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27 July 2008

Damn you New Yorkers and your severe thunderstorms! [More:] GF is sitting on the tarmac at JFK and the plane is maybe delayed for up to FIVE HOURS which means that she'll miss her stupid connecting flight and won't get home until tomorrow and she's already been gone for a week BOOOOO I HATE YOU NEW YORK!
*looks out window*

storm seems to have died down, actually.
posted by jonmc 27 July | 16:08
=( Sorry 'pups, but I do have to say that it was fun to watch lightning snake about as the sky went all Donnie Darko this afternoon while we were on the roof of the Met.

Tomorrow, however, I'll definitely be singing a different tune...especially as our 9:05pm arriving flight hit the ground just short of midnight last week due to said storms.

Boo, indeed.
posted by Frisbee Girl 27 July | 16:32
Yeah, my friend is stuck in Cleveland and she's had a terrible weekend and all she wants to do is come home to Brooklyn, but her flight is cancelled and now she can't come home til tomorrow.
Also, I tried to go to an outdoor concert today and got severely rained and thundered on.
So yeah, screw you NY rain!
posted by rmless2 27 July | 17:01
The flight was only delayed 2 hours, which is better than what they'd threatened, but she'll still miss her connection. There's a later flight she can take, but as of right now there are only three seats available. She doesn't know this yet, so it's up to me to sit here and worry for the next [*checks watch*] five and a half hours that it will fill up.

I'm trying not to hold you personally responsible, Frisbee, but it's a struggle.
posted by mudpuppie 27 July | 17:06
I thought I'd be environmentally responsible today, so I chose paper over plastic at the grocery store. Then the damn rain soaked through the bag and my foodstuffs wound up strewn all over the subway entrance. Screw Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio; I'm sticking with plastic next time.
posted by HotPatatta 27 July | 17:37
The last time that I asked for paper bags at the Big Bird (grocery store) the bagger carefully lined each plastic bag with a paper bag before putting the stuff in it. So instead of less environmental impact, I caused almost twice as much.
posted by octothorpe 27 July | 17:46
I was visiting my mom here in New Jersey when the storms barreled through. We saw hail the size of ping-pong balls! I've never, ever seen hail that big here in Jersey. I got pictures, I'll have to download them later. It was amazing to watch from the safety of her porch - until the wind slammed us sideways. I came home to find my portable gazebo twisted sideways with the cover torn. It was one heck of a storm. I heard a guy was killed by lightning out at Sandy Hook, unfortunately. So I'm sorry all your loved ones were stuck at airports, but I'm glad they're okay. I passed no less than three accidents driving home from Mom's, and saw plenty more ambulances, fire engines, and response vehicles rushing around.
posted by redvixen 27 July | 19:00
Years ago I circled Chicago O'Hair in a holding pattern for an HOUR during a thunderstorm. Kinda bumpy ride, that.
posted by bunnyfire 27 July | 20:01
posted by Hellbient 27 July | 21:07
If she's coming back through Dallas, you may as well put her stuff in storage.

Two years ago, I had that experience at JFK, then got stuck at Dallas due to T storms. . .not fun.
posted by danf 27 July | 21:58
we had a great thunderstorm in sydney, sunday afternoon.

imagine a sunshower, but with thunder & lightning.

and the cure: disintegration playing.

and a bottle of rich red wine.
posted by UbuRoivas 28 July | 07:12
My flight took off 90 minutes late and it was full, where they'd taken passengers from a cancelled British Airways flight. I got home about half an hour ago. I am tired out, the tubes were sweltering (why, oh why don't they have air-con on the underground trains in this backward country?) and I need to go out and buy some food.

I have to be up at 5.30 for work tomorrow. My morning will be spent unpacking. There was a move-round in the office last week, a friend packed my crates for me (he said I have more stuff in and around my desk than I do in my flat) so I'll spend tomorrow morning unpacking. Of course, everyone today will have swapped desks, so I know I will have the crappiest desk on the team. Gah!

I miss my boo already.
posted by essexjan 28 July | 09:31
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