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31 July 2008

posted by gomichild 31 July | 05:10
That looks like SO much fun!
posted by Specklet 31 July | 05:28
I think there should be a south-east England cake competition.

Also, not trying to appear churlish, but is baklava (delicious and hard to make though it surely is) stricly cake? I would have described it more as pastry.
posted by essexjan 31 July | 05:35
You should have a Southern version of it. It's huge fun. In fact, I want this to go international. If it's 2020 and you're reading this to trace the beginnings of this competition I'VE BEEN DOING IT SINCE 2003. I (HALF) INVENTED IT.

e/j: You're right to be churlish. Half the fun of the competition (like the actual Eurovision Song Contest) is the accusations that someone hasn't followed the rules closely enough or that votes are given for purely nepotistic reasons. Boos and light hearted accusations of cheating are encouraged. There isn't a year that goes by without some kind of controvosy. In fact, year one was won (much to the disgust of a lot of people) by bread.

I refuse to vote for savoury entries because they have a big advantage at a cake competition. This year, the winner was nearly a mushroom and lentil giant pasty thing.

I also got a lot of grief for using premade filo pastry. Luckily I had an answer prepared (So, you're telling me you ground your own flourthen?) and was able to swing some votes back to me.
posted by seanyboy 31 July | 06:31
Filo is practically impossible to make at home, isn't it?

This is a great idea. I'll have to see if my friends are interested in doing something like this, when it's cooler out (too hot for ovens, now). It's times like this when I wish I had a larger apartment and could entertain at home.
posted by amro 31 July | 08:48
Why was I under the assumption that it was a Cake "eating" Competition that you were talking about... ?

Those cakes look like works of art, seanyboy!
posted by hadjiboy 31 July | 09:40
You are a cruel cruel man. (Drools)
posted by Claudia_SF 31 July | 11:42
This is so neat!
posted by Miko 31 July | 13:53
Well...a baklava brought as a gift saved the day when the cake ran out in one of the companion books to the Betsy-Tacy series (the little girl hadn't told her mother that she'd invited the Syrian Christian kids) :-).
posted by brujita 31 July | 17:35
I could use one of these || Silly music for your Thursday.