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02 August 2008

What's the most recent dream you remember? [More:]Mine: I tried to fry an egg in huge pot full of boiling water. When it didn't work out, I finally recalled that frying and boiling are two different things.
My kids were going to school at some kind of inner city, part jail, part chaotic school. This was an elementary school. In the dream my kids were their present age. The school was surrounded by tall chain link fence topped with razor wire. Everyday it was a nerve wracking ordeal as the students were let out at the end of the school day. Their teacher was a young, black woman. Every day she would stand on the loggia with her class and wait for them to board the bus or get into their parents' car. She was the only one I trusted at the school. She was the only one that would talk to me. I was afraid and would stand next to her and wait for my kids to be released as she tried to contain her class and barked orders for the kids to line up. I'm pretty sure she had a megaphone. I would ask the teacher questions and I was kind of desperate with worry for my kids. She would try to reassure me, but she had her own troubles to deal with. In the parent pick-up line one of the cars was a red Mercedes convertible. There was a young guy driving the car. In the backseat there was a lone man holding an AK-47 sitting up on the top of the seat, waiting for his child to get into the car.

I don't know why I had a dream like this. I don't think I'm having any anxiety about school. I had this dream a couple weeks ago.
posted by LoriFLA 02 August | 22:27
I forgot to add, [NOT RACIST]
posted by LoriFLA 02 August | 22:44
A dream that decorum forbids me from retelling.
posted by gaspode 02 August | 23:04
My first boyfriend was visiting my grad school, to do some sort of presentation. I found out about it, and I got there early to talk to him, and we caught up and it felt very positive and good-vibey, then he and his current girlfriend (who, in real life, he cheated on me with) did the presentation for my school, and it was some sort of acting workshop/performance extravaganza, despite the fact that my grad school was in counseling psychology (I met that boyfriend through my college theater program).

Before I went to sleep that night, I had been reading about the importance of forgiveness. I think the dream may have been my mind finally forgiving that boyfriend for a lot of seriously crappy behavior; I woke up feeling nice about him, rather than murderous. Which is nice.
posted by occhiblu 03 August | 00:11
I seldom remember my dreams, but recollected one dream-moment on waking a few days ago in which I had been cleaning up cat-vomit.
posted by misteraitch 03 August | 02:23
The other night I dreamed I was sleeping in a bed in a weird warehouse/loft type room, and while I slept I was trying to make contact with a friend of mine who was in Paris (and he really is in Paris this week, for business). He was in a UK-style double decker bus, only it was 13 stories tall and swaying all around the place, and Paris was full of skyscrapers like Manhattan. I was terrified the top of the bus was going to hit one of the buildings and wreck, so I was trying to somehow talk him into coming back home immediately, even though I knew I was asleep (although I thought I was in a different bed than my actual bed).
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 03:00
I just woke up from an odd dream. I think it was brought on, in part, by reading The Tale of Murasaki just before bed. Someone in the fancy multi-layered robes was explaining medicinal herbs to me, and naming some particular blend that they assured me was good for stomach problems.
And then I got up, felt like I'd been physically pummeled, and now I suspect the sub I had several hours earlier has given me mild food poisoning.

Odd as hell.
I want my stomach to settle so I can go back to bed.
posted by kellydamnit 03 August | 03:15
I walk out of my house (not really my house) across a beautiful green lawn, toward the neighbor's house; on the lawn, three dogs are running and playing - our Sky, a cream-colored Cocker Spaniel and a collie-mix (never seen these dogs before). At the neighbor's house, I talk with three women; they are funny and charming and seem to be very friendly with me, which I think is cool, but I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing there, and why they know me, but I don't really actually know them, though I don't say so, and just go ahead and play along. I look back at the yard, and three dogs are all lying down peacefully near each other. Everything seems to have a Desperate Housewives Neighborhood patina, and I'm kind of confused about what I'm doing there, because I don't even like the suburbs.
posted by taz 03 August | 09:23
I dreamed I was watching pink pigs climb trees. Occasionally one would fall out and make a big thump when it hit the ground.
posted by bunnyfire 03 August | 09:35
I find it incredibly, incredibly endearing that you recall the breed of dogs in your dreams, taz.
posted by Wolfdog 03 August | 10:24
For some reason I had given the car to be remodeled, and it came out looking like an auto (the drivers seat only had room for one and there was a handle bar instead of a steering wheel in its place--and the worst thing was that there were no doors). It's been raining here quite steadily for the past few days so I got really upset at the guy who had done the work and I wanted him to give me some GOD DAMN DOORS at least!!!
posted by hadjiboy 03 August | 11:32
Having a lot of water dreams recently. In one, we were living in a three-story house. Our courtyard was filled with water, beautifully landscaped with water fountains, plants, flowers, and natural stone. Floating happily on top of the water were one of our cats, sleeping, and our dog, lying on the water, looking up at me.

A different dream (the only part I can remember)..I had a large terra cotta pot made into a sort of water garden. It had a bird feeder in the center of it, but the water had gone dry. So I filled it with water, a little too full, but I figured the plants in it (they were in seperate pots in the big pot) would soak up the water.
posted by redvixen 03 August | 18:20
I was attending a party at Hollywood mansion and Laura Dern was totally into me.
posted by sexymofo 04 August | 09:33
I was driving a car using only the play, fast forward and rewind buttons on the radio/tapedeck in it. Parking was really hard.
posted by dabitch 05 August | 03:51
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