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13 August 2008

What music have you had to retire from overuse? [More:]I've been, after years of "I'll get around to it", ripping all my music to mp3. As I go through my stacks I'm finding a few that I'm just not interested in preserving. Some are CDs I simply never enjoyed that much in the first place, but the ones I'm puzzled by are those that I liked, and still like, but they are simply PLAYED OUT--notably "Best of Van Morrison" and "Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits".

What music has run its course for you?
Sgt Peppers - only because I keep forgetting to take it out of my stereo and it's my wake-up call, so I've had it blasting out at me every morning, makin me mad cos I have to get up.
posted by jonathanstrange 13 August | 22:01
Prince. Although, I still like him but not as much.

Elton John I actually went to see him in concert. He was good. I'm tired of his music. My in-laws play it as dinner music (along with Fleetwood Mac) and it grates on my nerves. If I never heard Elton John again I think I would be OK.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 22:06
Most metal after Master Of Puppets. That album was a landmark for metal and I thought it would open guitarists' eyes to new possibilities in heavy music. Perhaps it did, but any innovators were stymied by the record companies.

Oh, and Supertramp.

I'm burned out on Pink Floyd cuz I learned many of the guitar parts from their mid-70s albums by ear.
posted by Ardiril 13 August | 23:04
A record that until recently was banned from Slack home play (and mix disc appearances) from overplay by both myself and radio was Who's Next by the Who. About 15 years ago I just said "no more" since I was pretty sick of every song, and I never went back to it. And then a year or two ago my wife was playing the expanded reissue and I had forgotten how damn good that album was. Since then it's gotten quite a bit of play, so it may get relegated to "do not play" status again in the near future.

Usually I burn out on an album on a short term status, but after a few months away from excessive plays I welcome it back.

I hit that wall with:
-the first Franz Ferdinand album -which I'm just starting to listen to again
-the 2004 Ambulance LTD record
-Midnight Oil - a band I love and respect, but I skip them every time anything by them comes up on my MP3 player
-the "Birth School Work Death" album by the Godfathers (yet never with Hit By Hit, which I've played significantly more and never tire of)
-Interpol (I went from really digging them to suddenly never wanting to hear them again)
-RUN DMC - Up until a year or two ago those first few records sounded great, and suddenly now they just don't do it for me
-once I start playing the Rod Stewart box I play it often and then hit a point where I get sick of his voice and rule him out again - only to return to it again after hearing something on the radio that resparks my interest in him. The pendulum is currently back in the "yes to Rod Stewart" swing

Yet some records like Spoon's "Girls Can Tell", and Neko Case's Fox Confessor..." get relentless plays and I don't show any signs of tiring of them.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 13 August | 23:05
I overplayed Stevie Ray Vaughan so much about fifteen years ago that I still only go back to him in dribs and drabs. That's partly my fault for overplaying him and partly the fault of every white blues guitarist to come after him.
posted by middleclasstool 13 August | 23:56
Oh, lord, great question. Though now in my iPod days this doesn't happen as much. I have to go back to college and law school years. The ones I overused, though, I am still allergic to:

This album by K.D. Lang (Absolute Torch and Twang) -- I shudder just looking at the cover.

This album by Bonnie Raitt. Which sucks because it is awesome.
posted by Claudia_SF 13 August | 23:57
I've mostly stopped listening to NIN and Radiohead thanks to overexposure. And for a long time I couldn't listen to the Beatles at all, ever, but I'm OK with a little here and there now.
posted by me3dia 14 August | 00:11
I recognized a couple of years ago that I was juuuust on the precipice of starting to get burned out on the Jam, after about, well, 25 years of steady listening. Because this would honestly grieve me deeply if it were to happen, I immediately started rationing myself Jam songs, so that I can continue to savor and enjoy them. I just feel like if I ever become tired of the Jam, I will be tired of life, and that's not going to make anyone happen.

On the other end of the spectrum, I don't think I've been able to listen to a single U2 song all the way through for since sometime in the early '90s. Seriously, I could be lost in the wilderness for a year, and if I suddenly stumbled upon the Edge playing guitar, I'd be all, "oh crap, not 'Pride in the Name of Love' again."
posted by scody 14 August | 00:49
(er, "that's not going to make anyone happy." Or happen. Whatevs.)
posted by scody 14 August | 00:50
I'm much more likely to tire of music because of environmental overexposure (U2, for example; Brown-Eyed Girl; almost any famous Christmas song you could mention). A case where media saturation combined with my own enthusiasm to detrimental effect was with R.E.M.'s Out of Time: I was a fan of theirs up until I (and, it seemed, everyone else) overplayed that album.
posted by misteraitch 14 August | 00:55
I haven't owned a copy of the first Violent Femmes album since the late eighties for this reason. Waaaaaaaaaay too much exposure to that one.

And I could probably live the rest of my life without ever hearing another note of The Doors.

posted by syntax 14 August | 06:51
REM (though I never liked them much to begin with)
The B-52s
The Killers
Paul Oakenfold
posted by lonefrontranger 14 August | 06:59
oh and Squirrel Nut Zippers. Seriously I thought they were the Greatest. Thing. EVER. when I got their album. Ten+ years on and I've not only recycled the CD, I also don't care if I ever hear them again.

this applies to pretty much every mid-90's complaint-rock band I was moderately "into" at the time.
posted by lonefrontranger 14 August | 07:01
I haven't listened to U2 in years (and I even tried to force myself to like Zooropa back when it came out. Zooropa was the last album I bought by them.).

I used to listen to Pink Floyd daily (back in college), but haven't touched them in years either. The other day I was in a bar and "Comfortably Numb" came on the speakers, and it reminded me of what a well-written song that is. Not quite enough to make me sit down and listen to The Wall again, though.

I will listen to any Miles Davis album except Kind of Blue.
posted by Prospero 14 August | 10:16
-Interpol (I went from really digging them to suddenly never wanting to hear them again)

Emphatic yes. It's collecting dust, not having been pulled out for years now. However, there was a time when I listened to them 2-3 times a week.

oh and Squirrel Nut Zippers. Seriously I thought they were the Greatest. Thing. EVER.

I'll see that and raise you the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. In my defense, I was 18, and bought the album before the whole "Swingers" craze hit and "Zoot Suit Riot" started getting blasted at every. damned. frat. party. I think I sold it, or tossed it, or donated it to a library or something. To be honest, I don't have the nuts to go even look.
posted by ufez 14 August | 10:31
With U2 it was 'Desire' that did it for me. I have no idea if factual, but it felt as though it was no. 1 for months. Desi-i-i-i-yer. Boring. I didn't listen to them voluntarily for years. I'll occasionally listen to Under a Blood Red Sky now, but that's all.

I play out the music on my mp3 player (my Nintendo DS). Right now I don't want to hear a Jason Nevin mix or any Regurgitator (both are fab, pumpy walking beats) for a long time, but I'll probably go back to them. There's many bands I've totally OD'd on but tolerated again after a break.
posted by goo 14 August | 11:32
Prospero: On the Corner? Doo-Bop?

I don't listen to Swans much any more.
posted by box 14 August | 11:37
I had a friend in high school who would always play the same tape in his car or his stereo, whatever song was his and his girlfriend's "song," and inflict it on anyone around, getting really mad and pouting if someone said, hey, cool it on that fuckin' Warrant shit, dude. Of course, his car, his tunes, no arguing with that.

Anyway, it taught me to have little tolerance for hearing songs again and again, which is why I don't listen to the radio much (since most radio stations have about 50 songs on their playlist). So I manage my own record collection extremely well, always listening to different stuff.

Once I had a girlfriend who asked me what I thought "our song" was. I told her I didn't want to ruin any of the songs I liked by playing it over and over again every time I thought of her. Big mistake. "You don't want to associate a song with our love because it will ruin the song for you?" Well, that's not what I said, but yes, it's also true. DUMPED!!!

Oh, and also when I eat dinner, I always have roughly equal portions of whatever is on my plate at any given moment, so that I finish the meal with just one forkful of each food item; I'm pretty good at timing my water or soda so that there's a swallow left to cleanse my palate at the end of the meal. I can't explain why these are related, but they are.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 August | 11:51
Senior year of college pretty much ruined Exile on Main Street for me. I'm happy to listen to any of the tracks by themselves, but as soon as I hear any of them, I need at least a week before I can hear another.

I overdid Blur's Parklife in high school, and haven't really been back to it since.

posted by SpiffyRob 14 August | 11:56
box: Okay, you got me. I've never been convinced by the revisionist "ancestor of techno/jungle/trance" line about On the Corner (and amazingly, this thing exists and is for sale), and, yes, the less said about Doo-bop, the better.

posted by Prospero 14 August | 12:08
Pretty much the entire "classic rock" canon.

The soundtrack of my high school years was wall-to-wall Floyd, Stones, Rush, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. This was in the eighties. There was a lot of good music being produced then but -- this being the pre-Internet era -- I never heard any of it.

So I have no time for any of that stuff now. No matter what musical merit it may have had when it was first written, to my ears, it's all played out and cliched.

posted by jason's_planet 14 August | 20:16
Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. I've owned two vinyl copies and two CD's and now just replaced it on my iPOD, not because I wanted to hear it but more because I didn't want to be without it in general.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 August | 21:31
I have to be different, I guess. I really liked Animal Logic when their first album came out. Chicago's 93XRT played the two hits over and over and I fell in love and bought the album. The second album was very poorly produced, IMO, and had a really weird sound. (I even exchanged my cassette at the record store, it was so bad, and found there wasn't any change.) That probably contributed to their demise. Anyway, I counted them as one of my favorite bands for years sort of as a pre-indie badge of honor sort of thing ("See, I know rock music, I even have this favorite band most people have never heard of.")

Nowadays, though, I guess it does seem like a bland version of the Police crossed with Starship.
posted by stilicho 15 August | 16:57
I really liked Animal Logic when their first album came out

Wow - I haven't herd anybody mention Animal Logic in ages! The first album had some great songs, but I recall the production being way too slick (like a lot of IRS releases at the time - they were trying to get more radio hits and watered down a lot of records). But it was the first time I got to see Stewart Copeland drum live, which was pretty damn cool. Somehwhere along the way I guess I got rid of the Animal Logic albums during one of my big purges, which sort of bums me out now, because I'd like to hear if the production is still as stiff sounding as I remember it.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 15 August | 23:31
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