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16 July 2008

Things to love RIGHT NOW [More:]
- Being so close to the best market in the city and thus being able to bike up there in 3 minutes because I have a raspberry craving
- Fresh local raspberries (see above)
- Sunny, warm days that aren't too stinkin' hot to enjoy
- Mondays and Thursdays with my drums
- Two best dudes ever.
- Possible copywriting job, even if it involves reviewing delightful adult websites like "Natural and Hairy"
- Possible freelance copywriting contracts via a very charitable Mefi member who read my plea for a job in my profile

Token thing that isn't so nice:
- B key on keyboard is becoming reticent

-My baby's blond hair turning almost white from the sun
-Twilight at 9pm
-Going barefoot
posted by Kangaroo 16 July | 14:02
Being right on the coast and enjoying the 60 degree weather (when it's over a 100 inland)
Waking up to the foghorn
Little bambies running around me as I collect data
The dolphins and seals that are playing in the cove (and I can see them from my office window)
Live music I'm looking forward to seeing on Thursday
and a fun brainstorming session this morning.
posted by special-k 16 July | 14:02
Kids having fun in the rain, splashing in the puddles.
My new haircut.
I've actually swum three days in a row!
posted by lysdexic 16 July | 14:10
A beautiful day with sun streaming through the windows.
My teenaged niece, who surprised me by tagging along for lunch with my sister today.
A pile of clean laundry.
New pants.
Cold seltzer.
Fresh rosemary growing in a pot on the porch.
posted by Elsa 16 July | 14:13
My new baby girl, especially when she yawns and smiles. She did both in a row yesterday when I was holding her and then unleashed a massive shit in her diapers. It was awesome.

Cold, cold water.

Watching my wife care for the little one. She's already such a wonderful mother, and I find this to be a huge turn-on.

The promise of a good night's sleep tonight.

Fresh cucumbers from the garden.

All of you. I love you too.
posted by tr33hggr 16 July | 14:27
A lawyer who listens to your complicated bureaucratic problem and says "I'll take care of it."
posted by Meatbomb 16 July | 14:27
Seconding the fresh berries - even got to pick mine at a local farm
A beautiful day that's not too humid
Nothing on the agenda tonight = relaxing
Still plenty of summer left
"You are Loved" note on my bulletin board - it's from last year but I kept it so I could see it from time to time
posted by Miko 16 July | 14:34
The little one mile run I just forced myself to take with my dog.

Bright blue sky and bright green trees.

My big pink roses and hibiscus shrubs.

A quiet and peaceful house all to myself.

My new iPod.

The Parmesan chicken I'm having for dinner tonight. Thanks for linking to this site yesterday, gaspode.
posted by LoriFLA 16 July | 14:51
Pencil skirts.
posted by rhapsodie 16 July | 15:53
Friends, neighbors, and everyone I'm lucky enough still to be working with.

The fact that the groups mentioned above are not disjunct.

The flowers, herbs, and strawberries spilling all over the planters right outside my door.
posted by tangerine 16 July | 16:54
My cat is cowering behind my laptop because the obviously-evil cleaning people are here. The fact that she's such a scaredy cat -- and that she thinks this laptop is magically going to protect her from the machinations of the vacuum cleaner -- is one of the things I love about her.

(I will probably love the clean apartment in a few hours, but right now I'm mainly trying to get out of the "There are people working in my house, but I'm not working, and this makes me deeply uncomfortable" thing I've got going. Though it'll just reappear when the movers show up in a few days, so maybe I shouldn't bother fighting it.)
posted by occhiblu 16 July | 17:01
Two nights out without kids this weekend! In a row!
I even get to stay overnight in a very swanky hotel.
And we all know what that hotel sex!
posted by jrossi4r 16 July | 17:22
Watching baby birds coming to my feeders with their parents for the first time. Watching a baby sparrow trying to figure out what a hummingbird is.

Kicking back with a margarita.

This upcoming weekend when I visit my favorite aunt and uncle on their farm - and drop off my eldest for two weeks.
posted by redvixen 16 July | 17:47
tomato time soon! whooo! I'm going to can two bushels of heirlooms. (and then die of radiation sickness since hey, I live in Brownfield Central, USA!)

My mom sounded better than she has in ages. I got her to laugh her ass off at this story about a morbidly obese cat the roommate and I were watching for a week. (it had shoulders and weighed over 30 pounds). She also finally told my grandmother. I had to explain to her that my grandmother being physically frail is in no way the same as being emotionally frail.

Major party picnic goodness this weekend and next. Yay summer!
posted by kellydamnit 16 July | 23:38
Someone put the first PR on the tubes! Oh, thank you, tuber!
*Still hasn't seen the Top Chef finale, grr sob sob*
posted by ethylene 17 July | 07:56
New "Simon's Cat" Cartoon! || Toles FTW