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07 August 2008

It has been so rainy this summer here in Vt. Tell me about this summer's weather in your part of the country/world.[More:]How has Portland, OR been? I used to live there and loved the summer weather.
Henderson County, NC. Exceptional drought.
posted by netbros 07 August | 13:04
Portland (OR) has been mild, a little greyer than usual maybe. Not as many hot, hot, hot days. There was a bit of smoke in the air yesterday and again today, so really pretty sunrise/sunsets.

We had a weird lack of Spring this year, things just kinda went from Winter to Summer, but I suppose that the weather has been mild enough to say we're in a permanent Spring.
posted by togdon 07 August | 13:53
San Jose, CA. Mid 70's, coastal fog in the mornings, sunny in the afternoon. Fortunately for me I'm working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, so I don't have to go outside and enjoy it
posted by doctor_negative 07 August | 14:26
Holy crap, netbros! It's a shame we (New England) can't give them some of our rain! Raining (again!) here in Mass., funnel clouds were sighted earlier today in the western part of the state.
posted by Melismata 07 August | 14:33
Denver, CO set a new alltime record of 24 consecutive days above 90.

Tuesday a huge open space park (Green Mountain) that's just west of town caught fire and burned after a dry lightning storm. Due to prevailing winds this meant heavy smoke throughout the metro area *cough, cough*

We finally broke the heatwave yesterday with a record one-day rainfall total (almost 2") and funnel clouds. I was positively freezing on my way home through the torrential rainfall which was that shading-towards-sleet kinda thing you get in the mountains. However it was in-a-good-way cold since we've been hovering around 100 degrees for the past several weeks. That plus it's kind of fun-in-a-sick-way to go barging through foot-deep puddles on a bicycle.

the mister and I sat on the back patio last night drinking appletinis in a hailstorm whilst the tornado sirens wailed. Good times!
posted by lonefrontranger 07 August | 14:35
I'm 15 miles away from netbros. About the only good thing I can say is, well, I haven't had to mow the lawn.
posted by mygothlaundry 07 August | 14:44
Actually pretty nice this summer. It's been in the seventies and only raining a couple times a week. Sunny and blue skies right now.
posted by octothorpe 07 August | 15:50
Regular L.A. summer so far: very warm and dry, temps usually in the 80s/90s during the day and 60s/70s at night. There was a nasty heatwave for about a week in June (100+ temps) that I missed because I was in Scottsdale (where temps were 110+!!). Based on nothing other than a hunch, I predict one more nasty heatwave between now and late Sept. So far fire season down here hasn't been as bad as it was in recent years; it's been terrible up north this year, though.

I should mention that the temps can sometimes differ a lot within L.A. because of its varied geography. It can be in the upper 70s in Santa Monica, mid to upper 80s downtown, and upper 90s or 100 in the Valley or Pasadena... all at the exact same moment. (And guess who moved to the Valley last year?)
posted by scody 07 August | 17:42
On the whole, slightly cooler in Western Oregon. Only one real hot spell. The nights and early mornings are cool enough to require a jacket for the bike commute.

This week, it's been about average. No rain, and a north wind that kicks up in the afternoon.
posted by danf 07 August | 17:53
South New Jersey (though I think of it more as central/south) - lots of humidity, though this week we havent' really cracked 90 degrees for a change. We could use more rain - only the weeds are growing in our yard. For days the weatherman says there are "chances of thunderstorms" but we keep missing out.
posted by redvixen 07 August | 18:11
I'm in metro Phoenix, AZ. I refuse to look at the temps once it gets above 100 as it's too depressing. But it's been well above 100 for months. On the plus side, we have had a few scattered monsoon downpours, which are quite lovely and exciting when they're going on and then just make it over 100 and humid the next day. Post this thread again in December, and I won't be so glum.
posted by Twiggy 07 August | 21:17
all the rain is making it very difficult for vermont farmers to hay. we are sick of it too now.
posted by terrapin 07 August | 21:53
Central UK - grey, rainy summer so far. Three or four 'very warm' days (where 'very warm' here for the weather people = over 25 degrees C, where 'hot' = over 30) with sun. Otherwise crappy, but at least I'm getting some work done, and the garden is happy. The cat, not so much.
posted by altolinguistic 08 August | 03:27
SF peninsula. Not a drop since April. Occasionally it'll look grey for a few minutes, but no actual drizzle so far.

That's normal here.
posted by tangerine 08 August | 16:49
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