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20 July 2008

Think Good Thoughts Real Estate Wise Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer; with all the gods willing and the creek don't rise, I'll own this in three months or thereabouts. [More:]I realized that the other teeny house was sort of the me that I want to be: small, self contained, elegant, minimalist, understated. And this house is actually the me I really am: big, loud, quirky, weird as fuck and built by hippies. From the front it looks just like a tiny ugly 1966 brick house. Inside and in the back, it goes on and on, and you can more or less hear the people who lived there saying, "Hey, Charlie's moving in." "Yeah? Okay, let's add another room." And they did. And they painted the concrete basement floors blue and built a workshop onto the back of the garage with secret compartments and they had mirrors and a pirate sign from Tybee Island that says "Leave your booty here!" and a brass plaque on the peculiar glass door at the bottom of the stairs that says "Free Nameplate!" on it and, best of all, huge 70s speakers wired everywhere that they cemented and laboriously nailed with two by fours into place. The carpet must go and so must the strawberries in the kitchen and the yellow stripes in the bathroom and the dog shit on the roof but other than that, I think I can settle in there with my hippie magpie tastes and packrat personality and probably live for the rest of my life. I'm going to fill the playhouse up with giant papier-mache birds.

I talked to the self help credit union and mountain housing and I actually have the money. Yes. And the owner of this house is in bankruptcy court and so I think I'm going to get it for considerably less than it's worth just because it's so damn quirky, nobody else wants it. So please do your bunny mojo, please, because if this falls through too I'm going to be totally bummed.
It's great, MGL! I actually like the strawberries and yellow stripes, but I'm weird in another way.

*crosses fingers and sends positive real estate energy*
posted by LoriFLA 20 July | 21:02
The rear view of this house cracks me up, and makes me think of many hippie palaces I've spent some wonderful evenings in.

GOOD LUCK!! BONZAI!! :) It's definitely a canvas waiting to be painted on... which, hey, you are perfect for. If you get this it WILL become one of the coolest houses in Asheville, I predict. (You gotta plant something to the left of that front door, ASAP.)

I'm already jealous of your 2nd bathroom.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 July | 21:05
Good luck, mgl! One thing I love about is the kitchen - it's my absolute favorite kind of kitchen, the retro white cabinets with steel handles, and visible shelving. Awesome. Have fun fun fun!
posted by Miko 20 July | 21:22
Also, decor wise: The Not So Big House! NEat ideas.
posted by Miko 20 July | 21:24
The best thing about the kitchen is the door that opens directly onto the tin roofed porch. Which goes down via fairly well made steps to the giant back yard, complete with strange as hell tiki umbrella, firepit, aforementioned cupola-ed playhouse and big steel birdcage. And, hey, the front yard? I'm going to farm it. The backyard is huge and shady; the front yard is totally sunny and big enough for a nice vegetable garden right on the street. Corn and beans and squash and tomatoes, right there by the front door. Yes. BP has it - it's a total hippy palace and it makes no sense, but it's awesome.
posted by mygothlaundry 20 July | 21:29
Fingers crossed and a sacrifice to the realty gods!
posted by arse_hat 20 July | 21:31
I'm going to farm it.

posted by Miko 20 July | 21:52
Yay for you; that daylight basement is excellent, and not really a basement at all. It's good, and you'll get it all MGL'ed up, and it will be fantastic. Looks like it's in good shape.
posted by theora55 20 July | 22:39
Good luck, MGL, fingers are crossed for you! When will you hear?
posted by Sil 20 July | 23:40
Cool, mgl! I love eccentric houses. Here's all my stuff crossed that you get it.
posted by taz 21 July | 00:31
And this house is actually the me I really am: big, loud, quirky, weird as fuck and built by hippies.

i'm afraid of what a house of me would be but i wanna see it.
It would end up teetering on an improbable cliff structurally based on billions of rubber bands.

You have to get this place because then we can come build an adobe cliff house into the backside and do a week long Amish imitation barn raising camping out in your yard.
posted by ethylene 21 July | 02:51
OooH Sun room! :) Yes farm the front and have grapes in the back!
posted by dabitch 21 July | 03:37
Awesome, mgl. Fingers, toes and other relevant appendages all crossed for you!
posted by goo 21 July | 04:39
YIPPEE! It's wonderful to see that you may get to be a homeowner soon. May the Cultic Warrior be with you!
posted by mightshould 21 July | 07:01
Hm, interesting theory there. My place is small, quiet, square, and most people think it's a bit remote.
posted by Wolfdog 21 July | 07:03
small, self contained, elegant, minimalist, understated.

Those homes, though beautiful, always make me nervous: I daren't put down my glass for fear of marring the perfection.

And this house is actually the me I really am: big, loud, quirky, weird as fuck and built by hippies.

Oh man oh man, does that sound fun! When can we visit?

Keeping everything crossable crossed on your behalf.
posted by Elsa 21 July | 07:54
*crosses things* Be sure to do an inspection that includes a vermin evaluation.
posted by rainbaby 21 July | 09:29
It looks strange on the outside, but very nice inside. Bright and cozy.

Good luck!
posted by Pips 21 July | 11:15
Good luck!...may this be a space with peace.
posted by brujita 23 July | 16:25
Just got back from NY State, || Bunny bath time! Oh my!