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28 July 2008

3 things going right [More:]1) I'm feeling pretty healthy
2) I'm feeling pretty sane
3) I'm back home to my own comfy ocean
1. Thanks to some great support and advice I received here last week, I have spoken to an answering machine. Am awaiting return call. Thanks.
2. I had a good weekend bonding w/ my nephew.
3. I gave a part time co-worker a very small bit of money to help her make it till the end of the month - she accepted without protest. That was nice of her!
posted by mightshould 28 July | 12:23
1. Finishing up a big experiment this week
2. babby growing apace
3. Orioles broke 15 game Sunday losing streak
posted by gaspode 28 July | 12:25
ooo mightshould reminded me of a fourth

4) hung out with entire family most of Saturday and enjoyed it!
posted by small_ruminant 28 July | 12:34
1) Daddonley gave me some great advice yesterday: "do what you love and do it with all your heart."
2) Brother going over to the community college this afternoon to take some assessment tests to place him in the right classes. He's really going to college!
3) Momdonley returned from weekend at cousin's wedding having had a fabulous time after dreading it.
posted by mdonley 28 July | 12:38
1.Hubby joined Facebook. So now I can throw a sheep at him! :D

2. I am enjoying peace and quiet in the hacienda today. Cool.

3. Spaghetti for dinner...the meat sauce is already cooked. Yum...
posted by bunnyfire 28 July | 12:39
1. My fiancé got his wedding suit this weekend, and I got all choked up when he tried it on.

2. We also ordered our wedding bands, from the same jeweler that did our engagement ring. The crazy part is she offered to let me borrow one of their necklaces or earrings for the wedding if I wanted! I am pretending now I'm a celebrity that needs jewels for the Oscars.

3. My tattoo is DONE!
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by misskaz 28 July | 12:41
gorgeous tat, misskaz!
posted by small_ruminant 28 July | 12:48
1. All my post-holiday laundry is done.

2. My cats missed me, judging from their reaction when I got home.

3. Dinner is honey/mustard pork fillet, if I can stay awake long enough to eat it.
posted by essexjan 28 July | 12:54
1. Car repair less expensive than imagined.
2. Unexpectedly got the afternoon at home to myself.
3. I'll get to watch Spirited Away tonight. (hasn't actually happened yet, so I'm not holding my breath).
posted by DarkForest 28 July | 13:08
I love fresh tattoos that are still slightly raised off the skin. I think it looks so neat.

1. My coworker told me I've been looking skinnier. I guess all this stress is good for something.
2. July, my most terrible month on record so far, is almost over. August has just got to be better.
3. I found a nice potential roommate over the weekend. I just emailed her and I hope she accepts!
posted by rmless2 28 July | 14:23
1. I think I figured what that blobby thing is in my cells...means I'm that much closer to an actual defense!
2. I'm not even half done my bootcamp fitness program but I can already feel a big difference during the classes and just puttering in my daily life!
3. I can go home and have a nap soon!

Beautifull tattoo misskaz! Who was your artist?
posted by LunaticFringe 28 July | 14:38
1. OMG, it's finally online!
2. OMG, it's finally online!
3. OMG, it's finally online!
posted by danostuporstar 28 July | 14:44
1. Watched Persepolis, and really liked it.
2. Just got ripped off for eight bucks by someone being stupid. Sudden very rational anger made me decide it wasn't a bad time for a bloody mary.
3. Didn't diffuse the rage like other things would and i forgot my third thing as this all happened right after i wrote 1. Did let The Bees lovingly lick my face as we cuddled but i don't think that was a great idea.
Going right... um, got another piece of paper signed? Haven't checked the mail to see if something has or has not arrived? Accidental knife prick isn't deep or in need of any bandage? That's all pretty okay.
posted by ethylene 28 July | 14:50
1. I found six bucks on the ground today at lunch.
2. Last night I read a madcap New Yorker story from 1968 on Euell Gibbons, who was one crazy old timey cat.
3. Time of chaos and change in the household, which is a good thing. New job for The Husband, I'm into my $$$$ directing gig to combat the inflations.

Bonus: My trainer thinks I have "dumb butt" or more accurately "short bus butt" or generously "consumer math butt." This means the gluteus maximus doesn't respond in typical fashion to typical exercises - surrounding muscles compensate instead. She has some ideas for next time, though. I might ask her for a note - "Please excuse rainbaby's big ass. She has dumb butt."
posted by rainbaby 28 July | 15:08
1. the mister did frighteningly well in his first "official" road bike race on Saturday, and enjoyed it so much that now he can't wait for the next one (he's technically a mountain biker however [mode= DARTH VADER] I now believe that his conversion to the dark side is complete [/DARTH VADER]).

2. I did frighteningly well at the whole stage race this past weekend, plus my teammates are the best party animals I know.

3. the only thing more fun than tearing up small mountain towns during 3-day weekends with my awesome party animal teammates is tearing up small mountain towns during 3-day weekends with my awesome party animal teammates + mr. lfr.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 July | 15:09
haha rainbaby my trainer told me the exact same thing. wanna know what I got prescribed for it?

yep, that's right. one-legged squats, using a yoga ball behind the back. those suck, a lot.

oh and I had to do a bunch of those awesome butterfly kicks with the big scary machine, too.

and wobble boards. lots and lots of wobble boards.

dumb butt isn't as fun as it sounds, actually. I was told it was a function of being a cyclist (read: a lazy mofo who mostly sits down during workouts) and so I got told to do more weightbearing: hiking, walking, stairs, etc.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 July | 15:16
LunaticFringe: Her name is Esther Garcia. She works out of a studio in her home here in Chicago. Her website.
posted by misskaz 28 July | 15:21
Thanks, lfr, she swore she wasn't making it up. I jog and stair climb; she thinks it might be a function of my wide pelvis and good flexibility, which is the p.c. term for child bearing hips, I think.
posted by rainbaby 28 July | 15:27
Okay, i feel restored and removed.

Rainbaby, i understand. It's true, that's why form is such a big deal. Try butt clenching exercises. When you've harassed your glutes sufficently, they will twitch and it will be a reminder. An annoying consistent reminder.
posted by ethylene 28 July | 15:31
1. I've almost processed all my new students on this, the first day of my school's second session.

2. BBQ tonight. I bet my hangar steaks (sliced up for kebabs and marinated in lime juice, allspice, hot peppers, and a few odds and ends) will be good. Since I missed lunch, dinner will be just right.

3. I keep getting compliments from my neighbors about my guitar playing and singing. Time to put together a band. Anyone play drums?
posted by Hugh Janus 28 July | 15:37

1. i'd like to think the money rb found is the wasted amount, and it when where it made better sense would i to throw it away.

2. s_r, those are three great things.

3. i like singing that Black Kids single at Bees, "You're the girl i've been dreaming of ever since i was a little girl." She likes pumping her paws at the "Dance Dance Dance Dance" part.

Hugh, sure!
posted by ethylene 28 July | 15:38
misskaz, the work is beautiful.

1. I am listening to the unabridged version of Ruth Reichl's, Garlic and Sapphires. It is really entertaining. My husband and I listened to a huge hunk while I cleaned and he put together a new cabinet for books I bought.

2. I am going to the movies with my sister. My kids and husband are going to the ballgame with my parents.

3. We must leave now. I will eat popcorn and Milk Duds.
posted by LoriFLA 28 July | 17:22
1.The perfect watch will be picked up in Zürich the day before I leave.
2. It looks like the kitchen will finally be done in September.
3. Looking forward to attending this year's Bunnystock!
posted by brujita 28 July | 17:23
1. My big project for the Senator is almost out of my hair. (Tomorrow is meeting with big cheese.)

2. I got to be all 'rawr my research skills are awesome' by finding sources for something someone found on the internet.

3. My mother seems to be leaving me alone about going out of town this weekend (in my brother's pimpmobile to visit my college roommate/partner-in-crime).
posted by sperose 28 July | 17:24
1. I am going to visit my boyfriend in Berkeley in August.

2. My friend just unexpectedly paid me the $400 he owed me, which I really needed.

3. There's more beer in the fridge.
posted by Twiggy 28 July | 20:56
(I love the tattoo, misskaz.)

1. One of my employees resigned, which wouldn't normally be a thing going right, but in this case it was one of the few remaining possible resolutions to a bunch of longstanding problems, and I think it'll be best for everyone.
2. I just bought tickets to visit some pals at the end of August.
3. Two great things about Summer Reading Club: it's been very successful this year, and it's almost over.
posted by box 28 July | 21:10
1. got keys to new place
2. almost packed from old place
3. got article in under (new, after I missed the first one) deadline
posted by jessamyn 29 July | 09:49
Some people just don't like Grey Poupon. || What's the most physically demanding thing you've ever done?