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10 August 2008

Non-alcoholic beverages with a bite? So I'm doing non-alkie August ...

[More:]I've quite drinking, albeit only for August. I'm looking for interesting non-alkie beverages that give an interesting bite. So far I'm drinking Reed's extra ginger brew. Any other ideas? Should I try non-alcoholic beer?
(Wow, I can't write correctly even when sober, sigh.)
posted by Claudia_SF 10 August | 19:59
Ginger beer is a good one. I'm guessing that is what ginger brew is.

I have liked some non-alcoholic beers. Take O'Doul's for instance. It tastes like the pale tasteless stuff that I usually drink (Bud Lite, Miller Lite, etc.)
posted by LoriFLA 10 August | 20:06
San Pellegrino Limonata is a really light, lemon-soda type beverage, divine with some ice cubes in a tall glass. It's not too sweet and definitely has some bite; I wouldn't want to spill any in an open wound! Our local BevMo here in Southern California stocks it, and it's available at local Italian stores too.
posted by mdonley 10 August | 20:12
Red Rock ginger ale is awesome... sweet, and hot as a firecracker. Convenience stores sell it around here, but it might be a southeastern thing.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 August | 20:38
Fill tall glass with ice cubes. Squeeze an entire lime into a glass. Mix with soda water to taste. No sugar. This is such a refreshing drink and certainly has bite. (Also good with vodka but...)
posted by kodama 10 August | 21:47
I like kodama's idea. Also, Orangina is good. And if you like Bloody Marys, try a Virgin Mary.
posted by Doohickie 10 August | 22:04
I make something similar to kodama, but mine is with the same lime juice you put in a gin fizz (not Roses, it has high fructose corn syrup, I've found a local one that doesn't have sweetener), a dash of simple syrup or sugar (not much at all, just enough to take some of the edge off) and club soda. Really nice, a good sharp bite, and cool. I don't miss the gin in it at all.
posted by Sil 10 August | 22:33
Oooh, I love the lime ideas! I'll get fresh limes and soda water. We used to drink Lime Rickies like that on Star Island (wave wave Miko). Tonight I'm drinking a "Star Ruby Grapefruit" soda by GUS ("grown up soda," the label explains).
posted by Claudia_SF 10 August | 22:41
I don't know about bite, but...

I love what's basically a virgin mojito. Muddle mint leaves with sugar, add lime juice and selzer to taste. Mmm.

Also, homemade lemonade with rose water added.

Also, homemade limeade with ginger added.
posted by small_ruminant 10 August | 23:16
I like a German low-sugar soda called "Bionade" (terrible name, great product) which comes in Elderberry, Orange/Ginger, Lychee, and something called "Herbs". It's not very sweet but I find it very addictive. Frink wise, it goes somewhere between regular soda and beer. It's non-alcoholic but eminently sippable.

Also, how about a Virgin Mary (like a bloody mary but without the vodak)? Enough tabasco and you got the bite!
posted by ninazer0 11 August | 00:14
Get homemade ginger beer. MMMMMMMMM.
posted by divabat 11 August | 02:27
Yeah, real live, honest-to-goodness home-made ginger beer made from your own plant (the stuff that will explode in the bottles if you don't drink it fast enough) is like nothing on earth. Probably a bit late for consumption in August, though.
posted by dg 11 August | 03:42
Cranberry Juice & Club Soda. Carbonated like beer and tart like wine.

Also: you mentioned grapefruit soda above. Have you tried Ting? It's fantastic.
posted by Fuzzy Monster 11 August | 09:51
Ooh, I love Extra Ginger Brew. Try the Natural Brew brand of sodas, if you haven't already. The root beer is probably my favorite. As long as you're in the organic-soda section of the store, you might buy a Ginseng-Up while you're at it. I'm not a huge ginseng fan, but it's definitely got a strong flavor. And do you know kombucha?
posted by box 11 August | 09:56
I like a good elderflower presse and I make a delicious ginger syrup (ginger, sugar and water reduced). Ginger, elderflower and soda is a delicious combo, or each singly with soda.

Have you had Jamaican sorrel?
posted by goo 11 August | 13:33
I used to squeeze lime juice and a dash of angostura bitters into a glass of iced tonic water, but that may not be the bite you're looking for.

cranberry and soda with a lime (gotta have the lime) was my go-to bar drink when I was a yout', simply because I didn't drink and it was better than fending off the guys trying to buy me booze.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 August | 14:35
I used to squeeze lime juice and a dash of angostura bitters into a glass of iced tonic water, but that may not be the bite you're looking for.

I do the same, but with sprite instead of tonic, which if you have a sweet tooth like me, works a bit better. (Still get the nice bite from the lime and bitters though.)
posted by gaspode 11 August | 14:40
cranberry and soda with a lime

A virgin cosmo is a perfectly acceptable drink. lfr. And delicious!
posted by goo 11 August | 14:54
It's easy to make really strong teas and tea drinks, too--I'm no expert, but gunpowder green is one of my favorite varieties.
posted by box 11 August | 21:26
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