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25 July 2008

This evening, Jason and I went to the Morgan Library & Museum.[More:]

NYC bunnies, if you haven't been, it's well worth a visit. On Friday evenings it's free between 7pm-9pm, and you can see everything you need to see in that time.

There are three - count 'em - three Gutenberg Bibles, which I really wanted to see after seeing the documentary Stephen Fry did for the BBC on the Gutenberg Press.

We also both liked the Etruscan seals, and in particular this one. I think those symbols around the ostrich's face are cuneiform for "OMG! WTF??!"

The study is gorgeous, exactly the kind of place to relax with a good book. And the books weren't just historical or collected tomes - there were lots of books that would have been considered popular fiction 100 years ago. I can't find it online, but in the study there was also an ancient civilisation's equivalent of 'Two Girls One Cup'. It was a piece of pottery about 1,000 years old or thereabouts that depicted two creatures defecating and vomiting, I think to scare away their enemies or something.

The library too is beautiful, and it has hidden staircases concealed behind the bookcases.

It was a very cool place indeed, and if you can get there on a Friday evening for free, it's definitely worth doing. The normal admission is $12.

Then we walked a few blocks to a great bar/restaurant, where we had a good dinner to a soundtrack of 80s hits, and then a stroll across town to the subway. We had entertainment on the train from a 4ft 6" Mexican cowboy playing the guitar and singing. Thankfully he was way down the carriage from us.

Now I'm sitting here with the fan on, windows open, listening to sirens in the distance, so very New York City.
How much longer are you there for?
posted by ethylene 25 July | 23:49
I fly home late Sunday night, arriving in London at noon on Monday. Back to work on Tuesday.
posted by essexjan 25 July | 23:50
Now you can watch Ragtime. (Half the movie takes place in the library.)
posted by StickyCarpet 26 July | 12:25
I like anything Jamie Hewlett does || Birthday party ideas!