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03 August 2008

I passed my float test today... which means that Tuesday is my first day on a crew team since I rowed in college! [More:]It also means that I could conceivably learn to sail.

Seattle Parks and Rec are awesome. But having to swim in your clothes is all kinds of weirdly unpleasant.
Oh, that's awesome! Definitely sail, sail, sail! Congrats.
posted by Miko 03 August | 22:40
posted by arse_hat 03 August | 23:11
Congrats, fuzzbean!
posted by LoriFLA 03 August | 23:18
Admittedly this was not very hard: put on long pants and a long-sleeved shirt and spend ten minutes failing to 1) touch the bottom or sides of the pool and 2) drown. I also had to put a lifevest on while in the water.

I suspect I am going to have to be very firm about not wanting to row on the Masters level team, which meets at 5.30a 4 days a week. If I come back here in a few months talking about moving up, someone please slap me.
posted by Fuzzbean 03 August | 23:21
I think rowing is so cool.

I've always wanted to sail.

I rowed today. Well, more like dipped my paddle in the water. My parents bought a new kayak.

Knowing me, I would sign on to that 5:30a team, not just for the enjoyment of rowing, but in the hopes that I would be committed to something to get my ass going in the morning and lose weight. I'm warped like that.
posted by LoriFLA 04 August | 00:20
The worst part is, I keep thinking, wellll...I've got classes TTh, so I could get up early MWFSa and then be up and ready to go for the day...I bet I'd get a lot done...

posted by Fuzzbean 04 August | 00:51
How cool! 10 minutes sounds like a long time to tread water clothed. We found a nice little small lake close to home that we've seriously thought about tooling around on kayaks on. They dont' allow motorized anything (thankfully), & it looks so peaceful out there, checking out the nooks and crannies.
posted by chewatadistance 04 August | 06:57
Lake Union?

BTW, there is a technique which involves removing pants, tying off cuffs, and bringing them over your head in a way that entraps air then using them a water wings.

You might have gotten extra points.
posted by danf 04 August | 10:44
Green Lake, danf. It's only about two miles from my apartment which is cool too.

And it was a family pool. I suspect removing my pants might have gotten me a few stinkeyes from the moms :)
posted by Fuzzbean 04 August | 11:07
I passed my float test today...

So, you are a witch?
posted by trondant 04 August | 11:31
Crone, actually. But everyone knew that already.
posted by Fuzzbean 04 August | 11:40
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