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09 August 2008

Fantasy football, anyone? The Bunny Baseball League has been a blast, so I created a fantasy football league on Yahoo.

League ID: 362886
password: mathowie

Join if you will be an active owner and want to talk smack all season long.
Sure, I'm up for an excuse to watch more football.
posted by octothorpe 09 August | 11:58
I'm already in the other one, but I'd be happy to join this one too if you need to fill out the ranks. Just let me know. I'll hold off until everyone who wants to sign up has.
posted by mudpuppie 09 August | 12:30
What pup said.
posted by box 09 August | 12:38
Hey, can someone signed up in SisterHavana's league let me know what my userid is? It's something very ibmcgtinyeque, but I set it up just for that league, and managed to lose it in the meantime. Thanks!

I will be a very last resort in this league; bad enough that I'm already in two leagues...
posted by ibmcginty 09 August | 15:01
I believe it's ibmcginty1, ibmcginty.
posted by box 09 August | 15:17
Also, anybody want to help me come up with a better name than 'Box Tops'?
posted by box 09 August | 15:21
Box Score? Boxed Out?

You might as well go ahead and name yourself "Gift Box," since I'm going to be taking all your points.
posted by mudpuppie 09 August | 16:36
Nah, I've got a new strategy this year--don't draft anybody who's in jail.

How about 'Box Lunches,' because I'm hungry?
posted by box 09 August | 16:48
Thanks, box! I managed to log in.

How about... um... Boxing Day? Hotboxing?
posted by ibmcginty 09 August | 17:18
@mudpuppie: We still have two spots left and would be happy to have you and anyone else here in the league.
posted by reenum 09 August | 18:40
I'm in!

Unfortunately, the draft is on my birthday, and I don't think I can get away with staying home to do that. It's autodraft for me.
posted by mudpuppie 09 August | 18:49
One spot left.
posted by terrapin 09 August | 20:42
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO REDVIXEN! || Anyone heard from piratebowling?