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31 July 2008

I ate Flicka! I ate Misty! I ate The Black! I ate The Pie! I ate Black Beauty! [More:] No dabitch, I haven't come out of the closet ;-)...I prefer boys.

I'd been seeing it on menus all over Switzerland and finally decided to try it; reminds me of venison. I used to ride and owned two horses, but I would eat it again if it were served to me. I've eaten rabbit and various wild cud-chewers (venison, elk, antelope, buffalo,moose) too. Perhaps I should have asked if it were specifically raised for food, but I didn't.

It was the night before the Swiss National day and my room in Basel overlooks the Rhine, so I got to watch the fireworks.

Back to NY on Tuesday.
I'd eat horse. I'd also be very tempted, at the end to the meal, to belch loudly and say 'That's what you get for not finishing in the mony, ya ol' nag!'
posted by jonmc 31 July | 18:55
No, they're not raised for food. They are losing racehorses (including the 1992 Belmont Stakes winner), unwanted horses, and mustangs. Okay, I'm not sure what year the Belmont stakes winner won it, but I do know that years later he was sold to a slaughterhouse. As much as I love horses, it's really not any different from lambs, calves, pigs, etc. I'd try most things, but I'm not sure I'd try horse.
posted by redvixen 31 July | 19:34
The weird food guy on the Travel Channel had donkey in China. Donkey flesh, donkey tail, donkey skin (he said it was chewy). He seemed to enjoy it all.

I've heard horse is tasty.

Enjoy your last weekend in Switzerland!
posted by Pips 31 July | 21:36
i thought horse was really common in and around Germany.
i don't have a huge problem with it but i've never known any horses very well.
Whether the Bees is tasty or not, i'll never know.
i got a weirder problem with whale, but then if suddenly presented with whale, i think i'd have to try it because when again would i ever have whale?
posted by ethylene 31 July | 21:50
My sister and I ate horse by accident when we were in France once. We went into a cafe, breezily ordered the special of the day, and were served what we surmised was an unusual cut of beef. Weren't we surprised when we walked out the door and only then read the chalkboard saying what the special of the day actually was!
posted by scody 31 July | 23:10
I ate horse when I was in Spain. Tasty.
posted by gaspode 31 July | 23:27
Redvixen, I remember reading about this...I think it was a Kentucky Derby winner though. He was sold to people in Japan for stud service, but what happened was that none of his get proved to be winners. More recently, I've read about another champion racehorse who has no interest in mares when they try to breed him. Perhaps they should try another stallion as a teaser....
posted by brujita 01 August | 04:32
Teaser for the mares...or the stallion? :^) And thank you for the racehorse clarification. I couldn't be sure which of the Crowns it was.

I just read in todays paper that all of the USA horse slaughterhouses closed in 2007 (there were only three of them). But horses are still shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. You know, if offered it, I probably would try it once, just to see what it tasted like.
posted by redvixen 01 August | 18:52
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