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07 August 2008

What is your goat-worth? [More:]

Me, I'm as good as 9 goats. Count them goats, suckas!
8 goats.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 August | 18:04
I scored ten goats, which seems unlikely, since I'm so very old by the testmaker's standard.

Thanks, I'd rather stay single and buy my own freakin' goats.
posted by Elsa 07 August | 18:07
7 goats.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 18:12
6. :(
posted by sperose 07 August | 18:14
7 goats.
posted by gaspode 07 August | 18:22
posted by mdonley 07 August | 18:23
Wow, I scored a 9. I beat thepinksuperhero! (I bet it was those 30 pairs of shoes that gotcha, pinky.)

Too bad I'm already married. I could use some goats.
posted by Pips 07 August | 18:24
(apparently watching TV all night and sacrificing 98 people for the life of your loved one gets more goats)
posted by Pips 07 August | 18:25
8 goats for me.
posted by occhiblu 07 August | 18:28
9 woohoo! This sort of makes up for my dismal Wife score.
posted by small_ruminant 07 August | 18:38
Oh- so it's either or? I don't get to keep the goats?

nnaaa! to that.
posted by small_ruminant 07 August | 18:39
10. Marriage material. George Clooney, is that you?

This quiz was mad silly.
posted by CitrusFreak12 07 August | 18:40
I retook the quiz. I answered everything the same except instead of saying I'd save my loved one (top choice), I chose I'd save my loved one and punch out whoever wouldn't let me save the others. This gave me 8. I'm just tryin' to make myself more appealin'!
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 18:42
Nine goats. Not bad.
posted by redvixen 07 August | 18:49
How come I only got seven? Why am I worth so many less goats than y'all? Am I ungoatworthy? Goatless? Ungoatable? Sheesh.
posted by mygothlaundry 07 August | 19:18
I got seven, too, MGL. Until I cheated and changed an answer. I am still a secretary, which is interesting and just about right. This quiz reminds me of two books I read this year. Both about Indian families. One good, one not.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 19:24
i wish i knew what that meant.
posted by ethylene 07 August | 19:27
I really really really think that my score was artificially inflated by swearing to kick ass and save lives. I've been watching a good deal of Buffy lately.
posted by Elsa 07 August | 19:35
This is on the blue? I could have posted my "Can you spot a fake smile?" quiz and had 100 plus comments!
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 19:35
9, probably because I would spend money on my future father in law. But he's already treated me so many times, I felt I owed him.
posted by StickyCarpet 07 August | 19:36
9. I wonder how much my age has to do with that.
posted by dismas 07 August | 19:38
6. Which is exactly the number of beers in a six-pack. Coincidence? I think not.
posted by jonmc 07 August | 19:38
Oh, jeez, will you have to share your beer with the goats? Bummer.

Wait. Are the goats going to expect to share my Shiraz? Go to hell, goats.
posted by Elsa 07 August | 19:43
Oh, jeez, will you have to share your beer with the goats? Bummer.

They can get their own. Speaking of beer, today we got a book in that purported to be about "Brewing & Liquor Interests And German & Bolshevik Propoganda." It was published in 1919. According to the sticker on the back it was ordered from the National States Rights Party. It was in a load of obscure books about beer and whiskey. Just unloading them made me feel mildly buzzed. I guess somebody bought it for the weird value. So, I did, too.
posted by jonmc 07 August | 19:50
What kind of goat? If it's one of those trained goats that runs its own cheese press, it might be worth more than I am.
posted by box 07 August | 20:44
9 goats. Also, this quiz made me hungry.

Mmm, goat cheese.
posted by kiripin 07 August | 20:55
7. I thought I would be worth more. No wonder I can't find a boyfriend. Whatever, I'd just let him die in a boat anyway.
posted by rmless2 07 August | 22:01
10. Odd as I am so old.
posted by arse_hat 07 August | 22:53
posted by brujita 08 August | 00:19
9 - not sure what I'd have to change to get 10. Didn't realise it'd be an advantage to be in the 'desperate years' but then I guess I'd have a bigger dowry as greater temptation would be required...
posted by altolinguistic 08 August | 03:48
7. Man. I guess it's because I'm older than dirt.

Incidentally, a friend of my sister's was visiting Morocco the year she was 14. Her mother was offered 100 camels for her. In earnest. When her mother repeatedly refused, the man grew desperate, and finally wailed "Okay okay! I give you one hundred camels, and a donkey!" No sale.
posted by Specklet 08 August | 07:51
Eight shall be the number of goats. I'm not sure who they'd go to, though. I suppose if they went to my back yard, it'd make the dog happy. She might be down with that trade. The husband would be forced to point out that we are not zoned agricultural, damit! (I went through a phase of not shutting up about getting pygmy goats.) I guess I'm staying.
posted by rainbaby 08 August | 08:39
I'm an eight-goater, too. I guess that's pretty good. It's five more than is necessary for effective bridge-troll removal.
posted by jrossi4r 08 August | 08:55
TEN. Why?! What the hell am I supposed to do with ten goats?
posted by tangerine 08 August | 16:46
diet root beer has this affect on people...err..dogs. || What to do with these $2 bills?