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07 August 2008

What to do with these $2 bills? [More:]Long long ago, I was paid for a babysitting job in $2 (so this was at least 10 years ago). I have kept a number of them ever since, because I guess I thought they might be "worth something" someday. Every time I come across them in my files, I think, oh, I really should spend these, they're not doing any good sitting in my desk drawer. I thought I pulled them out to take on my cruise last year, but I guess I never did, because here they are, $12 in 2 dollar bills. Should I finally bite the bullet and spend them on something? Or can I hold onto my delusion that they might be "worth something" someday? I do like big monies!
Yes, spend! They will be worth something one day, two dollars! :-) Spend those crazy looking bills.

My husband is a coin collector. I just asked him about it. He says the older ones can be worth something (50 years old) but the newer ones are not.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 19:52
Alas, Wikipedia is ruining all my hopes of grand wealth.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 August | 19:53
But I wanna be riiiiiiiiiiiiiich!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 August | 19:57
Here in New York, that will buy you one small cup of coffee.
posted by jonmc 07 August | 19:58
Ok, ok, I guess I'll take them out tomorrow.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 August | 20:08
Today those $2 bills are each worth $1.43 of their original worth.
posted by Ardiril 07 August | 20:09
Here in buffalo that will buy you a large cup of coffee. But there's a 50/50 shot someone will think it's fake.
posted by kellydamnit 07 August | 20:54
I have a bunch of those too - and a bunch of silver dollars and 50-cent pieces, all for the same reason: the grandparents used to give them to me.

They aren't hurting anything; I keep 'em around. If there are kids around someday I'll put 'em in the wallets and purses they get for gifts.
posted by Miko 07 August | 21:01
Keep them. $12 is nothing, but it will buy you ongoing curiosity and imagination as you look at them again and again over the years.
posted by Meatbomb 07 August | 21:25
Spend them on $2 lotto tickets. Then they might be worth something! Plus, it will be fun.
posted by rmless2 07 August | 21:57
I'm saving all my $2s for when I have grandkids. And they'll say: "Grandpa, there's no such thing as a two dollar bill!"
posted by Eideteker 07 August | 21:58
I get those all the time when I take aluminum cans in to be recycled. That seems to be the place's gimmick. I save them up for now; they'll be good for the kids' allowance later on. Maybe trade them to a parent? Or cut out the middleman, find some kids.
posted by lysdexic 07 August | 21:59
Spend them at Best Buy and be arrested as a terrorist.
posted by arse_hat 07 August | 22:50
Let me buy them from you, and I'll give them to my dad. Really.
posted by Hellbient 07 August | 23:27
Rip off one corner of each to make them lucky.
posted by brujita 08 August | 00:11
If you ask for two dollar bills at the bank, you will generally find that at least one teller has been hoarding a little stash that you can have. Sometimes $50 at a time. I do get that many from time to time and it's fun to pay with them. The best is if you want to leave a tip of two or four dollars, and leave the bills. The waiter may say something like, "these are so cool, I'm going to give them to my nephew."

The worst is if you a buying something for like $30, and all you have is twos, it turns from a novelty to kind of a pain in the ass for the merchant.

But if you are looking for collectibles, try to find the ones that say "silver certificate" in big lettering on the back. Those are hard to find anymore, they might be worth, I don't know, $10 to $50.

posted by StickyCarpet 08 August | 11:27
If you keep them, you will always have change for a twelve.
posted by Ardiril 08 August | 11:55
Ok, Ardiril, that's my favorite comment today.

On the asking bank tellers: I have one client left from my consulting days, and I consider whatever he gives me to be "play" money. When I go to cash his checks, I ask for whatever odd currency they may have hanging about. Usually Susan B. Anthony dollars, Kennedy dollars, Eisenhower halves, etc. I hadn't tought to ask for the twobills.
posted by lysdexic 08 August | 12:05
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