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01 August 2008

FoToFriday? Found/Made Friday? How about posting stuff you have found or made[More:]


A poem.

"Ah, the Damp."

Found links apply.
Also, How i will dress your kids:
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posted by ethylene 01 August | 16:11
We do a lot of gardening, and a lot of winemaking (from purchased juice), so we decided to grow grapes. Grapes need a trellis, but we didn't like the look of cheap ones, and expensive ones were, um, expensive. So we bought a welder, a bunch of rebar, and made our own:
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We're pretty happy with it as a first welding project. The pictures were taken over a month ago; it's 7 feet high, and the vines have now completely covered it.
posted by mrmoonpie 01 August | 16:22
Oh, that pink Darth Vader princess is very cute.
posted by DarkForest 01 August | 16:43
Summer Pudding I made last year.

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posted by essexjan 01 August | 16:52
This took longer to load than to eat.
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Now i want to gorge on pasta.
posted by ethylene 01 August | 16:53
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A Pineapple Sage Lemon Drop I made on a hot day. I could use one right now.
posted by annaramma 01 August | 17:36
I found this note.
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I made this fire.
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posted by arse_hat 01 August | 17:39
I found a 1000-rupiah note walking down the street two years ago in Bandung, Indonesia, with a message written in ballpoint ink: Jangan takut berjalan sendirian, which means (I think) "Don't be afraid to go it alone." I keep it in my wallet as a talisman. No photo though! Sorry.
posted by mdonley 01 August | 17:50
I made this last weekend, inspired by a picture of a friend, making a very angry face.

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posted by richat 01 August | 18:32
I knitting this guy for a friend who was having a baby. I named him Lumpy.
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posted by LunaticFringe 01 August | 18:38
Oh, sorry for the hugeness of that pic. It's kind of apropos, however.
posted by richat 01 August | 18:38
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I found this on the sidewalk by our apartment. Saddest damned thing I ever saw.
posted by jonmc 01 August | 19:05
Found Tour Europe || LT Is On Vacation With His Family In Northern California!