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13 August 2008

We's got a double birthday today Happy Birthday to black8 and By the Grace of God!
*hugs BtGoG*

Happy Birthday, Gracie!!!

Happy Birthday, black 8:)
posted by hadjiboy 13 August | 09:47
Happy b-day to you both!!
posted by BoringPostcards 13 August | 09:52
Stick the birthday landing you crazy kids.
posted by drezdn 13 August | 09:57
Happy hoppy birthday to the both of ya's....stay away from the cilantro, y'hear?
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 10:03
Happy birthday, bunnies! Hope you are having a good one!
posted by gaspode 13 August | 10:06
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Yay! Happy Double Bunny Birthday!
posted by essexjan 13 August | 10:08
Happy birthday, black8 and btgog!
posted by box 13 August | 10:08
Happy birthday to Grace and black8! I hope it's a good one!
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 10:09
Happy Birthday, youse.
posted by rainbaby 13 August | 10:14
Snappy Birthdays to both of you!
posted by rmless2 13 August | 10:42

happy birthday black8!!
posted by By the Grace of God 13 August | 10:42
happy birthday, y'all! yayyysss!
posted by dismas 13 August | 10:49
Happy Birthdays!!
posted by gomichild 13 August | 11:00
Happy Birthday you two!
posted by Hellbient 13 August | 11:09
Happys Birthdays yous twos!!
posted by Atom Eyes 13 August | 11:14
I lurrrrve double birthday whuffles! Happy happy!
posted by Specklet 13 August | 11:32
happy birthday all around!
posted by casarkos 13 August | 11:44
Happy birthday to two people who have a lot of heart!
posted by Miko 13 August | 11:45
Happy birthdays!
posted by occhiblu 13 August | 12:23
It's like double yolked eggs everyday.
You're nearly twins.
Or just look so alike.
posted by ethylene 13 August | 12:49
HHaappppyy bbiirrtthhddaayy! Many happy returns to each of you!
posted by Elsa 13 August | 14:10
Happy birthday!
posted by jrossi4r 13 August | 14:22
Happy Birthday!
posted by jason's_planet 13 August | 14:54
Happy happy birthday birthday!
posted by goo 13 August | 15:03
Best wishes y'all.
posted by netbros 13 August | 19:07
Gee! Thanks, Everyone!

I left work early and took my sportbike out for a new ride around south Seattle. It was a beautiful day out. Then my lovely girlfriend and I went to dinner then went to a bike night in Ballard.
posted by black8 15 August | 00:26
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