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12 August 2008

Craziest line I may have ever read? I think it may just be. Harpers tidbits. Not a lot of follow up. (Mildly NSFW).[More:]It was discovered that a woman who paid a South Korean company to create five clones of her pitbull Booger was Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming who escaped British authorities in 1977 after abducting a Mormon missionary, securing him to a bed with mink-lined handcuffs, and raping him three times.
Also: I definitely need to re-subscribe to Harpers. I miss it sorely. Plus - it's pretty damned cheap.
posted by ufez 12 August | 10:49
This article is both entertaining and disturbing.
posted by LoriFLA 12 August | 10:58
I agree, ufez--now that I'm at a library that doesn't take it, I really should subscribe. This is mostly just a memo-to-self, in fact.
posted by box 12 August | 11:34
I remember the Joyce McKinney case well. This story broke in the UK last week and, having seen the pictures, I'm sure it's the same woman.
posted by essexjan 12 August | 11:43
It has to be the same woman. A very bizarre story! Why on earth would you keep the same surname if you were on the lam?
posted by goo 12 August | 12:02
To flee on bail, she donned a red wig and disguised herself as a member of a mime troupe ...

You just can't make stuff like that up.
posted by octothorpe 12 August | 12:02
Joyce McKinney is originally from Asheville. Just sayin'.
posted by syntax 12 August | 12:03
Oh man. The chupacabra thing got me thinking about weird animals and I started doing a little hunting around based on some vague memory that somebody videotaped an introvertible cougar near here, sort of thinking about doing a post on the blue and that led me first to here which then led me to this - ghost footage at Asheville high school! and all in all I think I'm going to go to their next meetup.

not to point and laugh or anything - okay, to point and laugh, I admit it - but, syntax, check out this craigslist ad: I swear, I think it's Genesis P-orridge!
posted by mygothlaundry 12 August | 12:39
She admitted it was her.
posted by bunnyfire 12 August | 16:41
mgl!! OMG, that sure does look like (a toned-down photo of) Genesis... heh heh! Very very interesting.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 August | 04:26
Happy birthday dismas! || Longshot question about a song