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17 July 2008

End of week 3 point updates 1) my sister returns from Thailand sometime around now, and I'm strangely excited to see her.[More:]

2) we are close to completing a major project at work, and some updates for it - that I've been waiting two months for, literally - have just come through at the last possible minute.

3) I was reading trash fiction on my lunch break, and was flicking through the "new" meg cabot book, and realised I HAVE READ IT BEFORE - she's obviously published it under a pen name, back when she was writing for kids, and now that her "chick lit" for adults has become more popular has re-released it under her own name. I never forget a trash novel. No matter how much I might wish I could sometimes.*

*Please believe me when I tell you I read plenty of other books too! I'm a literature major at university
DOH! [MI] me please!

posted by jonathanstrange 17 July | 22:29
I am major into literature, so I must have good taste too! Oh wait, I'm just a blue collar grunt and I don't know shit about literature, I just know what I like. I'm gonna go read my Hardy Boys books now.
posted by eekacat 17 July | 23:10
You mean She Went All the Way? It just got a cover redesign, and was released in a trade paperback form whereas I think it was previously in mass market format. It was originally published under Meg's full name, Meggin Cabot, which is how a bunch of her adult books were originally published, but that's not a pseudonym. Just, you know, her full name.
posted by brina 17 July | 23:20
... Although Meg has published some books under the name Patricia Cabot.
posted by brina 17 July | 23:20
1. I have said goodbye to everyone in my San Francisco life, including my yoga teacher and my therapist.

2. Movers arrive tomorrow afternoon.

3. I never have to ride MUNI public transit again.
posted by occhiblu 17 July | 23:26
1// My interview went very well yesterday, so I'm just waiting to hear from them. I should find out Monday or Tuesday. I'm really excited about the possibility of getting this job, but also worried that I will not be able to do it if I get it, and everyone will know me as a big giant failure. I will try to not let it get my weekend down.

2// So glad tomorrow is Friday. There's a sale at Nordstrom, and I just may buy a fancy wool skirt and jacket in hopes of getting this new job.

3// Olive is lying in my lap chomping at my left wrist as I type. Her new middle name is Jesus, Dog!
posted by rhapsodie 17 July | 23:30
1. Friends are going to come over tomorrow for my birthday. I hope it's not too ungodly hot out.

2. I want to take Monday off to protest John McCain doing a fundraiser in Buffalo but I don't want to use PTO I might need for housebuying stuff.

3. I am oddly awwww over the Roast Beef/ Molly wedding Achewood.
posted by kellydamnit 17 July | 23:50
1. I managed to put off the paddleboat one more day. Tomorrow is looking like it's actually going to happen.

2. I am all out of pecan spinwheels, but I do have funfetti frosting.

3. I have a headache. I believe a swift application of loads of pills will fix it.
posted by sperose 17 July | 23:55
1. i have reread Bret Easton Ellis books almost all the way through before realizing i had already read them.

2. i had imagined a Harvey Wallbanger to be different, although i'm not sure how. i might have not believed it to be fully real, but merely funny sounding.

3. It did cure my headache.
posted by ethylene 17 July | 23:58
1. Last night I went to a friend's house and watched VH1 Classic's Rock Honors The Who. I used to know all the lyrics to all the songs, but in my old age I've apparently forgotten many of them. Didn't stop me from singing like a crazy woman, though. Also, I am vindicated. Squeeze Box is one of my favorite songs, and a ton of other artists spoke of how much they love it, too. None of my friends ever understood. It's my karaoke song.

2. Last week I had an unsolicted visit from an alarm company representative who didn't quite seem on the up and up. I emailed my neighborhood listserv and almost immediately got info that they might be scammers. The following day our neighborhood association* president emailed everyone a warning that had appeared on a local crime watch listserv, which included a request to contact the DOJ. So I did. Within 5 minutes I had a reply. Within 15 minutes they'd sent out an investigator from another city to come scope it out. Dude. Now the local news is going to interview me. In 1.5 hours. I'm a bit puffy from beer and a cat allergy after last night. I put on makeup.

3. Same listserv: I sent out a message about the kids I volunteer with at the community garden. They're supposed to go to a conference in California to present on seed saving next week. They're short about $1000. So I passed on their (very cute) fundraising letter, which mobilized a bunch of my neighbors to donate.

In short: I love my neighborhood.

*This is NOT, btw, a homeowner's association with covenants and such. It's a fantastic community-building group, with happy hours and block parties.
posted by Stewriffic 18 July | 07:22
1. Surprise! I'm suddenly expecting to spend the weekend with my mother-out-law! Whoa, that happened suddenly. She's a darling, and she needs a hand right now, and amazingly enough she asked for it instead of suffering silently, so I'm perfectly happy to pitch in. It's just a... surprise!

2. I'm reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road and it's twisting me into knots inside. It's tremendous.

3. Here I go, off to get a long-overdue haircut! I'm undecided: keep it long or chop it off? I won't know which until I open my mouth and ask for it. Yikes.
posted by Elsa 18 July | 10:13
For Stewriffic.
posted by occhiblu 18 July | 11:31
I AM .ME || Mayor of New Jersey Beach Town Disses Staten Islanders, Blondes, "Guidos"