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06 August 2008

Rich people rooftops NYC Spying on other people's apartments is practically an Olympic sport here in NYC.
All the cushions are out with no-one there - does NYC not have rain?
posted by matthewr 06 August | 15:22
Wow, I really should be rich person.
posted by octothorpe 06 August | 15:39
It's not that NYC doesn't have rain, it's that rich people don't get wet. We wouldn't understand.
posted by Hellbient 06 August | 15:40
That shit ain't spying. We call it "casing a joint."
posted by Hugh Janus 06 August | 15:48
None of the rooftops I look down onto when I am working out are nearly as nice, but it's still fun to spy on the people.
posted by gaspode 06 August | 15:49
There's a fat tan man (in Manhattan, yes) on a deck next to the construction site out my office window, who sits shirtless in the early afternoon reading magazines while two small dogs chase each other around him and back into the apartment through the sliding glass door. Sometimes a woman in nurse's whites brings him a drink or a shirt. He must be annoyed by the construction dust.
posted by Hugh Janus 06 August | 15:53

I remember noticing in, oh, must have been 1996, that around Olympics time, "Olympic" becomes a very popular adjective. It gets trotted out and flung about, then shelved for another two years. I find it very interesting.

You watch/listen. You'll see.

posted by mudpuppie 06 August | 16:12
We have the white trash version.
posted by Pips 06 August | 16:18
(It does have a nice view, though.)
posted by Pips 06 August | 16:21
Hugh - how is it you are able to see my daydreams?
posted by Hellbient 06 August | 16:36
TPS, I assume you have seen his celeb set.
posted by danf 06 August | 16:41
"casing a joint."
* favorite-click * favorite-click * favorite-click * favorite-click * favorite-click * favorite-click * favorite-click !!! Dammit! * favorite-click !
posted by dabitch 06 August | 17:19
Pips, I'll take the white-trash kind any day. 'Least you don't have to worry about putting your feet up on the table.
posted by MonkeyButter 06 August | 17:24
About half of those are in my neighborhood. You can see just the corner of one building, that a piece fell off the top floor, and landed with an explosion between me and a baby carriage. I have the piece that fell in my fish tank.
posted by StickyCarpet 06 August | 18:26
Woah, StickyCarpet, that sounds incredibly scary.

I love seeing stuff like this. Thanks, TPS.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 07:19
Yikes StickyCarpet. and Pips that is a great view! Even better in winter I would think?
posted by chewatadistance 07 August | 08:59
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