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09 August 2008

Happy birthday Miko! Happy birthday Elsa!
Happy Birthday, Elsa!
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 08:24
Happy Birthday, Miko!
posted by LoriFLA 09 August | 08:26
Happy birthday, Elsa and Miko!
posted by box 09 August | 08:38
Happy B-Day Lionesses!
posted by brujita 09 August | 08:56
And a third birthday - sueinnyc is celebrating today as well! And a fourth! - triv (not sure if he's a member here, but he should be)

Yay! Bunny birthdays!

≡ Click to see image ≡

posted by essexjan 09 August | 09:14
Happy Birthday Miko! Happy Birthday Elsa! Happy birthday sueinnyc!
A new day. Wishes for your happiness.
posted by nickyskye 09 August | 09:22
Yay, more birthdays! It's a great day for bunnies!
posted by Pips 09 August | 09:26
Happy Birthday Miko!!! Happy Birthday Elsa!!!

Wishing you both a great day and a wonderful year!
posted by Kangaroo 09 August | 09:47
Have a fantastic birthday, all of you. Yay for bunnies~!
posted by casarkos 09 August | 10:19
Best wishes one and all.
posted by netbros 09 August | 10:24
Yay! Happy birthday, y'all.
posted by BoringPostcards 09 August | 10:43
Aw, super bunny whuffles to yous guys!
posted by Specklet 09 August | 11:23
Happy birthdays!
posted by occhiblu 09 August | 11:39
Miko, triv, sueinnyc --- Happy birthday! I hope your birthdays are as happy as mine has been so far! Many happy returns!

Thanks, everyone! I'm having a tremendously happy day, for totally unrelated reasons. Expect a full report in a few days.
posted by Elsa 09 August | 12:26
Happy co-birthday(s)!
posted by doctor_negative 09 August | 15:39
The happiest of birthdays to some of the coolest Mecha dames around!
posted by scody 09 August | 15:51
Elsa and Miko! Happy birthday!

*throws confetti*
posted by bunnyfire 09 August | 15:58
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! \(^_^)/********
posted by gomichild 09 August | 18:00
Happy Birthday to both of you! August is filled with greatness!
posted by redvixen 09 August | 19:25
Happies Birthdaies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah for Leo women!!
posted by mygothlaundry 09 August | 19:28
Thanks everybody! - I'm a pig in mud today, with great friends visiting, my sweetheart back home, a wonderful hike in the mountains, beatuiful weather, and greetings from all y'all. What a great day to be happy to be alive. Thanks all (And Happy Day Elsa and SueinNYC!)
posted by Miko 09 August | 23:47
Happy happy birthdays!!!
posted by small_ruminant 10 August | 01:17
Demolish thy bay & paprika!
posted by Wolfdog 10 August | 10:45
Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

posted by hadjiboy 10 August | 11:08
happy, happy, everyone. Sue's birthday was fantastic, especially playing air guitar with essexJan!
posted by Wilder 10 August | 16:46
happy birthday love.
happy birthday Elsa.

We are all here in New England, having birthdays. I mean you two are. I already had mine. So now we're having yours. I mean you're having yours, and I'm just saying so.


Happy Birthday both of you. I mean, TO both of you. It's great knowing you and knowing you have birthdays. Um....


stupid stupid Benadryl
posted by Lipstick Thespian 10 August | 20:09
Happy belated birthday, two classy ladies!

(And LT, I hope you had a good sleep!).
posted by goo 11 August | 14:49
How many birthdays did i miss?

Happy Bornness!
posted by ethylene 11 August | 15:01
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