours (always so draining) but happy.

~Passing on my good day vibes to all you sucky-dayers~
posted by goo 13 August | 15:09
I appreciate the vibes, my day got better- maybe not better, but more fun. Maybe not more fun, but funnier.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 13 August | 15:31
I moved furniture out of my bedroom. Now it's messier than it was before. I don't get it!
posted by halonine 13 August | 15:51
posted by Melismata 13 August | 15:57
My metachat account works now, so that's something for the plus column.

Glad your day's getting funner. Mine will be excellent once I'm packed and safely sitting in my brother's house waiting for my vacation to start.
posted by oreonax 13 August | 16:01
now my desk just looks like a paper bomb exploded on it.

a large, sticky-paper bomb. with tape flags.
posted by lonefrontranger 13 August | 16:09
My day started off pretty badly. Alarm didn't go off so I missed the early train for work, scrambling all morning to catch up, etc. etc. I was grumpy.

I just buried my head in work and when I came up for air a few minutes ago, I was all caught up and felt pretty good. So, yay!
posted by SpiffyRob 13 August | 16:16
cool mel! what kind of ipod?

i had a meeting with hippies, a cool person and a policymaker. well i am the one that made the meeting happen! i really want the policymaker to even do 25 percent of what is asked for! it would be good for the neighbourhood and good for the policymaker :)

i has a cold. i had a nap.
posted by By the Grace of God 13 August | 16:51
well, my day just went from great to meh. After my nap I got a surge of inspiration and I made a video starring Jeremy Clarkson, Thelma and Loise But none of my friends are online to see it. Now I've just gotten word from the only other KC mefite that he can't make the meetup, of which neither of the other interested parties seem to want to go to. So I'm alone...AGAIN. Oh well.
posted by hellojed 13 August | 17:30
Definitely meh. One of those days where I'm inexplicably shitty. I'm in week seven of nine weeks off. I should feel great. But I'm lonely and bored. Jon has to work, and we don't have enough money to travel, and I'm just a big baby is all. I dropped a jar of Ragu on the kitchen floor and screamed FUCK so loud I scared the neighbors (it didn't even break). I think it will be good to get back to work. (I wish I could save three of my weeks for midyear, when I'm ready to kill the kids.) A large glass of strawberry margaritas is helping. Ah, tequila.
posted by Pips 13 August | 17:48
...and there are 52 playing cards littering my entire back lawn.

LoriFLA: 52 card pick-up? ; )

*slaps self*
posted by Pips 13 August | 17:53
I slept about three hours later than I usually do, so I'm feeling like it should be lunchtime but it's already late afternoon, and it's making me feel discombobulated and grumpy. Plus a bunch of other stuff feels like it's overwhelming right now and while in practical terms it's fine, in emotional terms I really just want to curl up on the couch and watch tv forever and ever and never have to think again.

But that would require that we have television service, which we don't yet. Which means my main, if slightly dysfunctional, coping mechanism is missing. Waaah!
posted by occhiblu 13 August | 18:04
Tired from a hard day at work, but it's a good tired. Off now until Friday afternoon. Yay!
posted by netbros 13 August | 19:06
I had a good day yesterday - got pretty much caught up with the mountains of invoicing that's been piling up for weeks. Then I went out and had hot wintery cocktails with a good friend, and the bar we went to has astro-turf inside, and gave us blankets.

But today kinda sucks. It's thursday, so I have another day until the weekend. My inbox is filling again, and I have lots of assorted other stuff to do. Plus I'm ever so slightly hungover and tired. Also grumpy.

I want to go home to sleep tonight, but have to go to see my friends band - and a 'friend' from the other side of the country will be there - she's only interested in them now because one of the band is now semi-famous. I have nothing in common with her anymore, and am kinda obligated to fly to the other side of the country to visit for her birthday - and I just don't want to anymore.

Actually, just thinking about her makes me grumpy!
posted by jonathanstrange 13 August | 21:25
Apartment hunting. Have been dealing with landlords who are clueless, and others who are unethical.
posted by grouse 14 August | 01:17
Meh. Bad days all week. Tough stuff going on, but each day I keep hoping for better. Maybe today..
posted by redvixen 14 August | 18:59
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