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07 August 2008

What did you see today? [More:]I saw more manatees! I have never seen more manatees in the wild than this year. Today I'm in the ocean (very clear today and flat like a lake) and three big manatees swim right by me. I walked quickly in waist deep water to stay with them as long as possible, which wasn't too long. They stick their heads out of the water with their little whiskers. It was a thrill.

Then as we were going over the bridge I saw a pelican and a dolphin playing in the Intracoastal. No lie. I'm trying to soak up these last bits of glorious summer before the kids go back to school.

What did you see? Inquiring minds want to know.
Bees on some flowers
An awesome view from a nifty clubhouse/meeting room on an island near my job
A cleanish office
Some Quebecois getting lost in their car and needing directions
posted by Miko 07 August | 21:23
Today I'm in the ocean (very clear today and flat like a lake) and three big manatees swim right by me.

Very cool!

Today I saw:

An insane amount of cops around midtown. I don't know why. Perhaps some goof in a cave in Afghanistan somewhere released a Hate America video "BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA JIHAD! BOOGA BOOGA BOOOGA INFIDEL"

A whole bunch of mothers and daughters waiting on line, sitting on chairs, sitting on the sidewalk, for what I imagine was some kind of boyband act. This was along 42nd street and fifth avenue. The cops were placing barricades between them and the rush hour pedestrians hurrying past.
posted by jason's_planet 07 August | 21:35
I just got back from seeing an Alvin Ailey 2 dance thing. I couldn't really see anything below their chests, though, so it was all about the arms.
Sometimes they moved them in cool ways.
Mostly, I learned that dance is kinda boring when you can't see and that I HATE whatever the hell they had passing for music.
Now I will see Project Runway.
posted by rmless2 07 August | 21:55
Bees climbing in and out of a hollowed-out pear on my front lawn.

A box on my front porch. (Yay new books!)

My cat lying on her back in the middle of the den. (Lori, we sometimes call her the "carpet manatee" because she looks like a manatee floating on its back. Only smaller.)

Storm clouds and lightning between the buildings downtown this afternoon, which created REALLY LOUD thunder, but no rain.
posted by BoringPostcards 07 August | 22:02
Wow. Manatees. I don't think I can top that.

I saw my friend from Vancouver who I haven't seen in 3 years. She was visiting Toronto, and has decided to move here but hasn't told her partner yet!

I saw some brown neo-mary-janes with pink straps that would be very cute as daily casual wear with jeans.

I saw my pregnant friend's new house with fantastic wallpaper and shoji screens.

I am looking at now the pile of work that did not get done today. And thus I am seeing my demise.
posted by typewriter 07 August | 22:26
Very cool Lori. It was a big weed pulling day so I mostly saw lots of stinky weeds that did not want to come out of the ground.
posted by arse_hat 07 August | 22:41
I saw this guy, a true "that guy".
posted by Hellbient 07 August | 23:23
My 89 year old grandma in a plaid shirt and straw hat, pulling weeds and picking pole beans.
A roan cow that escaped through a gate that had been left open.
A very docile bull.
A calf whose milk-coated snout drew many flies.
Twelve wild turkeys.
Rhubarb seeds.
Gorgeous big puffy clouds.
Several pressure canners.
Several John Deere machines.
White barn with blue silos.
Barn cats.
Barn swallows.
My aunt and uncle.

It was a beautiful vacation day in rural Michigan.
posted by Stewriffic 07 August | 23:44
Cars driving by.
posted by sperose 07 August | 23:52
I saw that the poor bugger who was struggling on Hopkins St with a rusting early-70s torana, the same poor bugger who made me late yesterday morning when I stopped to help him with a jumpstart (which wasn't enough), and who was still there when I popped down to get some Vietnamese take-out last night, has finally got his car going.

Or been towed, I suppose.
posted by pompomtom 07 August | 23:55
American Teen (I think the soc girl came off like a nasty cunt and the awful thing that happened in her family doesn't mitigate my opinion of her), Tell No One (want to get the novel now), several police vans up on the sidewalk outside my building for a was STILL there when I came in 20 minutes ago.
posted by brujita 08 August | 00:28
A bunch of older Polish folks and younger Polish vacationers at the Polish consulate in Los Angeles, where I FINALLY turned in my visa paperwork! The guy in front of me didn't have all his stuff organized so the functionary dude behind the desk wasn't keen on him, but I had all my Is dotted and Ts crossed and after showing him my stuff, learned that the visa was now actually free! Yay saving $96!

On the arms of one of the older Polish guys: a tattoo on the "underside" of the wrist, reading "Polska". It looked hand-done; the guy looked like he was a retired industrial worker and was in his 60s - the right age to have been involved in Solidarity, maybe? I wonder.

A map of Poland on which I saw some new Polish geographical terms: river, sea, border.

A four- or five-year-old girl wearing an adult's blazer, behind the service counter at the consulate. Perhaps the Polish diplomatic service is having a bit of a hiring crunch? :)

Those parking spaces where there are two cars in each and the second person to get there leaves their keys with an attendant.

A China Airlines 747 landing at LAX as I drove/inched up the 405 to the consulate - I'm imagining that it's the same plane that my friends took to Taiwan en route to Borneo yesterday!

A Delta Connection Embraer 145 taking off from LAX, perhaps on its way to San Francisco - the same trip I made a few weeks ago.

A bunch of new apartment complexes right next to the freeway, with balconies facing the traffic! WTF?

The marine layer disappearing as the day grew warmer.
posted by mdonley 08 August | 01:54
Yesterday I saw some kind of animal across the river when I took the dogs for their walk. I couldn't figure out what it was - beaver? I don't think we have those here. Otter? It seemed too fat and bulky. Groundhog? Most likely, but I've never seen one right on the bank of the river before.

I also saw Pebble, World's Cutest Kitten, actually playing with the dogs. Saw that again this morning. And I saw sunflowers and bees in the garden. Right now I'm seeing a whole lot of broken stuff in the museum and it's pissing me off and I want to fire my slacker boss so bad.
posted by mygothlaundry 08 August | 09:27
Yesterday I saw my right foot, swollen up *really big*.
posted by gaspode 08 August | 09:30
Hellbient, I love Kevin Corrigan! He is uglybeautiful.

bruita, I want to see both of these movies. They are not here because I live in backwards "honky tonk" Florida as some guy in St. Pete told me recently. Ha, honky tonk.

mgl, maybe it was a big river rat!

gaspode, has the swelling gone down? At the end of my pregnancy I was a maid of honor and had to walk down this big elaborate staircase with swollen ankles covered in pantyhose and wrapped in these dainty kitten heels. Pretty picture.

Thanks for sharing, everybody. I love reading.
posted by LoriFLA 08 August | 09:43
Pelicans hunting.
posted by small_ruminant 08 August | 12:07
I have absolutely no reason for coming in here, other than to say that mgl's giant river groundhog-beaver is most likely a muskrat.
posted by steef 08 August | 13:02
I think he's great too, Lori. I really wanted to chat him up, but he seemed pretty preoccupied on finding a cab.
posted by Hellbient 11 August | 16:16
the "Niagara Falls Ladder" || HOLY CRAP... cast iron bollocks?!