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11 August 2008

Vote for your favorite NYC subway artist [More:] You can download music tracks and vote for your favorite- My friend The Saw Lady is one of the participants.
Dagmar should be arrested for sucking too much even for buskers less than stellar standards. Dorian is simply meh. Gibran Soul I liked. Jubilee's OK.

In general, I intensely dislike buskers and their form of audio fascism -- I'm waiting for the fucking train, it's not like I can leave, I'm stuck there listening to the sound of you sucking at making music.

I also love how Chevrolet is sponsoring this thing. Talk about big corporations trying to coopt street culture, whatever that is.
posted by matteo 11 August | 09:32
I like The Fellas and have seen them a few times when I've been in NY. The last time there was only two of them. I prefer their slower doo-wop songs.

But my favourite buskers are the Mariachi Band I saw in the train from Queens one day, who somehow managed to leave their double bass player behind when they all got off the train. Once they were on the platform, they realised he wasn't with them, so they all sat down patiently to wait for him to come back on the next train.

The London Underground trains are so small and crowded that anyone trying to busk on the actual train would find themselves the object of great hostility due to the extra space and air they were taking away from the legitimate, miserable passengers.
posted by essexjan 11 August | 10:05
where's the Cagle Family? and the Ebony Hillbillies?
posted by jonmc 11 August | 10:16
Oh wow, matteo, you're right about Dagmar. She sucks shit.

And jonmc, you're right about the Cagle Family? Where are they? They're the best.

Plus, I don't see my erhu guy. But maybe he isn't official, and maybe the mariachi aren't either.

"The Fellas" are great; I once saw a homeless guy fish in his pocket for fifteen cents to give them. "God bless you, sir," the Fella said. I could believe in that.
posted by Hugh Janus 11 August | 10:48
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