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26 July 2008

What did you love from the 80s? Right now I'm participating in this year's blogathon attempting to raise money for Band of Parents, a charity dedicated to finding a cure for Neuroblastoma, a cancer I survived. [More:]My blogathon theme is I Love the 80s. Unfortunately this is a last minute thing, so I'm not really prepared. Any suggestions about anything vaguely 80s you enjoyed would be appreciated. And please stop by and comment at my blog.
Robert Palmer.

Big hair.

The B-52's.

Peewee Herman.

Who shot JR? (Dallas)

Dynasty (Joan Collins!)

Shoulder pads. Big honking shoulder pads!

And last but not least

posted by bunnyfire 26 July | 18:12
Deely boppers





OK, hell, all new wave music, actually.

Space Dust

Arcade games

Wax Trax!

Vans (shoes)


Blade Runner

Pink Floyd: The Wall (the movie)

camouflage as a fashion accessory

Max Headroom



Sony Betamax


Sonic Youth

ground effects

Rubik's cube

Cyndi Lauper


The Cramps

Bloom County

The Elephant Man

Duran Duran

Also: discovering both sex and drugs, but that's probably not what you had in mind.

I'm going to stop here. A shorter list would probably be, What DIDN'T I love from the 80s?
posted by BoringPostcards 26 July | 18:50
This might be overly scrupulous, but do you mean what did I love during the 80s or what do I love from the 80s now?
posted by Hellbient 26 July | 19:03
Either will work for me.
posted by miss-lapin 26 July | 20:14
Tough question, I kinda hated the '80s. Music, movies, fashion, politics. Bleh.
posted by octothorpe 26 July | 20:37
My birth?
posted by mdonley 26 July | 21:28
Wow, BP! I like your list.

Parachute pants

Definitely, Cyndi Lauper

Knight Rider

Dukes of Hazard

Remington Steele

John Hughes

Heathers, the movie

T-shirt slides

Rock Me Amadeus!


Banana clips

Michael Jackson

Banana Rama

The Go-Gos

posted by LoriFLA 26 July | 23:04
Maddie and David
posted by Ardiril 26 July | 23:06
We Are the World


Boy George

Brat Pack


Cyndi Lauper (this one's for real)

Prince (also for real)

Lots of it sucked, as I recall.
posted by Claudia_SF 27 July | 04:21
i did not love the 80s, but i did love that they were not the 70s. i was so over the 70s. Good bye avocado and harvest gold, hello neon nail polish. i liked leg warmers. i liked optimism.
When it started to get interesting, punk and off the boat radio, videos, budgeted flash, comedy, and musical diversity, variety in personal expression, i got ripped away from the ny area and thrown into a hair metalled midwest. i assumed this was why everything sucked after '84 (when we were all suppose to die in some Nostradamus sanctioned August apocalypse with Reagan. i bid all my friends good bye) but no. VH1 proved to me it sucked for everyone all over.
At least there were drugs.
posted by ethylene 27 July | 09:06
posted by box 27 July | 12:29
Damn, BoPo has pretty much summed it up for me.

*suspects BoPo is his long-lost twin or something*

I'll just add:

Cheap weed

Cheap gas

Cheap cigarettes

Drinking legally at 18

The Clash

The Minutemen

Minor Threat

Peter Zaremba of The Fleshtones hosting 120 Mintutes

Tempest, Battle Zone, Pole Position, and Double Dragon

Mohawks (hey, I'm from the south -- parts of the late 70s arrived late)

Denim jackets

Thrash metal


Hating Ronald Reagan

That brief window of time before AIDS became a national nightmare and everyone was fucking everyone else

The Hardcore matinee at The Ritz on Sundays
posted by BitterOldPunk 27 July | 12:45
Spandau Ballet - Gold

INXS - I Send a Message

Divinyls - Pleasure and Pain

And Prince. Purple Rain is still a brilliant album.
posted by goo 27 July | 14:32
i assumed this was why everything sucked after '84 (when we were all suppose to die in some Nostradamus sanctioned August apocalypse with Reagan. i bid all my friends good bye)

OMG I remember that ethylene
posted by Claudia_SF 27 July | 21:44
Trivial Pursuit!!
posted by brujita 28 July | 18:01
Nice whell. Only $0. || Explain this New Yorker cartoon to me