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09 August 2008

VanityFilter: should I get a facial? [More:]... Of the beauty salon type, in case your mind is in the gutter.

So I'm not normally a fan of primping, but I've been recoverin from surgery and as a treat for getting better I now have OMG new hair! And it feels great. I feel like more treats, and my local salon (which did a great job on my hair) is doing half price facials. As I've never had one before, I don't know what to expect - will they be gentle (I'm prone to redness)? Any nice descriptions welcome.. as well as any advice.g

You can tell them to be gentle. A good esthetician will ask you about your skin before he/she starts, and you can mention any concerns you have. In my experience, a facial is relaxing, makes you feel pampered, and leaves you feeling pretty. Plus, you can learn good stuff about your skin!
posted by Specklet 09 August | 17:26
Do you enjoy just winding down and relaxing? Then hells yeah - it's a great thing for your skin and can last for weeks (and become a regular habit like my mom who swears by good facials). I have a hard time lying still under a twenty minute facemask and cucumber thingie while listening to whalesongs, or enya or some other crap and gets real antsy under that part but pain my way through out of pure vanity on rare occasions. It does make yor skin so much better for a long while.
posted by dabitch 09 August | 17:41
(I really like the part wher ethey clean your face and massage in creams, oh, touchy felly massegy pampering - lurlevy!) Also, I have sensitive skin they spot that a mile away and go real easy on you if they're pro's.
posted by dabitch 09 August | 17:43
The answer to that question is always YES!

And you can mention to them your skin is sensitive although they'll probably be able to tell.
posted by gomichild 09 August | 17:58
Judging from the men's version of a facial (shave, hot towels, etc.), you definitely should.
posted by Ardiril 09 August | 18:19
A good esthetician

can we kill this term before it grows? It's right up there with 'sanitation engineer.' There's hairdressers, there's makeup artists, there's manicurists. There are no 'estheticians.'
posted by jonmc 09 August | 18:33
posted by essexjan 09 August | 18:38
posted by box 09 August | 18:55
what was the matter with 'beautician?'
posted by jonmc 09 August | 18:59
I am definitely a non-expert, but isn't 'esthetician' a subset of 'beautician'?
posted by box 09 August | 19:11
There's a difference between the two. There's a lot more science involved in cosmetology these days and an esthetician is trained to do such things as microdermabrasion, laser and chemical peels and other technical treatments, as well as ordinary facials. A beautician isn't trained to do those things but would be trained to give facials (which basically involve massaging lotions into your face).
posted by essexjan 09 August | 19:13
jonmc, there is a huge market for spa services like facials, peels, body wraps and such, and this is what an esthetician does. There is a separate license. I've thought about getting my esthetician license to work under a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. There are RNs that are also estheticians, it's a niche. You can do chemical peels and other spa services with RN pay. I think it would be a fun job. Every client or patient that is there wants to be there. Anyway...

I love facials. They are relaxing and wonderful and you feel like you're doing something good for your skin. I always choose facials over massage.
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 19:16
Yeah, I guess it is a subset of beautician.

I or any other Joe can walk in off the street and obtain an esthetician license only. This is a person that is trained in skin care only. She doesn't do hair. She doesn't do nails (although I'm sure she may learn about nails in a clinical sense). She does skin only.
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 19:21
Well, then I am no longer a clerk in a bookstore. I am now a literatician.
posted by jonmc 09 August | 19:24
You are a literatician. It suits you.
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 19:25
My bartender wishes to be called an inebriatician.
posted by jonmc 09 August | 19:30
People like that stuff. We're hiring somebody right now. And, while the job is basically 'clerk,' the title is 'library assistant i: a/v manager'(this for a part-time employee whose only responsibilities besides sitting at the circulation desk (oh, man, there's another one) are fixing the cases when they get broken and calling people when they return something with a piece missing). To build on the work of dudes like Paul Fussell and Neil Postman, that's a move from one syllable to twelve. Syllables--maybe that's what they like about it.
posted by box 09 August | 19:35
People like that stuff.

People are weird. I believe that any job that can't be summed up in one word is usually some kind of bullshit.
posted by jonmc 09 August | 19:38
I wonder if there are any esthetician/librarian jobs out there. I think I'd enjoy listening to ambient music all day as I built a client database or created training materials or put the beauty products in order or whatever. Would salon customers consider readers' advisory a value-added service?
posted by box 09 August | 19:46
I believe that any job that can't be summed up in one word is usually some kind of bullshit.

And "esthetician" is one word! Yay! Would you prefer "skin care specialist" or something, which would be three words and therefore more bullshitty? 'Beautician' is a very generalized term that can refer to someone who does hair, or makeup, or nails, or all of the above. An esthetician does none of the above, but simply cares for the skin in a specific way. Not the way a dermatologist does -- a dermo will have specific experience in diseases of the skin, etc. You go to a dermo for an all-over skin check, to see if you have any moles that need to be biopsied, but he's not going to give you a facial to make your pores smaller and your skin softer, you know?

I think maybe you have to see some of these folks in action to know exactly how skilled they are. There's a nail technician -- no, I can't think of a better word -- at a salon I used to go to who will spend hours on a woman's nails, doing all sorts of things that eventually turn into works of art. (Tacky art, in my opinion, but everyone has different ideas of beauty.)

Anyway, I think it's unfair to say that you can't give someone a name that refers to the specific art or science he or she practices. That's all.
posted by brina 09 August | 20:50
PS -- Alto, get a facial and take me with you. :)
posted by brina 09 August | 20:51
There's a nail technician -- no, I can't think of a better word

posted by jonmc 09 August | 21:22
People like that stuff.

I hate this importance-inflating of titles. My previous job was as an Executive Administrative Assistant. When I was hired, I expected more than 50% of my job duties would include assisting the executive staff: the CEO, the CFO, maybe the CIO. But instead I did form letters. And answered the phones. What. The. Hell. They weren't even worried that someone with office management experience wouldn't be stimulated by answering the goddamn phones?

Back to the topic at hand, I've been considering getting a salon facial. I've heard that some of the extractions can be painful, but you can usually request they skip that part.
posted by rhapsodie 09 August | 21:30
OK, now i want to get a facial. They seem so expensive, though. What is the going rate elsewhere? Here it seems to be close to $75.
posted by kellydamnit 09 August | 21:41
I've had facials from 45 to 85 dollars. I always opt for the extractions, it's a good kind of pain and worth it.

The best facial I get is 60 bucks. For a long time I went monthly. Years. I've been slacking a bit. It includes cleanse, steam, extractions. I am undressed (except for a robe thing) under a sheet, on a vibrating massage table. Soothing music is playing. She dips my hands and feet in paraffin wax and then wraps them in hot towels and puts them in these contraptions that warm. After the moisturizing wax is removed, she massages my shoulders, hands, and arms with lotion, and puts hot rocks on my chest. During this time my face is being steamed. She does extractions, microdermabrasion on my nose and cheeks, waxes my lips and eyebrows, and does electrolysis on my chin. She also goes over my face with this electrical wand. I think it's supposed to stimulate something. Who knows. She then leaves me for a minute or two alone while a light chemical peel does it's stuff. After that I am moiturized with creams or any treatment lotions I need-- eye, face, also lip balm, and puts mineral makeup on me so I won't have to leave with a red face. This is the most awesome facial ever, all for 60 bucks and she doesn't except tips because she works in a dermatologist's office. It's lovely. I rotate between her and a salon up the street that uses all organic products. The organic place is more expensive and certainly does not include a chemical peel, electrolysis, microderm, waxing, massage, etc.

I have to make an appointment tomorrow.
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 21:58
its not it's

The electrical wand thing is something called a galvanic wand. It delivers an electric current and is supposed to tone or something. I'm pretty sure it's bullshit but it feels good.
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 22:05
Manicurist - Nail techs work with acrylic nails and not all nail techs work on natural nails. Manicurists work with natural nails and not all manicurists work with acrylic.
posted by Ardiril 10 August | 00:13
Thanks all - I plan to make an appointment tomorrow. Not sure the term 'aesthetician' has hit the uk yet (I thought they were 'beauty therapists') but I'll be sure to ask.

I hope the half price facial offer doesn't mean the salon will close soon - my previous salon closed recently and quite a few businesses seem to be going under locally :-(
posted by altolinguistic 10 August | 02:32
oh hell LoriFLA, that sounds awesome, I got sixty bucks here take me with you!
posted by dabitch 10 August | 04:05
dabitch, double facial!

It is a great experience. My face can be very congested. In other words, acne prone. I have oily skin and large pores and facials help considerably.

doesn't accept tips, not except. Jeez.

Have fun, altolinguistic.
posted by LoriFLA 10 August | 09:39
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