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11 August 2008

Expanding the mp3 collection [More:]Wow, I had more decent music languishing on cds than I thought. Newest project is to convert them, so I can enjoy them more.
I just caved and bought some actual CDs, for the first time in I-can't-remember-when. I usually buy from iTunes but they won't let me get some of the random British stuff I like, or some things that are out of print.

Dubstar - Stars
Dubstar - No More Talk

And I can't link to Dubstar's St. Swithins Day or Sleepyhead's Song For the Pied Piper because apparently they don't exist online. Ergo the purchasing.
posted by Fuzzbean 12 August | 00:27
The stuff I'm burning and transferring to my mp3 player are things I've owned for years. I'm even kind of embarrassed by them, really. I put some of the cds in on my birthday a little bit back and they made me very happy, so I'm putting them in a more transportable format.

I always take music recommendations seriously, though, so will keep Dubstar in mind. :)
posted by lilywing13 12 August | 01:44
Our MP3 collection is still 99% ripped from CDs that we own. I've bought a handful of songs from Itunes but I never trust my ability to keep track of them and like having the backup of a physical CD. Also, unless you are buying something that's currently a hit, you can usually get the CD for much cheaper than Itunes.
posted by octothorpe 12 August | 05:40
There's a PortableApps version of EAC--it's still kinda beta, but I was able to get it to work.

I'm happy to buy physical media, or to download digital. I don't think I've ever paid to download something, though.
posted by box 12 August | 07:06
The record execs finally got the picture when they called together a big gang of college students to be a focus group on musical preferences, downloading, etc.

As a reward for participating they had laid out stacks of all their recent releases on a table, as free gifts.

No one took a single one. "Oh shit, we're fucked."
posted by StickyCarpet 12 August | 07:23
Since CDs still sound way better than most mp3s, I still buy them. Why pay for a crap copy when you can pay for a decent copy?
posted by Hugh Janus 12 August | 08:01
My college age son owns very few CDs and I think that we gave him most of those. I doubt that it would occur to him to ever buy a CD.
posted by octothorpe 12 August | 09:16
Sleepyhead is this ultra-random indie group that I heard on KLSU, the college radio station I listened to when I was in high school. I tried to download it (legally and otherwise) for years and finally figured that since I was already buying other CDs I should just go ahead and get it as well. Like, ten years later.
posted by Fuzzbean 12 August | 10:34
When I was a freshman in college (this was 2001) we were having a discussion in a music class about the future of music technology, and I chimed in about how not long from now, new consumers wouldn't buy nearly as many CDs, and old consumers would start making the transfer, both through purchases and ripping, to enjoying their music without CDs.

All of the upperclassmen looked at me like I was crazy.
posted by SpiffyRob 12 August | 11:07
"Also, unless you are buying something that's currently a hit, you can usually get the CD for much cheaper than Itunes."

Huh? Last I checked, most iTunes albums are $10.
posted by Jaltcoh 13 August | 14:56
The average [in-print, non-import] used CD from an Amazon reseller is probably five bucks or so, plus three to ship it.

Used Led Zeppelin IV: $1.95
Used Eagles Greatest Hits: $1.88
Used Thriller: $7.95 (for a 25th-anniversary edition)
Used Licensed to Ill: $2.90
posted by box 13 August | 17:41
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